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Death Scripture

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What is Death Scripture

Death Scripture is a popular web novel written by the author Cold Glamor, covering WEAK TO STRONG, CLEVER PROTAGONIST, MATURE, ACTION, REVENGE, ASSASSINS, WUXIA, DRAMA, BETRAYAL, BROTHERHOOD, Martial Arts genres. It's viewed by 3.4M readers with an average rating of 4.79/5 and 744 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 971 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Born into a wealthy family, Gu Shenwei was spoiled and carefree. However, at the age of 14, his entire family were brutally murdered, and he was caught by some bandits who sold him into slavery. As a slave boy, he entered Golden Roc Fort by chance and found the man who had slaughtered his family. He endured insults and worked hard to improve his kung fu while working as a slave boy. He learned from and plotted against his enemy under the enemy’s nose. He became increasingly ambitious as he became more and more powerful. He would only be satisfied if he completely destroyed his enemy—by fair means or foul. Gradually his bitter experience turned him into a totally different person. This is a kung fu fiction that is full of mysteries and surprises. This is a story dealing with love, betrayals and distances. This is the journey of an ordinary boy who, against all odds, fought against formidable foes. This is a tale regarding a person who felt abandoned by the world made unremitting efforts to create a new world of his own, in which he was alone.

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This Patriarch honestly cant believe it.. Some people: a wuxia? no op cultivation? no system? Its boring!! And then some others would say: I expected necromancy and some powerful evil cultivation method from the title! 1 star then!! Yes.. they all rated it 1 star because this novel is not what they expected without even reading it. This novel is honestly really good.I wont spoil anything. You can search Death Sutra on NU to start reading it if you want. This book doesnt shy away from all the brutal realities of the world. This isnt the type of world wherin you overpower your opponent with your cultivation, instead you outsmart them poison them, attack when theyre sleeping, anything works. Like all martial arts novel only the strong are respected. Our mc came from a strong martial arts clan.But he doesnt train, hes just spoiled and pampered. His family got assasinated but he escaped only to be caught and sold as a slave to the very clan that assasinated his family. He hid his identity of course and is plotting for revenge. Hes training martial arts now while being a servant. Hes not used to being a servant btw. You think its cliche? Well it doesnt matter. What makes this amazing is its execution. The author mastered the dao of cliffhangers and keeps you at the edge of your seat for most chapters! I definitely recommend this. The world building and character development of this novel is excellent.


NU veterans say this novel is among their favourite CN novels, and they said the novel is really BRUTAL!!! Apart from that I heard that it's a Wuxia not a Xianxia meaning no immortals n only martial arts fighting! Waitin for this one!!!!


This already has 247 chapters translated on some other site Other names: Death Sutra Website: qidian Rating: 9.4 (495) Chapters: (1212) Status: Completed Author Lv: 5 No. of works: 6 Year started: 2012 Year ended: 2014


I have read this novel at the obter website and i must say, it is by far the best webnovel i have read so far in qidian that brings the most of the real human nature in us, i Also must say that it has an amazyng character development until chapter 249 together with an slow but really good cultivation and world bulding, it is a novel with a dark theme just like reverend insanity but doesnt Goes that deep in the dark, it doenst need To, and because of that i believe more people Will read it, there is romance, Hatred, betrail, felling of being lost as well as hope and in my opnion a really good plot twist until chapter 249 that is the end of volume one, To all boys and girls i recomend giving a shot until chapter 249 Before rating it because i may be wrong hahaha, but it doesnt matter, if you are going To read i ask you To have the patience To read until chapter 249 and sorte for my spelling mistakes i dont have inglish as main language


I expect a good story out of this one. At the very least, the characters must not be ****** idiots who do nothing but spout out arrogant words, while looking down on the MC only to get face-slapped or killed by MC later on. Frankly speaking, I am fed up with all those repetitions. I don't know why there are so many fans for these kind of 'idiotic' cultivations novels. Perhaps most of their readers are just underaged kids or adults with childish minds? All they expect from the story is how the op MC will cultivate, kill, face-slap, cultivate more, kill more, face-slap more... In other words, Zero character development, Bird-brained side characters, and Enemies with mental defects.


Followed the story when it was being translated on a different site. Well executed story with an interesting twist. As far as I read, the character doesn’t get too powerful relative to the world around him. This makes the story interesting because rather than your typical power fantasy he is usually still in a weaker position than whoever he fights against. This leads to the main character making clever decisions and taking interesting risks. Overall, the story is worthwhile to those tired of power fantasy and who want to read a low power wuxia story.


