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Flame of Power


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Little Mara was born a thousand years ago. Her mother risked everything to keep her in a deep sleep. Until seven years ago, growing up as a child with the current leader of the Vampire Clan, who tells her half-truth of the story of what happened hundreds of millennia in the past. Ever since then, they have forbidden the love between Lycans and Vampires, but the hatred between the two races does not stop them from protecting the supernatural world. The Flame of Power can not only grant them the authority to rule not only over the supernatural world but over the human world as well. Grow up with little Mara to discover the best way to coexist with both humans and supernatural creatures in an academy created in order to create a new kingdom in today's society. The Vampire Clan, under the leadership of the younger Mara, reaches new heights. The Teen Jeremiah has the Lycan Clan under his clutches. Giving a new beginning for every Lycan and Werewolf. ..... *Author Notes: *Any resemblance with places, names, and others to reality is pure coincidence.* Wanna buy a cup of coffee for this poor author? > https://ko-fi.com/blueflame_mecc Join me in Discord: https://discord.gg/nx92VWBPTv


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