6 Chapter 6

At this moment a silence permeated the entire room of Kira's house, not even noises or breathing sounds could be heard.

If a person of the supernatural saw this scene they would definitely be shocked and even frightened. And a normal person seeing this scene would be confused not understanding what was happening.

On one side of the room was Kira with her blank stare and in front of her was a little girl with an equally blank and emotionless stare.

For any person this could be a situation considered strange or maybe even common, with nothing abnormal happening.

But everything would change if these people knew the name of the being that was in front of Kira.


The Dragon God of Infinity, the Dragon Ouroboros, born in the Dimensional Rift, a Dragon with a power superior to all others with power considered infinite and just the mention of his name making all the other Factions in the world fearful.

The leader of the Khaos Brigade, a terrorist Faction with various beings from the most different mythologies, from devils to Gods.

In front of Ophis was Kira, the right-hand man of the God of Destruction Shiva, a being with the power to rival and even surpass Ophis.

If anyone knew the true identity of both and saw them in a face to face room, they would expect a catastrophic battle, where Japan at the very least would be destroyed.

Kira's emotionless face soon began to gain some excitement and a small smile appeared on his face.

"It's been a while Ophis..." Kira said in a tone you normally use to speak to close friends.

"Indeed my friend." Ophis said in a tone that seemed to have a little more emotion than the previous one, even more so when he called Kira his friend.

What people didn't know was that Ophis and Kira had known each other for some time.

Ophis was leader of the Khaos Brigade a terrorist organization that sought to drive Great Red out of the dimensional rift, Ophis' home, and so the Infinity Dragon would need powerful allies.

Obviously for someone who was looking for powerful allies. An existence like Kira would not stay hidden for long.

Some years ago Ophis had met Kira while he was traveling through Russia.

Kira recognized Ophis instantly just as she recognized him in the same way, they both had a brief conversation and Ophis ordered Kira to get Great Red out of the dimensional rift.

Kira had been surprised by Ophis's direct request, however he knew it would be like this due to Ophis's personality, but, although a fight against Great Red was in Kira's interest he refused as Shiva had told him to avoid causing great damage in the world, and as his right hand man Kira had agreed.

Ophis didn't take this refusal very well and so tried to capture Kira to get him to do this. The result was that Kira and Ophis had a brief confrontation in a remote region of Russia.

During the brief fight Kira had to admit that Ophis was incredibly strong, much stronger than Shiva in every respect, she indeed deserved her title as the Dragon of Infinity.

But what set Ophis apart from Shiva was that the Dragon Ouroboros was not a born fighter.

She was not like Shiva who spent her entire life fighting and improving her skills to become what she is today.

Ophis obviously had experience in combat, but nothing compared to Shiva, when Ophis fought she always won due to her physical and magical power being overwhelmingly stronger than any other being, even Shiva.

But this was useless against Kira who had both physical and magical power, equally overwhelming and on top of that an immense combat experience.

With his [Power of Destruction] and his Noble Phantasm boosted with the [Boosted Gear] Kira easily gained mastery of the fight.

The [Boosted Gear] perhaps could not reveal its true power with users who did not have much power to boost. After all although this Longinus could double the power of its user, the stronger the attack the stronger it would get.

For someone like Kira who could easily produce a Maou level attack, the [Boosted Gear] was a hand in the wheel to boost his strength.

Instead of [Divine Dividing] or any other Longinus, for Kira the [Boosted Gear] was the one that suited him best. The power to bend anything was absolutely terrifying, if he uses [Boost!] to create the weapon, the power will be doubled.

Caladbolg that could destroy three hills in one shot, if it doubled, it would be able to destroy six, and when it doubled again there would be twelve, and if it doubled again ... It would be one or two whole nations that exploded whole.

So for Kira who could create an uncountable amount of these weapons and impulsive that would be terrifying.

Just with that ability alone, without any other Kira could already easily be placed among the strongest beings in the world.

