Global Game: I Can Absorb Luck Book

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Global Game: I Can Absorb Luck

Don't Ask Me to Game

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A supernatural game had suddenly appeared on everyone’s smartphone. Each dungeon in the game was a terrifying and eerie world with dangers lurking in every corner. Death awaited those who made a wrong move. Every seven days, the game would forcefully but randomly pull players into dungeons. By clearing these dungeons, players could get rewards and even bring powerful items back to the real world. The rewards included benefits such as Cure, Recovery, Life Extension, Strength Multiplier… The item had various effects, such as Invisibility, Clone, Water Manipulation, Teleportation… The dungeons changed every time, but there were a few that were connected to each other. Li Fei was a cancer patient. When he saw the game on his phone, he did not panic, unlike other people. Instead of trying to uninstall the game, he decided to study its pattern and gathered all the information on surviving it. He was also wildly attracted by the rewards the game would give. When the dungeons would pull Li Fei in, he would explore the world carefully and witnessed many dangerous scenarios and extravagant monsters. Soon, he realized that the more monsters he crossed paths with, the luckier he got. Clearing dungeons became easier for Li Fei. No matter how dangerous the situation got, he would be able to survive it without a scratch. Yet, he was still skeptical. It wasn’t until one day, when a colossal claw barely scratched the top of his head he finally realized what true luck meant.


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