8 Chapter 8

"Fight? You're nothing but dog food!" said Kira somberly.

Kira shadow behind him began to increase while the exorcists had to back off a bit.

The shadows enlarged before separating into three black beings, they were four-legged dog-like creatures, all huge and fierce looking. They seemed ready to devour anything at any moment, their eyes glowing red. The exorcists were not sure whether their fur was made of fur or of darkness itself.

The red eyes of all three glowed with bloodlust, each of them in their true forms as they gained a mad gleam in their eyes.

Jin, now fully grown, looked fierce, standing up to Kira shoulders, the tips of his charcoal black fur now gray, as were his paws. The same could be said about Kadmus, who was now also fully grown. Shade, however, was larger than the other two, about the size of a horse, his skin had no hint of anything other than pitch black.


A single word was all it took for the three creatures to move forward.

Jin, Shade and Kadmus rushed forward at the perplexed exorcists who tried to fight back, firing their sacred bullets at the three Longinus avatars was in vain as they simply ricocheted when they hit the black skin of the God-taking Avatars.

Jim moved forward with bloodlust destroying everything with his easily with his black fangs that shattered all the exorcists in front of him. The fangs of a werewolf should not be taken lightly. Some legends said that some werewolves were descendants of Fenrir, the God Devouring Wolf, instead of Lycaon, the King of Wolves.

Of course, this was only a legend. It would not be easy to prove. Nor is it an implausible situation. Werewolf fangs are almost indestructible. You'd have to bite through the scales of a real dragon to break them, or something of similar strength. And even then, it would have to be a pretty strong dragon to begin with.

The mere skin of any other being, including a god would be utterly shattered.

While Jin advanced destroying everything with his fangs, Kadmus advanced destroying everyone while creating swords from his black fur and his own shadows creating deformed black swords with cursed patterns written in red formulas on the swords.

The swords simply sliced and diced everything in their path cutting the exorcists flesh like paper.

Shade advanced in a different way as he literally entered the shadows of the Church and created dozens of blades from all sides piercing everything in his path, he literally rained black and deformed swords from all possible sides against his enemies.

Some even tried to shoot Kira, but the bullets reflected when they hit his skin because they could not pass through his Hierro.

Hierro is a technique made by Kira inspired by Bleach's Hierro, a defensive pulling technique.

The user's spiritual power condenses, creating a hard steel skin strong enough to block a sword. This allows users to take on some enemies with a sword hand. The strength of an individual's Hierro is entirely proportional to the potency of their spiritual power.

Kira condensed his demonic power into his skin creating an extremely resistant layer, due to the fact that he was a devil and his skin was naturally stronger, so only Maou or God level attacks could penetrate his skin, one of Kira's main defensive techniques that he trained to use unconsciously.

"You bastard!" shouted Freed angrily as his body several cuts.

Freed tried to fire his shots at Kira and a wall of black swords appeared in front of him reflecting all the shots.

Freed's surprise was quickly taken away when Jin appeared beside him and drove his fangs into his ribs and launched him flying out of the church.

Kadmus prepared to go to finish Jin's job but with a wave of Kira's hand he stopped.

After all Freed would still be useful to Kokabiel in the Arc of Excalibur and could give Kira some entertainment.

The three Longinus avatars of the Black Blade Dog God approached Kira with a satisfied look as they stood beside their master.

Kira's eyes roamed the church. The church was ... in terrible condition. It could no longer be recognized as a church. The wooden pews were splintered, broken and scattered. Wood splinters were scattered on the floor. Dozens of bodies of wounded and dead stray exorcists lay like toys that had been thrown from the sky by some child. A crimson liquid adorned the walls and floor of the church, making it look like a place from a horror movie. Shards of broken glass lay beneath the remnants of the windows, their long, thin edges glinting in the dim moonlight.

As Kira prepared to enter the trap door someone came out first.

"Who are You?"

The short, cautious question came from a felt hat and a man wearing an overcoat. He has an elegant appearance and a handsome European facial structure. Brad Pit, an artist from his former world, would feel ashamed when compared to this mere cannon fodder.

Dohnaseek. The only male fallen angel in Raynare's group.

Before Kira could answer his question, two silhouettes appeared.

The first was a tall woman with straight, bright blue hair. She wore a tight, blood-red suit, pronouncing her breasts, slim, slender waist and wide, magnificent hips. Her short skirts allow me to see her pair of full, flexible thighs. Her narrow golden eyes stare at me cautiously. Surprisingly, this woman has an oriental appearance for a fallen angel.

She was Kalawarner - another member of Raynare's group.

The last silhouette belonged to a small, beautiful girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, accentuating her European facial structure. Her untamed hair was tied back at two ends with a black ribbon with white frills. She wore a gothic Lolita dress, different from Ophis' provocative gothic Lolita dress. Her dress gave her the air of a cute daughter of a noble family. Her delicate but accentuated facial structure sent out a tsundere vibe.

She was Milttet - the only Loli in Raynare's group.

"Kira . Kira Yagami..." she answered quietly.

Dohnaseek and Kalawarner's eyes widened in surprise. Milttet was the only one who had a clueless expression. Kira found it amusing.