So imagine what would happen if Kira threw Balmung, one of the strongest Dragon Slayer weapons boosted against a Dragon? The most likely result would be death, even a Celestial Dragon would easily die from this.

Ophis could confirm this because even though she was the Dragon of Infinity she took a few weeks to fully recover from the battle.

And her injuries were worse, because Kira had forged a weapon to kill all the Dragons.

Kira's Marble of Reality could be considered a collection of all Noble Phantasm, from swords, spears and axes to even those incorporating concepts like the [Armor of Fafnir] of the Siegfried Heroic Spirit that Kira was able to summon.

Kira could even use Noble Phantasm that represent concepts as another example the [Dromeus Komētēs] the Noble Phantasm of Achilles that represented Achilles' legend that he is the fastest among all heroes of all ages. This allows him to run across a giant battlefield with a single breath, and obstacles on the field will not slow him down, even when he advances through a dense forest.

Kira was able to draw upon even this Noble Phantasm, the only types of Noble Phantasm that did not exist in his Reality Marble were other Reality Marbles, although Kira had a means of using his ability temporarily.

And because his Noble Phantasm [Unlimited Weapons Works] was created inspired by that of EMIYA [Unlimited Blade Works] Kira's also had the characteristics of the Noble Phantasm blacksmith and could create any Type of weapon if he had the necessary materials.

And Kira, who lived in a world where the Age of the Gods had never ended had plenty of materials to make almost any weapon imaginable. So Kira used various materials to create a new and ultimate weapon against the Dragons.

The weapon had been forged from the most powerful materials Kira could find using as its base the power of Balmung, the sword the hero Siegfried used to slay the Dragon Fafnir and also Ascalon the sword of St. George.

Both were two of the most powerful Dragon Slayer swords, one was a demonic sword, Balmung and the other a sacred sword, Ascalon.

Kira basically created a sword that combined the demonic and sacred auras of Balmung and Ascalon, which was easily possible due to the death of the Biblical God, as well as mixed and powered the Dragon Slayer auras of both.

And as a finishing touch Kira had used the poison of Samael the Dragon Slayer.

Samael is a fallen dragon/angel hybrid known as the Dragon Devourer. As his title indicates, he has the ability to destroy other Dragons.

It is said that long ago, Samael was the perpetrator who influenced the first humans, Adam and Eve, to eat the Fruit of Knowledge, and was cursed by God. This is also the cause of God's hatred for dragons and snakes. After receiving the curse, he was sealed in the deepest part of the underworld, Cocytus.

Samael has a powerful curse that is extremely deadly to Dragons and their possessors. The poison can also affect snakes or beings related to snakes. Even Ophis and Great Red are not immune to this effect.

It was the evil intent of the God of the Bible.

And this poison still existed in the blood of Samael that Kira took.

There were many things that Kira did that Ddraig would consider crazy, but this was the biggest.

Seeking to test his limits, Kira had broken into Cocito, the deepest part of hell where the most dangerous criminals were imprisoned, and taken Samael's blood.

But Kira didn't save the blood, but injected it directly into his body.

Just being in Samael's presence terrified the Dragons, and Samael's blood was capable of destroying Dragons.

But thanks to Heaven's Feel Kira was totally immune to light and also Dragon Slayer abilities.

But Samael's poison was not just any Dragon Slayer item.

Even Ophis had forty percent of her power stolen just by being exposed to the Dragon Slayer's blood in the cannon.

For days Kira had been feeling incredibly ill, no body ached incredibly and even moving caused anguish for him, Kira's veins had turned completely black during that time as the poison tried to reach his heart, Kira had a great effort not to let a single hint of the immensely hateful aura that tormented the recipient of Samuel's curse leak out.

But to the surprise of everyone, including Ddraig himself, Kira did not die, but his body fully assimilated Samael's poison, which became part of him.

Thus Kira gained some of Samael's power, allowing him to steal the power of the Dragons for himself.

