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What is C: Summoner & Magic

C: Summoner & Magic is a popular web novel written by the author Irelia, covering MAGIC, FANTASY, MAGICAL REALISM, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 280.7K readers with an average rating of 4.7/5 and 16 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 21 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.




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Gonna be shamless and all 5 but here to point out some stuff. The next arc will be the turning point of the series. Ikr that the chapters with fight scenes are the most enjoyable to readers and so subsequent arcs will include more of them but i cant do it for every chapter as it takes alot of time to imagine how the choreograph for the fight scene will play out. With respect to those short chapters, it will be explained soon in susbsequent chapters as i have already planned where they will appear in the story and is simply a prelude to what is gg to happen. Stay tuned


Part of a review swap and at time of writing, there were 15 Chapters. Overall, I enjoyed the story. It's engaging, interesting and MC appears to be one who is human enough (as in, realistic). I gather this would be the weak-strong type of character. Writing Quality: English isn't my first language so most of the time, I don't spot any mistakes in grammar or have any constructive comment on sentence structure. As long as I can read it smoothly, I am content. Overall, the quality of writing is top notch with some basic minimal mistakes that I have to point out / have advice on: 1. It's best if you break down your paragraphs more, with reference to people talking. Instead of having it all bunched up in one paragraph, have each speech in its own paragraph. 2. "I" is always capatalised, even in the middle of a sentence. Thus, instead of "Though i doubt i will be able to gain much from this battle with you", it should be "Though I doubt I will be able to gain much from this battle with you" I gave an extra 1* for effort that can be seen in improving. Stability of Updates : 5* Story Development: pace is good, things are picking up. The magic aspect is clearly explained and it's engaging enough. Character Design & World Background: Good characters and world background. Can see the amount of detail and work that was put in to create them, especially the World Background. All the best Author!


Been reading every chapter since the start and enjoying it so far. This wasnt an isekai novel like i thought but it is very interesting in its own way. Writing quality: Top notch. Little grammatical errors in the story. Description of the spells and fight scenes are well illustrated. Stability of updating: 5/5. Chapters are relased frequently. Story development: So far, the development of the story has been going smoothly and i hope future chapters will be great as well. Character design: Nothing much to say World background: also 5/5. Love the minor stories in between that will be linked to the future. Overall: A 5/5 Series


Here to write a review after reading the latest chapter. One of the first novel i came across when i first joined and i must say the magic elements described in the novel is very realistic and can see that alot of effort has been placed into the action scenes, unlike many other novels. This novel stands out in the way it portrays the fight scenes and the stability of updates is 5* since it is updated nearly everyday. World background may be quite alot of info but its very thoroughly well explained and easy to understand. Little grammer mistakes throughout the novel and the writing style is v smooth to read. Overall 5*


Gonna write a new review here. Storyline has been getting much more interesting since i last read and the world background has been thoroughly explained such that it is easy for readers to understand. Love how the magic has come into play. Most novels with magic will not describe magic into such details and simply come up with ordinary spells like 'fireball', while this novel has taken magic to another level. Writing quality: 5/5* overall written very well Story development progressing slowly as chapters increase Character design & worldbackground thoroughly explained Stabilitu of updates nth much to say 5*


Love the story. Been following since the start & can see that the story is getting more and more interesting. Love how the magic is portrayed in the novel and the details into the whole setting of the novel. Writing quality: Top notch with few mistakes. Little grammatical errors. Stability 5/5* in good faith Story development: gets the user more attracted every chapter Character design, we developed. World setting: highly illustrated. Allows reader to truly understand the full background of the novel and how magic came about Overall 5/5*


When reviewing, I always give each category one extra star to the score, save for newbie writers to whom I give two. Writing Quality 5: I only noticed some small errors such as forgetting apostrophes or not capitalized "I", but nothing too serious. Stability of Updates 5: Personally, I don't like this category, as sometimes the writer needs more time to finish up a chapter, but may end up sacrificing the quality to keep the release rate, so I always give it a 5. And yes, I mostly copypasted this category from my previous reviews and will do the same with future ones. Story Development 3: The story flows well and there are some exciting moments but it never really managed to engage me. If I had to guess why, I would say it was the clichés, which made me feel I've read this story before. Lots of them crumped together, especially at the beginning. You have the loli imouto who is in love with her --NOT blood related-- brother. The harsh, loli teacher who --is not clear yet, but probably-- is actually an *****. The magical battle high school to train students against demon beasts. Underestimated MC and random mobs whose only function is to belittle and later to awe at MC's actions. To be clear, I don't think cliches are necessarily bad, as they give a sense of familiarity to the reader, which allows them to focus on other parts of the story. Unfortunately, these other parts also didn't make me engaged. Character Design 2: I didn't particularly like or dislike the story aspect. This one though... The characters are mostly generic, showing little to no personality. The MC is bland, though not as much as Ayato, the non-threatening male "friend". His other “friend” is Akane, the Osananajimi who recognizes the MC while he initially doesn't remember her. As for the quotation marks, it’s because even calling them friends seem to be a bit of a stretch. That’s because most of their interactions are just there to advance the plot. The other characters aren’t any better, with only Miyuki being mildly interesting. World Background 4: The world is well detailed, but the way said details are told could be improved. The world building is done mostly through infodumps, which can make the reader skip through it or lose interest. A tip would be to cut out as much as you can and spread the rest through the story. Another would be to add the character’s thoughts or opinions in between. Not only it will break the feeling of reading a wall of text, as it will also provide good opportunities to show more of the character’s personality. Review score (5+5+3+2+4)/5 = 3.8 Score given = (5+5+4+3+5)/5 = 4.4


Really good story, quite interesting actually. The scenes are well explained and appear vivd in my mind, the description of things are really good and the writing is great as well.


