Becoming the Strongest through Idling Book

novel - Fantasy

Becoming the Strongest through Idling


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It's been five years since Zhou Lin got transmigrated to a mortal person living on a mortal family. The body he got transmigrated through have the same name as him. Being a mortal for five years on the world full of immortals, he has already given up his dream of becoming a part of them. Only wanting to live his mortal life peacefully and not wanting to seek trouble. Though as fate would have it, he suddenly acquired a System when he wakes up the next day. The Idle Points System is a system that automatically accumulate points every second. By using those points, he can become the strongest in this world. There is no need for him to find insights or opportunities. With this system, he can easily acquire everything in this world. He still wanted to live peacefully, but he knows that it will be impossible because of the many things coming to him to look for trouble. He have decided to become more stronger so he can protect himself.