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Read Dilemma: The Chip System novel written by the author Haru_Catty on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Sci-fi stories, covering romance, action, r18, comedy, system. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


"Curiosity killed the cat." The sinister man raised the edges of his lips into a grin before injecting the girl's neck ruthlessly, leaving her unconscious. [Disclaimer: Rated 18 solely for the blood and gore scenes. Extreme torture and abuse scenes included, however, a warning shall be given at the start of such chapters and I will be briefly explaining everything for those who skipped the chapters with such content. Read at your own discretion.] **** Nancy Morgan was an average college girl who was bored of her little-to-none thrilling life and wanted something new. But what she got for that was not necessarily what she asked for. She got into a life threatening accident. Roth Rogers, her family friend, inserted a chip inside her brain to save her. However, it attracted evil people to go after her. To protect her from the upcoming dangers, Roth appointed his adopted son, Samuel Rogers as her body-guard. However, more than the people who were trying to abduct her for the cutting-edge technology, Nancy's curiosity rang for her body-guard's mysterious life. Little did she know, her curiosity unlocked many secrets and troubles.... Like Immortality and artificial diseases. Trapped in a dilemma of science and immortality, Nancy must find more about her body-guard, and his connection with all of the mess. **** [Excerpt] "Shit! F*ck this!" Nancy cursed the spider-web that flung across her face while looking around the old church. "If I were you, I would have avoided profanity on sacred grounds." Samuel suggested politely. "No matter what religion, we must respect sacred grounds." "Mhm, F*ck you too!" **** Join my ded discord server: https://discord.gg/HsYbkZP29D Cover Artist: https://www.instagram.com/alina._.smthng/ **** Special Thanks to my mother for devising a name. I had been working on this since 2 years but I couldn't get a name. My mom asked me the plot and I told her that it's complicated; That's when she said 'Dilemma' If you like complicated things, this is for you! Thank you for giving this a shot.

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Author's note: (Ignore 5 hehe) Okay I'll go over the characters first. Female Lead, Nancy, She's supposed to be a b* so if you hate her, you're supposed to hate her xD. Don't worry though, she'll get better xD. Male Lead, Samuel. I love him too, thanks. Antagonist, He's supposed to stay quiet for a long long time so don't mind him sitting in a corner doing nothing. ---- The chip : I explain it really slowly, and the 'live programming a.k.a unknown perks' only show up later so please be patient. The reason I explain it slowly is because it has a lot of of things to do with the antagonist so I can't reveal it quickly. Because then it's no fun XD. But I promise it won't be disappointing. ---- Backstories : 2 volumes will be backstory solely. I won't explain any backstory before the separate volumes. 1 story is for the male MC, and 1 story is for the antagonist. ---- Romance : I know you guys love romance :D I do too. But, romance is subtle and slow-paced for obvious reasons. Our ML suffers from a lot stuff so I hope everyone understands why romance is slow-paced. ---- Overall story : Don't worry, I'll make sure it's not too fast paced or too slow paced. The story is about the chip and why it revolves around ML more than FL. So it is important to keep in mind, why the ML receives more story than FL. Though, it's in the FL's POV just for that fact. Thank you for reading~ Me hopes everyone enjoys <3


**SPOILEDS ALERT*** Intro: Okay so this book is the perfect example of underrated but yet so good. The way you've merged the different genres and somehow still managed to write this is amazing. The contrast between them is beautiful and it's amazing over all. Characters hehe: The characters are all unique with different personalities that we all can relate to. I haven't seen much character development yet but we're getting there and the every character somewhat feels important even though they don't get that much screentime because they all play a part in the story. I love how you implemented each character with unique character traits instead of just making them bland side characters like other novels do ( no disrespect lol ) and hertwig is STILL my favorite character so plz bring him back lol ≧﹏≦ Story: The story has alot of suspense and every cliffhanger leaves me wanting more and I'm just waiting for more chapters so I can just binge read em ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ This story has alot of emotions plus it has that slice of life comedy feeling while also being so dark. Some scenes did feel like they were missing something but majority of them were written so good and proceeds so smoothly with the story. (ʘᴗʘ✿) There's not alot of things that I disliked or didn't enjoy but I would love if you showed more of the side characters stories as well cuz rn it's just Sam and nancy lol. 😂 Conclusion: so yeah great book blah blah blah ( jk ) Can't wait for new chapters to see how the story proceeds and I'd recommend this book if you want something a little different from your typical cultivation overpowered MC novels. If you're looking for something dark but want that slice of life feel as well than this is the perfect novel ヾ(^-^)ノ