It's funny how he made a world for himself, "in which he was alone", and yet one of the tags is 'Brotherhood'. Not that I'm complaining, since that was a key factor for my interest. This looks pretty good. Hope it holds up to my expectations


Dear readers, Gu Shenwei, an overindulged child of a wealthy family suddenly loses everything overnight and is drawn into a deadly whirlpool of deceit and conspiracy. Who is the one who wants his entire family dead? And why does this person do this to them? With these questions in his mind, he embarks on a reckless path of revenge as an underdog, while being armed with nothing but willpower and determination. This story is currently being translated by Transn. Enjoy your time reading this novel full of suspense and surprises. Transn September 12, 2018


I've read the raws via MTL and I can tell you, this is one of the best novels in Qidian. Very brutal, very dark, realistic in the sense that any fight can and will result in deaths without being curbstomps... it's a gem that needs more love. Also, a wuxia not a xianxia/xuanhuan, so be prepared for that... no eat-an-immortal-pill/cultivation-breakthrough/beat-up-enemy-sect infinite loop like you see in so many WNs.


This is the most captivating webnovel I have ever read (although I have only read volume 1 so far). This is an assassination and revenge novel takes place at the intersection of jianghu, the world of killers, and the world of thieves, and everyone in these worlds moves between them from one desperate situation to the next. Sometimes vengeance is found in open killing and duels, sometimes in connections and silver, and sometimes in the last words the target ever hears. The author does an amazing job of bringing this desperate and contradictory world to life. Everyone is dirty, no one is clean, no one can be trusted, many people trust you, you'll still kill them no matter how much guilt and hatred weighs down your heart.


Good book. Slow beginning but very rewarding later on. The plot is brutal, sinister, scheming, and sometimes even very touching. The schemes and machinations are very intricate and treacherous, so you actually need to use your brain to follow why which person does what. If you expect brainless OP faceslapping go somewhere else. And one more thing : I don't know why but the comments section of the first volume are super malevolent. I don't get why the fan base can't be a little nicer. And if you don't like this kind of story why read 100+ chapters and comment something nasty on every single one of them?


read through chapter 244 and you will find the best novel of your life.............. .........................read through chapter 244 and you will find the best novel of your life .........................read through chapter 244 and you will find the best novel of your life


Ahhh I really really really love this novel!!!! This is such a frigging sad novel, the little boy never catch a break! The original translation use 'Death Sutra' as the title, I think that's more compelling. Everybody please read this novel. There is not an ounce of wish fulfilling fantasy, and the author bully and bully and bully our poor mc relentlessly. So all of us need to support him!


I read it on radiant and I must Say , this is one of the best novel on qidan. You Can feel the growth of the mc from an ignorant young master to a merciless Killer. The novel have plots and schemes , politics , War , assasination , revenge , drama and a lot of others stuffs . Betrayals are common and people hearts change. In the end , you can only trust yourself. Anyway , it s a story that needs to be read in the long run. It ll probably not be to the taste of people not used to read real books or people that Can t assimilate "a lot of informations". I must Say , in Books liké that there will Always bé people who complain about the lack of things happening but those people are probably not used to read Books . For those who want a story with good worldbuilding and with I mentionned in my first paragraph , I definitely reccomend it. Follow our mc in his quest for revenge and more. There is no cheat grandpa here and nothing that ll help him becoming op quickly and easily.


The novel is set in a brutal, dog eat dog world where everyone is looking out only for himself/herself, and loyalty and friendship is hard to come by. There are no heroes here, only people struggling to survive. This is a place where clans are wiped out, not by a superhuman character, but by putting paralyzing medicine in food and attacking sleeping people. The Main Character is out for revenge, but ends up being captured instead. Will he live and complete his revenge, or will his life will be like a flickering candle?


C 247 This web novel and real paper novel have no difference berween them.In my web novel life, ı did not read any web novel like this, character developments, plot, background.It 's perfection of web novel and it can rival many paperwork novel outside.Just be patient and it will show you to the true face of world and relationships.


Wow... Looking forward to read the kung fu..... All those actions...... Lets hope it will be worth stones and wait..... I have been disappointed before..


Am I the only one who is bothered by the author suddenly turning Maid Lotus into a whore on a whim in half a chapter??(around chapter 100) I mean.. You dont do that after building up a character that much😢 I was hoping that Maid Lotus will b MC's waifu😢😭


Good novel. Slow start but is very exciting later on. Very complex plot but still manages to hook your attention and doesn't appear overloaded. Cold and smart protagonist who very rarely does stupid mistakes. And even if he does it's psychologically understandable. If you're looking for happy to lucky face slapping, please move on. But if you're looking for a novel with good plot progression and almost realistic characters who are hellbent on destroying each other and themselves, this might be for you. Beware: this novel is BRUTAL.


Amazing story! It starts very slow but once the action picks up there is hardly a second to relax. The storyline is thrilling and often very unexpected. Definitely a recommendation! In the beginning the MC seems a little flat and undeveloped. However, every experience carves him in some kind of way until he transforms from a useless little young master first to a silver tonged slave and later to a ruthless and scheming killer. There are few supernatural of let's say unnatural elements within this world and that's a GOOD thing for this kind of story. So if you like a realistic, gritty and moral judgment-free revenge saga, this is exactly for you!


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