"That is the name of our human target ... Weren't you killed by Raynare?" asked Dohnaseek seriously as he created a spear of light in his hand.

"Huh? Huh? So he is the human targeted by Raynare. Heeh, he's really handsome, isn't he? Too bad. Too bad. Let me play with him before I kill him, okay?" Milttet spoke in a childish, cheerful voice.

"Milttet, shut up. He's dangerous." Kalawarner whispered gruffly to Loli. His golden eyes swept the place, watching the blood clotted everywhere.

Before any of the Fallen Angels could speak three shadows appeared behind Kira as their crimson eyes glowed in bloodlust.

The Fallen Angels recoiled unconsciously when they saw them.

"What's that?" asked Kalawarner a little startled.

Kira simply sighed in disappointment.

"You can't even recognize a Longinus when you see it" spoke Kira disappointedly as the Fallen Angels widened their eyes.

"L-L-Longinus" stammered Milttet in astonishment.

"That Sacred Gear? [Canis Lykaon]? You are the SlashDog of this generation" spoke Dohnaseek perplexed.

"Never mind, you're just a human, you're just giving us a free Longinus" said Kalawarner as he spread his wings and flew while creating a spear of light.

Shade prepared to move forward, but stopped when a small light appeared in Kira.

When the light disappeared it was revealed that Kira had a long black sword in his hand and two pistols, one white and one black at his waist.

This was Sacred Gear [Star Buster Star Blaster], a Sacred Gear that had the potential to become a tall Longinus.

If one looked at it it didn't seem like a big deal, after all it was two guns and a sword, what made it so special that it could in the future be a Longinus?

Of course the sword had immense cutting power and the pistol was capable of firing bursts of energy, if Kira wanted he could use the weapons to fire bullets created from [Power of Destruction] and even holy power.

In fact Kira could not naturally use holy magic, even though he was immune to it.

Because they are classified as 'Dark' beings; all devils have an inherited weakness for 'light'. Holy magic, on the other hand, is not naturally harmful to devils, but artificially made to be so.

It has been said that before the original Satan was cast out of Heaven for defying God, he carried none of the innate weaknesses that devils carry today with regard to holy magic, and was even able to exercise holy magic. But all this ended with his downfall.

The Holy element is an artificially created element. Unlike the other natural elements such as light and fire that existed since the creation of the earth, Holy was brought into existence in the world by God's will, and is therefore considered a reflection of God's will.

Just as God rejected all devils, due to his anger over Satan's betrayal, the Holy element rejected the devils in turn.

Although light and holy magic are often incorrectly considered the same thing, there is a significant difference between the two, despite their similarity. This is why crosses and holy water are harmful to devils, even though they contain no element of Light within them.

Note that attacks made from holy and light elements are extremely dangerous to devils. The light spears of an angel contain both holy and light elements, while the light spears of the fallen angels consist only of light elements. It is for this reason that Heaven was still considered a dangerous threat to Hell, despite the existence of two Super Devils and the substantial increase in the number of devils thanks to the creation of the Evil Parts system.

Although Kira could use the light element due to his magic the Holy or Sacred element was impossible for Kira, even though he was immune to it.

So when Kira wanted to use this element he would use his connection to one of his Noble Phantasm which were Holy swords like Durandal to draw his aura and channel it into his body and be able to use this power.

But although Longinus could shoot this she had this ability due to Kira owning her and having these abilities, anyone else would not be able to use something like this.

So what made her so special that she could be said to be a future Longinus? What was special about it compared to [Boosted Gear] that could double the power of its user and [Canis Lykaon] that could create blades from shadows.

That was simple.

All they, the sword and the guns, could do was kill.

A sword and a pistol, ordinary and common, simple weapons of iron and steel that would do no harm at all if left alone but ... in the hands of anyone these weapons become the objects of death and murder.

Because that is their purpose.

Mankind did not begin by creating weapons to kill, but to survive. Fire was born to survive nature and disease, the spear was the means by which men and women hunted to live another day, axes were made mainly to cut wood, hammers smash stones, sickles cut crops and other objects for their own purposes.

But not swords.

Swords were made from the beginning to kill others.

Kill humans.

Kill animals.

Kill monsters.

Kill the gods.

Kira had to hold more firmly his sword that seemed to tremble as if the thought of killing gods was a dream come true.

Not for nothing, in ancient times, when men challenged the gods, it was with swords in their hands.

Sword was the prehistoric weapon of mankind's murderous mania.

For the firearm is the current weapon of mankind.

A weapon so simplistic that it has altered the reality and nature of mankind.

With pistols, mankind left behind its aptitude for swords and shields.

It was so easy to kill with firearms.

These two weapons are like the face of a coin; one requires effort to kill and the other is so easy to use to kill. One is older than history itself and the other has been around since the 9th century, little compared to its predecessor.

Past and future.

But they are the same in their essence: they were made to kill.

The power of this Sacred Gear was not simply the power to summon swords and pistols, this is the crystallized power of humanity's killing instinct.

An instinct with the potential to kill gods.

After all, its power is to kill.

