86 Golden Claws in Pairs

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The atmosphere was strangely quiet!

This lion king that had come with a murderous aura was standing in front of him motionless.

His gaze was cold and deep.

The two sides faced each other in silence.

After a long time.


Chu Xiaoye was a little impatient.

He put down his right claw and raised his left claw. He looked down at the golden color on the tip of his claw and was eager to pounce.



Our Lion King could not help it!

Seno was furious!

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He roared!

He bared his fangs!

He was finally going to explode!

Chu Xiaoye immediately narrowed his eyes and waited solemnly.


Seno charged ferociously to the side, circled around him, and charged towards the male hyena corpse behind him!

Seno pounced on it and bit at the two halves of the male hyena's corpse. He was extremely fierce and roared continuously!

A few minutes.

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