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What is Reincarnated at Level Two Million

Read Reincarnated at Level Two Million novel written by the author Alphachoas on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Martial Arts stories, covering action, adventure, reincarnation, comedy, system. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Gary's retirement was supposed to be a joyous event. Now he must start over in a new world. The only hitch is God messed up and made him way over powered. Will he be able to live a normal life with a level of 2,000,000 when the average level of the planet is 15?! This is my first attempt at writing again since my father's cancer was found. I hope that I am able to still write at the level you all find enjoyable. Making you the reader happy has always been one of my greatest joys and I hope it can lift me out of this difficult time. A word of warning before you partake in the tale. This is not a harem. This is not about some edge lord. This is a tale of an ordinary man who was forced into extraordinary events. Its a tale of a journey from being a simple yes man (some would say beta) to becoming more assertive. The main character gets abused a lot in this book, just a warning in advance since that offends some people. That is what is required to push him to become more assertive… regardless thanks for reading, I read every chapter comment and independent paragraph comment, I don’t get notifications about replies. Another notice: Please don’t try to apply the logic of earth to the characters in this book, it is a different universe with different behaviors and rules… Trigger Warning: The MC loses his memory for around 16 chapters. Disclaimer: The gods and goddesses in this book are all made up. Please do not apply your personal religious beliefs on them. They are a set of fictional characters created for enjoyment. As the roman, greek, and norse gods these gods and goddesses have a gender and are not some genderless enigmatic omnipresent being. They behave and act a lot like normal people and should be treated as just another character. Discord: https://discord.gg/ERfXt8w Wow you are still reading this??? There’s a book you can read you know… Okay… seriously the book is just one click away…


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Sigh, i wish I don't have to write a review since I'm totally bad at writing, not to mention English is my 3rd language and I've never took any courses. So pardon my grammar. As you can see from my username, i like reading stories with OP protagonist, sadly a lot of it is just BAD.. Inconsistent numbers and stories, illogical decisions, negative IQ of the MCs, black hole of a plot hole, and many other things. So when i stumbled upon this book, I'm only interested with its title, since this is the first time I've seen lv 2M. But as i read it, i haven't seen any glaring plot holes, the writing is also quite decent, bar the occasional typo and some grammar mistakes. Some people may said that the plot is getting inconsistent at around ch20+, but i beg to differ. It's not inconsistent, everything will make sense in later chapters, and i dare say that even veteran reader can get blindsided by this one plot twist.. Well, the twists actually, but other than one particular plot twist, you can still almost get it right from the details scattered in the story and paragraph comments. That said though, there're some moments that I'd say rather forced, since it shouldn't happen normally, but it can still be reasoned with.. All in all, this book is quite good and I recommend you guys to stick with it until around ch40. Keep up the good work author!


This book is amazing and 10000% worth a read I have currently read up to chapter 107 and I am waiting for the author to release more. So many unexpected twists and turns and this book gets better better with each new chapter. Some readers have expressed a strong distaste for this novel in the early chapters deterring Luther reads from continuing this story. The hate the author has received in his early chapters is completely unfounded and uncalled and if you just read further into this book you will see how amazing this book truly is.


can't get enough of this even with the Privilege chapters. it's become my nightly read before bed and i fond myself looking forward to our every day.


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There has never been a book that has induced so much anger into me. The writing and characters are ok, I just don't really like where the plot is going. There are a few holes/places where it was forced. Overall pretty good, but it just doesn't strike the right note with me, other people may like it and I respect that, but I don't.


(Up to chapter 36 review) The character development is done well, not too fast and not too slow. The author has done well to make the story interesting with a brutally overpowered MC and as of now I see great potential with the story. The world building hasn’t fully got the chance to develop yet but there is huge potential. Overall I would give this a read.


I feel like this story was doing really well then in 3 chapters went from the character actually developing in a good direction to him being yeeted back in to being a puss boy. Don’t really know how to feel about that


I mean I just a master piece so in-depth with characters and story would read again and again without hesitation. Looking forward to the next book to read can’t wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!


unbelievable it was very unbelievable. This novel is on a whole different level. I stumbled here upon chance. The story is good from the start but when I reach chapter 20+ all turns arbitrary and seems the story direction is very poorly planned. What the use of level 2000000 if the IQ is very low. I can't believe I just wasted my time reading this. I understand the premise of the story and it's definitely something other readers would like, but it's not something that I would read past 30 chapters. I rate it 5 stars. Let's try if the Author will delete this rate of mine. Because I heard that they could delete this if they don't like the review.


I didn't know there is level two million but after knowing the main character, I understand why he is level two million. [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


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Go forth and speak softly, but carry a big stick. Overall good read


Starting is good. The character development in this also great.. Waiting to look how the other characters are getting developed and how the family sentiments are handled in this.




This novel increase my frustration!!! sorry dropp.__________..._<®_`®£...®¥^€}~£®©¢©£©¥`®¥`®£©£€©£©£©¥®¥`®¥`®£...©£©¥...©¥`®¥`®¥`®£...©£©£©¥`®¥`®


I dont like the fact that the mc lose his past memories because he is very naive afterwards and tells a random old stranger at the academy his secrets x))))) And he is way to friendly.. everything else is ok but the mc character is just trash in my eyes


Possibly my favorite novel on the app, I’m absolutely loving the story and I use all my daily chapter unlocks on this. It’ll be sad when I catch up but I can’t wait to see what’s coming!


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