Using this poison and power Kira mixed it together with the sword he was trying to create using Balmung and Ascalon, creating an ultimate sword against the Dragons.

A sword that Kira called the Sword of Samael due to it having the power to kill and steal the power of all Dragons.

A sword that combined the demonic power of Balmung with the sacredness of Ascalon and the hatred of Samael's poison, creating a blade that had the ability to kill and steal the power of any Dragon, becoming stronger with each Dragon killed.

Because it was created with the power of Ascalon, a Noble Phantasm Rank B, and Balmung a Noble Phantasm Rank A, the Sword of Samael was a Noble Phantasm Rank A.

But when used on a dragon it became a Noble Phantasm Rank Ex.

An ultimate sword for killing Dragons.

Needless to say when Kira stopped playing with Ophis and pulled out this sword even the Dragon of Infinity had to surrender as it knew it would be killed whether it was hit by this weapon boosted or not.

Although the battle was short it obviously did a lot of damage, the confrontation was brief but the result was that twenty percent of Russia's territory had been wiped off the map.

Although no one knew that Kira and Ophis had caused this.

But for Kira, who thought he would never see Ophis again, he was surprised when a few weeks later he met again with the Dragon God of Infinity.

This time Ophis didn't want to fight, but wanted to know why Kira was serving Shiva, after all, the Sekiryuutei was much stronger.

Kira simply ignored her and went on with his life, and surprisingly Ophis followed him for a while because she found Kira amusing.

Ophis was innocent as a child and always went after things that caught his interest, like Kira.

The Sekiryuutei started to get used to Ophis' presence and had even taught her a few things about the world, Ophis was like a sponge and absorbed everything she was taught, Kira was even able to identify Ophis' feelings just by looking at her.

Another reason Ophis followed Kira was that she usually had silence when she was with him, and mainly because Ophis was a sweet tooth and absolutely adored Kira's food.

The fact that Ophis proclaimed herself Kira's friend came after she had seen an anime and liked it, and found the power of friendship that strengthened people out of nothing both interesting and confusing.9

So even though they were already friends, Ophis called herself Kira's best friend and always liked to throw it in anyone's face.

Basically Ophis was an honest, pure and naïve Dragon God to the point of innocence. Due to her extreme naivety, she acts like a child imitating actions that catch her attention and always wandering off to anything she finds interesting.

A Dragon God very gluttonous with Kira's food never allowing anyone else to eat but her and very proud of being Kira's best friend and also trying to find something she would be better at than Kira only to fail miserably.

A good proof of this confidence was that Jin, Shade and Kadmus were sitting next to Ophis.

Jin was sitting wagging his tail happily in Ophis's lap while the Dragon God ran his hand through his fur.

Surprisingly Ophis and Jin got along very well.

Shade was sleeping next to Ophis without caring that one of the greatest existences in the world was beside him.

Coyote Kadmus, on the other hand, was lying on the other side of Ophis, but if you looked closely you would see that Kadmus had his eyes on Ophis as the Coyote did not fully trust Ophis as she had attacked her master.

"So what are you doing here? Did something happen?" asked Kira calmly as he headed for the kitchen.

"No. I, I wish I were here. The Khaos Brigade is, very noisy. I wish for silence. I remember you said you would come to this town to have fun. I want to have fun too," Ophis answered in a monotone.

Kira returned from the kitchen as he had listened to everything attentively and in his hand was a plate with homemade cookies and a glass of milk.

"I see. Here's your candy" spoke Kira as he placed the plate and glass in front of Ophis who had his eyes light up momentarily.

Whenever Kira made sweets for his house, and Ophis loved them all, he even had a place in the kitchen made just to store Ophis' sweets.

"I appreciate it" Ophis said quietly as he began to quickly eat the cookies.

"I have a feeling that's not all" said Kira causing Ophis to stop momentarily.

