I Became A Mighty Lion
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I Became A Mighty Lion

Demon Cat

Ongoing · 1.5M Views

What is I Became A Mighty Lion

I Became A Mighty Lion is a popular web novel written by the author Demon Cat, covering Sci-fi genres. It's viewed by 1.5M readers with an average rating of 4.32/5 and 236 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 172 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


From a stumbling lion cub to a majestic lion king, he imagines that his life as a lion would peak and end with him owning a vast territory, dominating the grasslands, terrifying all his enemies while having many wives and concubines. Unexpectedly, his life as a lion has just begun. The Earth's energy has mutated; all kinds of mutated creatures are attacking, and humans have fallen from the top of the food chain, and the African grasslands fall into a crisis. And he, too, is gradually becoming stronger through evolution and mutation.

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Petition to bring back 60 trial chapters and 40 free to read chapters. Petition to bring back 60 trial chapters and 40 free to read chapters. Petition to bring back 60 trial chapters and 40 free to read chapters. Petition to bring back 60 trial chapters and 40 free to read chapters. Petition to bring back 60 trial chapters and 40 free to read chapters.


petition to bring back the world of deities.........................................................................................................................


Glad to know that they are taking away a third of the chapters I look forward to reading every week Friday. How nice of you, webnovel. At this rate I should just learn Chinese and Korean.


I will pray for ur well-being and good luck! PICK THIS!! I will pray for ur well-being and good luck! PICK THIS!! I will pray for ur well-being and good luck! PICK THIS!! I will pray for ur well-being and good luck! PICK THIS!!


Webnovel back at it again with their tactics to make everyone pay more for less. Why am I not surprised that they cut the trial chapters down to 40? Webnovel is run by the greediest, most shameless piece of shit on the planet. I can’t wait for the day it gets banned for promoting racist works.


Petition to bring back Warlock Apprentice and my own little piece of advice: don't pay even a cent to WebNovel, because the novel which you like will most likely be dropped later, after WN thinks it can earn more money from another story. If you pay, it means you support their policy.


Although I know people's people outrage of how bad it is to cut one third of the trial reads chapters and even having the audicity to lock 50% of the chapters, this novel is pretty good. Though there is no actual something ongoing, the story is still pretty good until now. If the 60 chapters came back there would be pretty much a lot of going on in this novel but no, it's cut short at chapter 40. Okay, this novel is good, go try it. And, qidian, **** you and your stupid ass mothers who can't even raise you properly! Or she accidentally let you fall too many times on the head! Serves you fucking right! I hope you eat dogshit as dinner every day and I hope you get bitten in the balls by a fucking mad dog! Like holy ****. You guys were already getting on the nerves but now you really did it! Shame!


Dafuq 40 chapters with half free to read. Goddammit, webnovel is becoming greedier each year pass Whats next, all chapters are locked? Most of your translated novels suck, to the point original novels are beating them in rankings and now you'll make us pay more for less and mostly shitty content What a scam. Miss the old app back 2017. No payments, no lock chapter, great contents.


dont waste your time reading this story (no even in machine translations) the author destroy this story at chapter 480+ by suddenly making the mc abandon all lions that see him as the king and escape with a little girl(on she saved in many previous chapter) that suddenly transformed in a elf and the mc go with her to the leg kingdom and transform in an elf too(the author give the most shit reason). I'm really angry to have wasted so manly time reading this story only to the author change the mc from a lion that is constantly evolving and trying to become the king of all beast to suddenly a elf that want to pretend the kingdom from orcs. seriously dont waste your time like a idiot(me) only to be super disappointed and angry with the trash author


Chinese Animal Channel, starring a farting lion, an abusing husband, his violent harem and the Savannah food chain. All time favourites like hyenas and zebras make guest star appearances as well.


This is a review up to chapter 40 of the novel. Once again, I protest the reduction of chapters. That being said, the novel is pretty interesting, super unique setting where the main character is a lion and all the other characters are animals as well. I'm very interested and hope to see humans introduced later on if this gets chosen. That being said, I will say I enjoyed Embers Ad Infinitum (I think that was the name) more than this. Although Embers doesn't have as unique a setting as this novel, it is very well written and I really like the author of Lord of the Mysteries and think the potential is very high, so I still prefer it. In addition, although the setting is unique, I find that that this novel can get a little repetitive and even slightly boring and it's only been 40 chapters (I'm over the leopard and hyenas already)! Although, as it has only been 40 chapters, of course it could improve in the future. Anyways, final conclusion, first choice for selection is Embers, but this is still a pretty good runner up.


You can find all novel in this app at the site w.u.x.i.a.w.o.r.l.d.s.i.t.e!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You can find all novel in this app at the site w.u.x.i.a.w.o.r.l.d.s.i.t.e!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You can find all novel in this app at the site w.u.x.i.a.w.o.r.l.d.s.i.t.e!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fun Fact: Half the bad comments are about the 60 chapters being reduced to 40 chapters and have nothing to do with the novel, the other half are a mismash of “kinda a review” and gibberish. (Used the fun fact to make you read it.)


ok so let me state this like i really been tolerant i have been trying to support novels by subscribing and paying for coins and all that like its ok when novels that i didnt personally wasnt really interesting doesnt get picked but now i wouldnt even have the opportunity to have to read a novel until im 100% sure that ill support it??? like do you guys think is really fair that the only benefits i have is the variatiety of novels in here wich by the way most of them are directed to a 'different' kind of audience aand those that i like literary get stop cause of no support or like the ones i really really was into it literary dissapear from the options of voting like is it wort it for me to really keep up my spending here??? like where's the benefit in that anymore?i feel like im being made a fool of


This is madness! Cartoonishly immature MC at the beginning, but at least he has some ambition - he wants to become the King of the Savannah! Which is a respectable goal. After a lot of struggles the MC not only evolves in strength, but character as well. It even looks like he might achieve his goal. And then the shocker happens! MC abandons everything, literally everything (including 350 chapters of character progression) to elope with a Elf. An Elf with the appearnce of a 9-year old. The MC's lustful dreams shatter as the Elf procedes to turn the Lion MC into her mount. The MC happily accepts like the degenerate simp that he is. This novel is just ridiculous.


Reveal spoiler


unique story never really read anything like it ...................... ................................................ ... ... .. thx


Monster protag!


Very well written. story develops at a good pace. Its interesting and attention grabbing, almost ad if im watching tv. Quick synopsis : Normal guy Reborn as a lion in the wildlife - safari. he retains his human past life memory. lears to live as a perditor (lion, current body). Uses his knowledge to help better his life as a lion cub and for survival. At chapter 40


Far better than the usual types of novels I highly recommended it FillerreFillerreFillerreFillerreFillerreFillerreFillerreFillerreFillerreFillerreFillerreFillerreFillerreFillerre


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