---> Author's extra note :  Hello beautiful people, I changed my novel's name to 'Dilemma : The chip system' as while I was further writing the story, I felt as if it was better to elaborate the tiny system element this novel contains as well. However, in my mind, it was just tiny XD. But for the story itself, it seems to be a bigger element than I thought. Hence, it was necessary to elaborate it. The system here is really simple though. It's not a worldly system telling you to complete mission rather than the chip aka the personal computer system allowing you to have perks.  No missions XD, Only perks.  I hope my explanation makes sense lol. Since I'm personally not a big fan of system novels, I was in denial this whole time that my story is not related to any of that xD. But it seems to be a little bit related haha. Anyhow, as you guys can already tell, this book is supposed to be a bit of everything. I'm always open to critiques as readers are the best critiques so feel free to pick my errors out hehe. Also, your feedback might change the ending :OO. Just how the feedback changed the name hehe. Happy reading~! I hope I don't disappoint anyone lolololol



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The story is quite good, and Nancy is someone that I think many can relate to. I like her character, and I hope to see her mature along with the author's skills. Few grammar issues bore no harm to the story. I will undoubtedly be tuned on this novel and hope to see more of it and the author's work!


Incredible Nice writing style and story idea I admire how the chapters are nicely organized giving the reader a hint of suspense at the end Thumbs up to the author for a job well done


Phew...allow me to say that contrary to the author's thought process, I like Nancy's character. She's inherently central in every chapter, and her reactions and dialogue reflect more and more of her character and she starts develop nicely throughout the story. so far as far as I've read the the English and grammar is on point [img=update], the characters unique, Samuel, Hertwig etc.... they each have individual personalities that make them stand out... This book is definitely one that I'd recommend.... Rock on Author !!![img=recommend]


My first thoughts in this is how it gives me off that The Bodyguard movie of Whitney Houston and the white handsome male. That was my thought at first but then there's a twist. It gives me an Ex machina feels as well if you catch my drift. Rather than focusing on romance, the author takes you to a slow-paced action pact world. And I think that's unique once we see how the story ends. Nancy for me is the typical spoiled give me what I want girl. And weird enough, Samuel reminds me of an actor named Wang Yibo. He's handsome. Lol. Okay okay, so everything aside. This novel is interesting because it has a little bit of everything. Comedy. Suspense. Action and romance. Kuddos to the author for writing beautiful as well. No errors there. This was a long and good read.


Lorem Ipsum errr, I don't remember the rest so let's move on. The story paints a vivid picture of the world where the action takes place. Through the usage of the tiny elements of the world, the author instantly immerses the reader into the rich in flavour world of his creation. I really hate speaking about the plot as I believe everyone should try it themselves. Despite that, solidly written cliches and relatively standard openings allows me to peer into what possibly this novel have in store. Execution of the further plot is what I'm actually curious about, as I have a feeling that it will exceed my expectations on this one. In the end, I cannot really say much about the story. It's a solid piece of the literature that promises a tasty piece of webnovel down the line. Now it's up to author to live up to the promises his chapters give.


Okay so I got the privilege to read this novel's draft version, and mark my words, ya'll in for a treat. I don't know the ending though. XD I've been waiting for this novel for so long and I'm super glad that it's going even better than the draft version. I literally wait for a few days (or even weeks) just so I can binge read the chapters. The plot is highly engaging and it is written very well. The characters are amazing. Nancy is my mortal enemy and I love love love Samuel cuz he's best boi. Personally I really enjoy reading blood and gore so it's already a treat for me. Cant wait for more chapters.


This is slowly getting complicated but I'm loving it! Nancy and Samuel interactions are so fresh and their back-talk is so funny. I like how a bit of humor hides the darkness of this novel but I can't wait to see it getting darker and darker. Also waiting for backstoriess!! [img=recommend][img=update]


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This was a hilarious first chapter 1 Nancy and Samuel, I can tell are going to have such chemistry! Though Nancy comes off as Snarky and Samuel dense for ignoring a gunwound! I can tell this story is going to be fun!


I'm not really a fan of blood and gore, so I was glad to find that a warning of such scenes was provided at the beginning of the chapter. It kinda showed me that you care about your readers ❣️ I love Nancy and Samuel's interactions so much 😂 Overall, the story has great potential and I was immediately drawn it to it which is also tthank to the cover art . Great work


Review time~ First of all your cover and synopsis are great they attract viewers like me in an instant. And now as for the story, it was well written and kinda awkward as well as funny. The Male lead is cold and the female lead doesn't really know how to act around him ( hehe sounds cute to me) But that's not all as the synopsis stated it also has blood..blood and lots of blood here. So weak hearted people must prepare themselves ahead. And there weren't many grammatical mistakes there but still using grammly could help. Last but not the least Great work and happy writing~ I have kept this book in my collection~


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geyegfeyeh hey I just want to be number one fan and I don't have to go to the future and I don't know how much I 😍 you too 👶 👧 and her husband and


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