"I want to know when you are going to exterminate that...despicable, terrible, vulgar, hopeless, ugly, miserable existence of all the dragon races-"

Kira sweated at Ophis's venomous but emotionless insults at Great Red.

"Ophis, you're getting off topic."

"I did?" Ophis asked confused.

Kira massaged his forehead as he sighed.

"Don't think too much about the small details. We're friends right?" spoke Kira as a smile adorned his face.

"Really?" Almost equally impossible, Ophis smiled a little.

Kira nodded his head.

"But killing that Red Lizard is out of the question, you hear?"

Ophis immediately pouted, in fact her expression hadn't changed, but for Kira who could read her emotions like a book knew she was pouting.

"I, then, must follow you until you help me skin you alive"

"Hmph, be my guest." Kira laughed at that.

Kira let out a sigh before turning his attention back to Ophis.

"I have no problem with you staying here. But, Ophis you cannot leave this house without me, is that clear?" asked Kira calmly.

The last thing he needed was to alert the three Factions that not only he, but also Ophis were in Kuoh, in addition to the rest of the world.

And technically Ophis was a terrorist due to being the leader of the Khaos Brigade.

Ophis just nods his head.

"I understand" Ophis said as he ate.

Kira sighed as he would have to further increase the power of his house barriers to hide Ophis as well.

"Me, I want to watch Dragon Ball!"

Kira who was stuck in his thoughts turned his attention to Ophis who wanted to watch anime.

Yes, Ophis the Dragon Ouroboros, one of the strongest beings in the world was an Otaku.

It had happened that once Ophis had heard about anime while she was in the Khaos Brigade and when she went to Kira house she wanted to watch it.

Kira, although he thought it was strange, didn't mind too much and put anime on for her to watch.

Let's just say that after that day Ophis became as addicted to anime as she was to food.

The worst part was that Ophis didn't know that animes were fiction, even when Kira explained it she didn't believe it.

Kira almost laughed as he remembered that after Ophis watched Fairy Tail she wanted help finding Acnology to make the Black Dragon join the Khaos Brigade.

It took a week to make her give up the idea.

"And what is Dragon Ball?" asked Kira, who although he knew, was curious to know how Ophis twisted this anime in his mind.

"Dragon Ball is about a dragon with magic powers and some other people I don't care about. He can grant wishes. I personally didn't know about this mystical dragon until I watched the series after hearing about him in the Khaos Brigade. I would put him at a level close to or equal to that of a Dragon King, but not as strong as Tiamat, however, that wish granting power is something I want. If I had known before, I would have recruited him into the Khaos Brigade.

Shenron, is the name of the Dragon that grants wishes. My wish would be to destroy Great Red. That's why I have to gather the dragon spheres and watch Dragon Ball so that I get an idea of its true power. Kira, you have to help me find the dragon spheres. There are seven in total," Ophis explained calmly.

Kira was puzzled that Ophis had taken this to another level. She hadn't even touched that she had said she wanted to watch Dragon Ball, but also wants to join them.

Simply because Ophis believed that everything that existed in anime should really exist.

"Well, I can't say much, after all I am in an anime world and have skills from other animes" thought Kira ironically.

"And how will you go about finding them?" asked Kira with amusement.

Ophis made an extremely serious face, as if he was talking about something of great importance.

"Take Bulma's Dragon Radar" spoke Ophis seriously.

"Where is this Bulma-san?" asked Kira while being amused.

"I, I don't know. But, she lives in West City in a building called Capsule Corporation. The mission is to capture this Bulma and have her give us the Dragon Radar and then dispose of it if necessary. Then the mission is to find the Dragon spheres so we can summon the Dragon Shenron and destroy Great Red."

Kira was using all his willpower to not laugh at Ophis' plans, it was kind of hard to believe that she was the leader of a criminal Faction.

Although Kira doubted that Sheron could destroy Great Red even with her powers.

Bna even considered trying to explain to Ophis that this was not real, however it was amusing to see her like this.

