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Jacob Mornings


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What is Jacob Mornings

Read Jacob Mornings novel written by the author chimychimes on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Martial Arts stories, covering romance, action, adventure, modern, system. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


I am Jacob Mornings. Many that know me, believe I am a weakling. But they don't know that was many years ago. I am no more a cripple and I am not ready to make it known because my powers are more than I could have imagined. And if I am not careful, I will hurt those that I love most. I have always wished to have powers but now that I have it. What will I do with it? I would need you to bear with me and read the first five chap to understand what's going on. WARNING: Use of strong language


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Amazing plot. 4.6 stars cuz of update stability. I do hope that u will improve. Kiddos to the author ......✌✌✌ I know u will improve. All the best.


This book really deserves 5 star I love the story. The way the writer describes story is kinda amazing. I wanna learn from this style. Kudos to the writer. Best of Luck!!


The way the story is on a different planet makes it a unique one :) And the hologram gadget is an interesting thing I would say.. looking forward to the further chapters.


this story is absolutely out of this world. I have read the first few chapters in one blow. i sure hope the author is writing more chapters, as I want to know how things continue.


The author is very good at describing scenarios, he really brings the characters to life and their emotions. concept is unique and I especially like the creatures! Splendid!!


Very promising Novel with lots of interesting and engaging plots. The characters keep getting more relevant and relatable with each chapter. Looking forward to more chapters. Keep up the good work Author. 👌


Just to be clear, I like the story. It kept me curious enough to follow it through for now. But there is one major issue: the writing needs a lot of improvement. I felt lost at times when I was reading. Structure needs to be fixed and that calls for improvement in Grammar. Sometimes, the writing is unnecessarily descriptive, and sometimes when it needs those descriptions for better understanding, it's just vague or doesn't exist. As for the dialogue, I get the gist of what they're trying to say, but they need changes to make them seem natural and spoken by actual people. Other than that, the story's nice. There's not much world background other than that they live in a super-powered world of some sort. The first 4 chapters that are out are alright for an introduction and I'm sure they'll be much better when the writing is improved. MC is like an angsty teen but I'm sure there's development for him, especially if it's a weak-to-strong type of story. To say it again, I like the story and will follow it for more. ( •̀ ω •́ )y


The was very interesting and good! It is a nice novel. But some improvements are needed. Overall good. Keep it up!👍👍 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


The writing makes me feel like I'm there experiencing everything! Awesome writing skills and great character development too! I'll definitely say it's worth a read! Looking forward to more chapters!


I think that this right here would have good progress. The character arc seems to be dark but it just all adds up. There are quite some mistakes but if worked on along the way, this ought to be great.


With the progress so far, this book has proven itself to be one of a kind. It has a beautiful story line that gives one the feeling to continue. I recommend this book to any library. It is going to be awesome. Keep up with the work Author!


Definitely a lot of potential, but the lack of descriptions, some rewritable sentences, and a bit too hard to follow story prevented me from being totally engaged in this story. Don't be disheartened though! The story is great and the vocabulary is clean, it's a good story just needs improvement!


Definitely interest you from the get go. I did see a lot of sentences that definitely could have been worded better, but the plot itself was great!


The world and the synopsis are interesting. I admit that. I've started reading the first chapter and it gives a lot of information in one chapter, it seems confusing and so hard to remember all of the character's names. The grammar and vocabulary are great but the writing needs to be in more detail for the reader to read easier. (Sorry saying this to you when my writing is worse than you, it's my honest opinion as a reader) But one most important thing, yes!! The plot is great and unique. Keep it up and give me more updates, author!!


While the writing quality isn't so great, the characters seem fun and it seems like it could be a great story if the writer improved his writing


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