For any human, the mere feeling of killing other living beings like this could make one sick to his stomach.

But Kira was not a human.

He was a devil.

And he lived in a world that hated his kind.

Angels, fallen, gods, Yokai, monsters and humans.

There was nothing to be ashamed of, he was not a hero, Kira did not consider himself that, he did what he did out of pure will.

He would kill and destroy all who stood in his way.

Kalawarner and the other Fallen Angels frowned as the feeling of death began to permeate the air around them.

However their idiocy and pride overcame their survival instincts.

"Die!!!" shouted Kalawarner as he created spears of light and fired them at Kira at high speed.

Kira simply grabbed his white pistol that was attached to his waist and pointed it at Kalawarner who didn't seem too concerned.

A normal weapon would not be able to hurt a supernatural being much, a devil for example had a resistance three times higher than a human, and this was a low class devil, and also had his spells that could nullify any firearm.

But when Kira pulled the trigger what came out was not a bullet, it was a literal beam of blue light that shot out at almost instantaneous speed annihilating the light lance like it was nothing and continued advancing against the perplexed Kalawarner who could not react.

The energy beam continued to advance and hit Kalawarner totally vaporizing his body and continued to advance destroying the roof of the Church and advancing into the sky before exploding in the middle of the clouds generating an immense flash of blue light in the sky.

Even if this Sacred Gear wasn't at its full potential it could launch beams of pure energy that could combine with a bombardment caused by a Maou and even leave a God-class being injured.

That's without even activating Balance Breaker.

The Fallen Angels were unable to react when Kira simply pointed his sword at Dohnaseek.


A single whisper was heard as Kira swung his sword cutting the air.


For a moment everything had been cut in two, the church itself, the pews, altars and everything around it, the air itself and the world seemed to have been cut in two.

In the next instant everything seemed to have returned to normal, yet Dohnaseek's body had a red line separating his body in half.

The moment Kira swung his sword, Dohnaseek's body had been cut in half without any reaction time.

Kira's eyes turned to Milttet who's eyes widened in terror.

Milttet fell to the ground as he cried desperately in fear of death from the monster in front of him.

Milttet's body shook with terror. And her blue irises filled with nothing but fear. Kira would not be wrong if someone said she has a mental scar.

"P-Please! I'll do anything! I'll do anything! Spare me! Spare me! I don't want to die!"

Again, a plea and moans came out of Milttet's mouth, which was like a broken recorder.

Kira simply moved closer to Milttet who was growing more and more terrified.

"I can't do that, you will die" Kira said with extreme calm as he placed the tip of his gun against the head of Milttet who's eyes widened in terror.

At that moment, Milttet regretted following Raynare's plan. She should have stayed in Grigori and continued her dull, hard life as a cannon fodder. Raynare's plan was too good to be true, but she believed that her status would increase and she could have a good life if she followed Raynare's plan. She never thought they would poke a Longinus user.

"I don't know where the Fallen Angels go when they die, and if they really go anywhere. If you really go to heaven or hell, something like that, tell them Kira Yagami killed you, I bet it will give you some respect" Kira said calmly without caring.

"Y-your devil!" cried Milttet totally horrified.

Kira simply a gentle smile that contrasted frighteningly with the massacre he had committed.

"Exactly" said Kira before squeezing the trigger causing the gun to release a wave beam of blue energy totally vaporizing Milttet's body.

Kira sighed before stowing his gun back in his waistband and his sword in his back.

The beams released by the weapons of the [Star Buster Star Blaster] were very similar to the Cero of the Hollow from Bleach, which is why Kira named this burst of energy Cero.3

[Surely if someone was killed by you he would have great honor]

A voice sounded throughout the place, but it was not Ddraig who was speaking to Kira .

It was not the calm and quiet and proud voice of the Heavenly Dragon, this voice was dark and sinister that would make even the bravest of warriors afraid.

Looking back Kira saw that the voice was coming from none other than Jin.

"You have decided to speak out, hein Lycaon" spoke Kira calmly.

The being that was speaking to Kira was the consciousness of Longinus [Canis Lykaon], one of the beings that made it up along with the Japanese sword Ame-no-Ohabari that killed the Fire God Kagutsuchi.

The King of Wolves, Lycao.

He was the King of Arcadia, Lycaon. Also known as the first Werewolf, the man cursed with Lycanthropy by the King of the Greek Gods Zeus.

Lycaon's consciousness always existed in the depths of Longinus [Canis Lykaon], the first time Kira encountered him was when he reached the Balance Breaker.

The Balance Breaker of this Longinus was the most complicated for Kira as Lycaon's madness was part of Longinus and if its user fell too far into its power he would temporarily go mad.

So Kira was worried when he hit Balance Breaker as he didn't want to go crazy, however he was quite surprised when he met Lycaon for the first time.

He didn't even look crazy. He was calm, cool, casual, and very peaceful.

Lycaon didn't care that Kira had taken him away from his original wielder, and was totally willing to lend his power to his new wielder.

Although Lycaon rarely talked to Kira, unlike Ddraig who was always talking, the King of Wolves usually talked to Kira through Jin.


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