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Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Dao Is Unfathomable

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What is Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Read Fishing the Myriad Heavens novel written by the author Dao Is Unfathomable on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Magical Realism stories, covering cultivation, magic, videogame. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Tired of the schemes and strifes of city life, Bei Feng finally returned to his hometown in the countryside. While picking asters 'neath the Eastern fence; My gaze upon the Southern mountain rests; Rearing a few chickens and ducks, I shall lead a simple and leisurely life! However, who would have thought that fate would play a huge joke on Bei Feng? All kinds of magical items and beings of the Myriad Worlds could actually be fished out of the Ancient Well in his yard! Even a chicken reeled out of the well ended up chasing Bei Feng all over the yard and beating him black and blue... speechless and aggrieved, he asked the Heavens: if, that day, I’d fished out a dragon instead of a chicken, what would’ve happened to me?!


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I just like this novel, and in addition many people are so horrible! Rating this piece of treasure 3 stars because the "release speed is slow". Its 5 chapters a week, like many other novels on this site, yet these people keep rating these new novels low ratings because "not enough chapters", "too slow release speed", "No chapters released yet". When I see these reviews, I think about the translators and I pity them to see how toxic people can be on the internet. Keep up the good work AstralGhost, I feel like this story is going to expand greatly in the future.


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What the duck just happened. Like 250 chapters got paywalled. NOT NEW ONES. OLD CHAPTERS..... THAT WERE FREE. I don't mind if u start going premium, but that's just cheap. Fr what the actual duck dude, that's just a disservice, who's gonna pay for something they've already read.


Alright, I usually don't write reviews, but I feel like this piece of c*** novel actually deserves one. I read until chapter 515, so I'm definitely qualified to give this review. My advice, don't read this novel. The author is racist beyond belief and uses skin tone to judge whether a person should be killed or not. And there is so much filler!!! The author uses at least 4 to 5 chapters, which we can just skip as it's not even relevant to the MC or the main plot, to just describe the various worlds and life stories of the people that inhabit them. And worst of all, once the the story reaches a certain point, the author decides to scrap the MCs cultivation and makes him start over for the second time. Almost everything he owned up until now has all been destroyed. In other words, completely wasting 500 chapters worth of our time and SS. I actually felt so cheated when I read up to this point. I read through all that arrogance, racism, filler and double crossing moments to just end up right back at square one. I assure you, I am not amused. All that time spent reading this novel was completely wasted!!!! This is a warning to all the readers, do not be fooled by how well the first few hundred chapters seem as the story's going to take a 180 degree turn.


A very meh story that can help fill your teeth in a pinch. The update stability is great and the quality of the translation is excellent. The world background is our own set in an old mountain mansion that has somewhat mystical properties. Here comes the drawbacks the mc is not especially interesting nor is he charismatic. This leads you to not particularly caring about him or his problems. In fact the most interesting characters are his servants who are not supposed to be so. The story development is running on a linear path that you are guaranteed to figure out in no time flat. All in all I would only recommend this novel as something of a "side dish" with low expectations, that said I also read it everyday.


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If your dream job is to be the fry guy at McDonalds then this novel is for you! Not trying to be too negative but I would like to point out that if your going to write a novel like this then at least teach some real-world values with some realism. Like the translators pointed out, the writer makes tons of plot holes. The quality isn't bad at first but then you get too much unnecessary dialogue later on which makes it boring to read and you guessed it, there isn't much action.


Having read first chapters i can say for sure that this is one of the best things i've read ( if we talk bout e-novels, ofk). i like the way you translate it, so easy to read&understand, do not drop it! Looking for new chapters. Don't mind folks whining about slow speed, i do translations too ( in russian) and i know that that's not as easy as everybody thinks! thanks for your work!


Today 246 chapters got paywalled that were freeToday 246 chapters got paywalled that were freeToday 246 chapters got paywalled that were freeToday 246 chapters got paywalled that were free


Please put a tag as a racism so readers know it beforehand. Also promoting a dumb racist MC in the story. Don't know how webnovel couldn't get a decent novel instead of these craps.


The story was worth reading at the beginning with how the protagonist struggles and tries to rise up but the story takes a sharp turn in, well, many directions. The protagonist quickly turns complacent and incredibly racist towards the Japanese and probably to other races as well when obtaining enough power. And the story isn’t very well developed at all, it seems like a mishmash of all the author’s story ideas placed into one story. There are numerous chapters made for side stories which would be good if they actually amounted to something at all! I don’t think the author even re-visited any of the side story characters or plot line! Overall the pacing is all over the place. If you have an immense amount of patience, give it a try. You’ll need more patience than fishing to be able to get through many parts.


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its dead no updates ...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................


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The characters are psychopathic. The MC was once a normal commoner but ever since he got his powers he became a blood thirsty douch that kills for no reason. The characters don't have personalities, they're are just their to stimulate the ego of the protaganist. Their isn't a plot in this story. I dislike the author and will be wary of anything else he writes. This story has no redeeming qualities, the only reason I give it two stars as opposed to just one was because of the hard work the translators out into this novel. Again this novel is trash, the MC is one of the worst MC's I've ever seen written fuuck this story.


As far as I have read ch 80 the book seems to be good and the chapter releases are not too slow to be dropped so you can start reading without any apprehension. Also the way the story is written and translated is very good. But I personally feel the story lacks a direction and the "System" part is the only one holding it together.


it is soo good why did it stop??


Complete waste of time, the author of this novel is racist to the very core of his/her being. People are killed base on their skin tone and they aren't even trying to hide it.


Author is unreliable constantly straying away from and abandoning the interesting characters, themes and plot points. The biggest mistake is not focusing on fishing and instead spending multiple chapters chasing meaningless boring cliches. Lastly, the MC shows only his awful side once he gets even a sliver of power. I enjoyed some of the beginning fishing chapters but now I have no desire to read any further.


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