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Iron Blood


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Read Iron Blood novel written by the author ThievingDemon on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering reincarnation, system, magic, noharem, evilmc. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Billionaire, righteous, philosopher, husband, father. This was Cain Ashel 200 years ago but the life he lived now was totally different Sex slave, human practise dummy, labourer, lab specimen. He had long lost his hope in people, himself and his circumstances. Eventually, he died. But he awoke and found himself in a new world. With new beliefs and convictions, he will rise to the top. ----------------------------- DISCLAIMER: This is not a hero story or harem, the main character is not righteous. So if you're looking for that here, you'll be extremely disappointed. Raw Novel Community Discord Server: https://discord.gg/yrmG9szZdV Cover art doesn't belong to me Credit: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/oLbKJ

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This is a story which makes you join the MC along for the ride, also all the characters in the story are introduced and described deeply making them feel alive, the only problem is going into one character to much even though they are a pawn later on such as Tara.. The MC is a definitely a high functioning sociopath, experiences in his past made him who he is now: -Uses whatever means is necessary for benefits -Sees everyone as tools he could use -Doesn't have any love for his family -Will kill innocents for his experimentations or anything that will help him reach his goal. -Has no bottom line, morals or kinship -From what I have read so far their will be no romance Disclaimer: Not for people who don't like a Neutral Evil MC.


YESS DUDE AWESOME, GOT BORED OF READING HERO RIGHTEOUS MC B,friends and family power nlalalal all that, your book brings new taste ,that's why I said that, just mc will the mc develops feeling you know Mercy, pity hope not just saying my opinion, or will we remain apathetic...... ,oh and do in form when going perminium......


The story is well written with good descriptive language that really immerses the reader - l felt like l was in another world. The most impressive thing is the setting - it is very unique and interesting and l can say that l have never read anything like it. The story has great potential and I'll be reading every update when it comes out! The only drawback for me is the fact that the MC feels a bit too OP at the start. He is already at level 0 mortal at 5 years of age yet his sister who is 30 has reached level 3. Maybe the author should slow the progression so that it doesn't feel as though the MC is easily getting through things.


simply magnificent I can not believe the author would have the courage to make a book so good and twisted it was so good that I simply busted a nut


It always hit me with extreme excitement( in the despair cliche novel worlds) when after tireless searching you finally find hidden gem like this novel. This a very top-norch novel, i have no complaints so far i hope it keeps going this way though. My opionion is that i hope the mc can keep his experiments low key not doing a public display like he just did recently, after all he is too weak,an ant, causing too much fear and oppresion to those restless and idiotic nobles is a no good thing. His family can’t be touched too much at least it got to be in private coz i don’t want to see a situation where he will lose his powerful background either wiped out by enemies or expelled from a family that spells “ family first no matter what” due to a bit of carelessness or impatience to achiveve quick success, that’d be utter stupid. Knowledge and strength must be sought, but must be thru schemes and deep calculation, your backer cannot be touched when you really need it in your weak period. It’d be a pitty if he lost his background bc the way you ranked the worlds i don’t know if this will develop to other dimension and multiverse and besides Medora,his world, is big with powerful continents and forces so it’d be a waste to lose such a poweful background which can be turned into his own force to fight against other forces or dimensions**(??) This is just my opionion though, if it deems useless to you just ignore it.


The prologue captivates me with its mysterious storytelling and cliff-hanging ending, luring me in to read more. The world building is superb and the characters interaction are to die for. Even with only 4 chapters, the Author manage to captivate me for more. Keep it up. Cheers.


A story with a very good premise and character's, but there is no world building and character introduction. the world and it's characters are dumped at you from the start with no care for the pacing of the story, and the power imbalance is a major issue ##spoiler## The MC at rank 1 can sense when his father peek's at him when he's rank 8?? And MC getting immortal rank enemies when he's rank 1???### so it's a good story that's needs more fleshing out for the world and character's. good luck with your work author!!


Mr.Brutal here and note this are just my opinions : - OMG! This dude got it. - There are little freckles of punctuations and even littler(I like to use this word) grammatical errors but the writing quality is epic. - Only 3 chaps in but I'm affixed because Dialogues are decent, rare in the case of webnovel works and The speaker of said dialogues holds true to their characters.. like the commanding father ofcourse. - The novel needs more dynamic word constructions, more emotion in paragraphs, don't go lazy on me and your future fans, we expect much from you. - Author's a newbie? Like me... but he got it down and down further the road, this work will be among the front recommended one(s) if the author keeps up his passion. - Worth a read and if updates are hyper, worth to pay every cent of a dime for.


i really really like this novel exactly the novel im looking for 5/5 definitely something id read im really sad that the chapters are still few below 50 chapters for now




muito boa a historia tanto no desenvolvimento do mc quanto do mundial otima e de mc completamente dark amei dms autor sama vc é fd a unica critica pessoal é q eu queria q ele tivesse luxuria ou pelo menos aliviasse o estresse nas servas ou escravas dele


It seems to be a solid story all-in-all, but the formatting could use a bit of work. There need to be more periods at the end of the setences.


I will give my honest opinion. The first chapters are great, I'm someone who pays a lot of attention to world construction and yours is very good, the characters also have depth even though the novel is in the beginning, since it takes time to build their personalities in the novel, the author is of congratulations. All in all it's a good novel.


Hmm, the beginning of the story is well written but what's the goal of the mc? And the synopsis is a little bit short to emphasize what is the main theme of the story. No problem with the updating stability so overall this novel had so many potential.


Let's be honest here. we read the novel coz of the synopsis... and so do I. I don't have anything to say, grammar and plot are good. Just keep up the good work and upload more chapters😌 Good luck and have a nice day author-san!!🙏


OK. Let me be honest! An amazing start! This book got me hooked straight away. The author knows how to handle words. The descriptions were really good to the level where I could see what I read in my mind clearly. It is definitely a page-turner. So, I'm planning to read it till the end. There are only a few chapters for now but we need more! Keep up the good work author! I wish you the best of luck!


I like this book the storyline is epic and exciting. The author creates a well-organised world and interesting characters with great personalities. I totally recommend it to anyone looking for something entertaining to read. Well done author![img=recommend]


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