"I understand Ophis. But where is this city?" asked Kira curious of her answer.

"Me, I don't know its exact coordinates. Let's watch Dragon Ball to find out."

Then suddenly Ophis pulls out a DVD case that Kira didn't know where it came from and it was written Dragon Ball on top.

This left Kira perplexed and with questions.

Like, where did she get this? Why doesn't she know it's fiction if she has a DVD of it?

"I, will put it on" said Ophis as he went ahead and put the DVD in Kira's TV.

"Ophis are you sure they exist?" asked Kira curiously.

"They do exist. I know they exist. They have to exist. Great Red needs to leave my house" said Ophis seriously.

Kira almost laughed at this, when he was with Ophis it was always fun or silly, but one thing was for sure.

It was never boring.


A Few Days Later.

Two days after Ophis arrived at Kira house everything was still as quiet as ever, the only difference was that Kira needed to keep up with Ophis' almost infinite hunger that was eating all the time.

Kira had taken advantage of the fact that Rias had thought he had died, due to finding blood in the park, to stay at home during these days.

Currently Kira was walking calmly towards the school without caring about anything, Ophis was in the house and Kira had left a stock of food for Ophis, it would be enough to feed a group of ten people for a few days.

Kira was sure that when he got home he would have nothing left.

As distracted as he was Kira didn't notice when he bumped into someone.


Kira raised his eyebrow at the voice and sound of someone falling behind him.

When he turned around Kira saw a nun lying on the ground, She was standing with her arms open and her face on the ground.

"Are you okay?" asked Kira calmly.

Sekiryuutei approached the nun and held out his hand so she could get up.

"Ouch. Why do I keep tripping.... Oh, I'm sorry. Thank you so much~."

Kira took her hand preparing to lift it, however at that moment the nun's veil flew off because of the wind.

Her blonde hair, which was covered by it, fell over her shoulders. Her straight blonde hair glistened in the sun.

She was a beautiful young woman with long blonde hair and green eyes. Her hair was down to her back, with split bangs across her forehead and a single strand coming out of the top and falling back.

Her costume consisted of a dark teal nun's outfit with light blue details, a white veil over her head with light blue details, a brown bag hanging from her right hip (where she holds her Bible) and brown boots with black straps. She also wore a silver cross necklace around her neck.

Kira instantly recognized who she was.

Asia Argento, one of the female protagonists of DxD, user of the Sacred Gear [Twilight Healing] also known as [Twilight Healing] which allowed her to heal any supernatural being and was also the future master of the Gigantis Dragon King, Fafnir.

Kira was a little surprised to find her, but that was not the biggest surprise.

It seemed that the fact that Issei had not turned into a devil had changed several things, and one example was that Kira who met with Asia.

"Are you traveling?" asked Kira as he saw that Asia was carrying some things.

"No, it's not that. I have been assigned to the church in that city... You must be a resident of that city. It is a pleasure to meet you." Asia said as she tilted her head.

"I've been in trouble since I got here. Ummm..... I can't speak Japanese very well..... I was lost and other people didn't understand what I was saying..." Asia said as she smiled sadly.

She held her hands together in front of her chest, and looked very sad.

The fact that Kira could talk normally to her was both because Kira knew several languages and a passive ability because he was a devil.

It was a skill called Language.

This ability allows them to understand all spoken languages, even those that are not human-based. As long as it can be spoken from the mouth of a human, it can be understood.

People listening to you will hear it in the language they are most fluent in. If they are American, then they will hear it in English. If they are Spanish, they will hear it in Spanish.

So Kira was able to speak all languages fluently.

"I think I might know where the Church is" Kira said to Asia.

Although Kira knew that the only Church in Kuoh was the Fallen Angels' base, he was sort of leading Asia into a trap.

"Y-You know! O-Oh thank you~! This is all thanks to God!"

She smiled at Kira with tears streaming from her eyes.

Kira gave a small smile, it was kind of funny to see her reactions.

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