As per some request, i have edited some of the chapters, especially chapter 3. Please check it out again if you have already read it. Tyvm!


I'm impressed. With a lot of things going on in short chapters, at some places I felt too amazed to take my eyes off. The writing style though needs some polishing but it's quite good. I really hope that you can either finish the novel before your national service or you don't drop it even after going there. Please continue writing. Keep it up author. I'm rooting for you and I am pretty sure I will be one of your regular readers. Thank you for creating this fascinating world.


I like the story. It gets interesting as the story goes on. The writing quality is good. However, I noticed about the spelling of a few words but I don't know if the author intentionally replaced it. --just like serpent became serpant The story development and character design is good and this made the story interesting. So far, I like the overall outcome. Looking forward to the next chapters!!


Keep it up. Story seems not bad at the moment. Just need to be clear to elaborate on further chapters. Hopefully this will turn on good. Gonna give you 4/5 stars first to encourage you. Hope to see more chapters subsequently. And try to make it different from other stereotype isekai manga


Hey there! Good day for writing! If you wanted to see whether you can get paid by distributing the current work or getting financial support by writing new work, you might want to contact geekyteddyyo@gmail.com. A brief introduction, some sample chapters or links will be appreciated when reaching out.


First off, this review was made as part of a review exchange, but I aim to be as fair as possible. I read up to Chapter 18: Ayato. Let's get into details. Writing Quality: Overall found the quality to be decent. Especially early on, there are quite a few errors and some sentence constructions don't work too well, but things get much better after only a few chapters. Later on, the style is mostly solid and functional with occasional moments of brilliance and occasional strange constructions. Stability of Updates: This category means nothing. It only incentivices sloppy, mediocre stories filled with clickbait titles and cliffhangers. I'll just stick a default five in here I guess. Story Development: For now, the story is mostly your generic magic academy harem plot, with few deviations. If you like that kind of story then welcome, and please enjoy your stay. This one's right up your alley. It's personally not my style, but I still graded the story high. The reason is that I love the author's unique use of structure, jumping back and forth through time to tell a more compelling tale. The chapters about the futures definitely intrigued me and drew me in much better than the generic plot. Character design: The characters are... very anime. By which I mean everyone has pretty much one set character trait which is then heightened to the extreme. It can be an entertaining style to do characters, but it's not for me, so only 3 stars here. World Background: Without spoilering anything, the world is maybe the most interesting part of the story. It's obvious that the author took a lot of time coming up with details for the plot. While there are several beats repeated from other, similar stories, it has lots of new things to discover, especially below the surface, which I found great. Unfortunately, the author is pretty heavy-handed with the exposition sometimes. While I do enjoy the world, reading three paragraphs of worldbuilding without any deeper context for the immediate story was a bit tiring. Overall, C: Summoner and Magic is an enjoyable, fast-paced magic academy story with some hidden depth just below the surface. If you are into anime-style characters or fast-to-sttrong storylines, this one might just be for you.


Updates: 5 Writing, Characters, World: 4 Plot: 3 Firstly, the writing is good overall. I’m I don’t see a lot of weird word tense and phrasing. The only errors are minor, usually punctuational with the rare misspell (typing error it looks like). Although the characters lack in thoughts and identification of their motivations and beliefs (inner mind and deeper personality), they’re described physically well and act in relatively distinctive manners. The biggest obstacle holding them back at this point is the plot. While the world is pretty well established, it’s often in the form of info dumps. (I myself have this problem since I made mine really complex/detailed.) Whole chapters or almost the entire chapter, are dedicated to background on the world and its current situation with the beasts. More weaving of info snippets into the actual progression the story would be better as the chapters with actual fighting and action are the best. At this point, the plot has moved very little. And at the end of the last chapters, it seems to deviate into lots of dreams—which I imagine are important considering the first chapter in MC’s past life, but they should be connected into one chapter rather than spread out in short passages. It’s hard to piece together what’s exactly happening/the significance of those dreams otherwise. —and a lot of time and perspective shifts. I’m a fan of allusions and mysterious characters that go initially unnamed, but there was a tad too much mystery for me to form a coherent idea of what was happening or had happened. So with world info weaved into plot progression, restructuring of the mysteries and dreams, and character introspection, I can see this becoming a really good story—like the initial statement of making this story somewhat atypical of the isekai genre. Good potential, keep at it!


This is my first time writing a novel and i am actually going quite mainstream with the theme here. My writing style may be quite bad but i hope i can get reviews and comments on how to improve. Oh and please vote for me as well thx!


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