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Battle of Ascension


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What is Battle of Ascension

Battle of Ascension is a popular web novel written by the author HotIce, covering SYSTEM, GAMEELEMENTS, WEAKTOSTRONG, ORIGINAL, FLASHMARRIAGE, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 7.5M readers with an average rating of 3.88/5 and 527 reviews. The novel is completed and can be read all 523 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Check my other work: Unfortunate Hero's Retirement Life [ https://www.webnovel.com/book/14283830905864805/Unfortunate-Hero's-Retirement-Life ] Humanity is trying to overcome a crisis that has occurred on Earth, but all effort has become futile. In the face of a dead end, waiting only for the destruction of the Earth, a voice suddenly rang out broadcast to the whole planet. Ding !!! "Battle of Ascension Phase 1: Preparation, begin!" Ding !!! "Battle System will active after Phase 1 starts" === Special thanks for Butterz --------------------------------------------------


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I like the plot but the mc, i dont like him at all. He has the intelligence of an ant and doesnt have a centimeter of balls. He forgets to turn on his luck stat and also turn it off. He has an AI guide and he doesnt use her.


To describe this novel I believe it would be accurate to say it's the equivalent of eating a frozen meal from the dollar store long after it has passed its expiration date. The MC has less intelligence than an ant and balls smaller than a hydrogen atom, want a little more detail on these descriptions? He hunted level 1 rabbits until he reached level 14, he didn't use his AI and failed to properly utilize his advantages by either forgetting to activate or deactivate said advantages. To top it all off while he was leveling his AI helper, instead of leveling her up as he leveled up he felt he needed to wait until he could just mass level it up to where he wants it. That's just the tip of the iceberg as well. Somehow he meets a woman who magically falls in love with him after hearing that he literally hunted rabbits for the entirety of his existence, he let his mother name his guild some completely idiotic name, and he is basically on the hit list of every powerful organization except for the strictly neutral organizations like merchants or town guards. He's essentially protected by plot armor the whole way through and the villains are so one dimensional that you can almost predict the entire story line. Considering there are other free novels which are far better than this, like there are better options for getting food than buying some television dinner from the dollar store, this novel probably isn't worth your time.


It was going so well, the story seemed serious, progress of MC was steady and then BHAM there comes a princess of a large clan that now hate our mc and focus shift from struggling in this new cruel world to how the clumsy attempts of MC talking to the princess. You completely changed the setting of the novel with that decision.


Well honestly it's pretty good to read, just fix about the grammar and It's done, i'm Indonesian and support this novel, and one more is to fix the update posts schedule not like beetwen 3-8 pm(8gmt)


Good story so far, looking forward to the MC leveling up and the evolution of the world throughout the story! I like his family and am looking forward to their restaurant:p


I hate the MC. He is the king of retards and it is really frustrating to read this. I like the idea of the novel but the author ruined it with such a stupid, moronic and retarded MC


What is this??....... Rather read the novel, i think i like to read the comments they posting about the MC in each chapter.,,, (-_-). The comments are more interesting than the story and the blockhead MC... (>_<).


Had potential. The concept was good but it was all ruined by the authors horrible grammar. Main characters iq is borderline 0, easily manipulated, vague character, has the memory of a rock, and his actions make no sense. Basically, the mc nobody likes. His parents really care about him to the point of aging 10 years in a day, yet the next day they let him marry some random girl because shes pretty, no opposition at all. Also he becomes a wuxia character that offends anyone because of a girl he just met, and goes and offends one of the biggest families there, all mid chapter. And then, since shes the boss of the house on her first day there, he has to sleep on the floor of his own room. Overall, a novel that could've been good.


Reveal spoiler


I have no idea how this has 4 stars. The writing quality (style, grammar) etc. is poor and the MC and all the other characters are just retarded.


This story has a great amount of plot-holes and a mc with brain problems. To add to that the grammar is horrific and the author switches between perspectives(I/He). I personally can not see why this story has a rating with over 4 stars. Just going back and rereading/rewriting could improve the story imo, as the basic premise is quite decent.


Decent novel. It seems quite interesting. The grammar is terrible. Though it's somewhat readable. I like the leveling aspect with the hidden stats and the bloodlines look interesting. Short review because there is not a lot to review as of chapter 33.


OK I like this book I do first the most glaring yet smallest problem :English you need to go back and edit your work you are improving clearly but the early chapters were so atrocious I almost gave up Second it's been less then a month that's not as much time as you seem to think people have to kill hundreds if monsters a day to reach that lvl you would have to spend zero time looking only one fight after the next never taking more then a minute it's so stupid and then it's repeated by many people let's be consultative and say 100 have level 20 by chapter 50 three or so weeks in 15-16000 monsters killed meanin a million or so monsters in month in an unknown environment with bodies that are contantly changing I mean if you are five times stronger you would have to learn to walk again after all its not a gradual change so martial arts would have to be relearned over and over muscle memory would be completely useless because you'd need a different amount of strength for the same result maning your muscle mom or would have to adapt with every level that would mean many hours of practice for months Third pacing 10 or so chaps of hunting rabbits then he gets dragon blood meets a weird monster and gets the love intrest I know there is a narrative reason for that but that doesn't make it an any worse a choice from a writers perspective spread those events out with the monetonous grinding chapters So chapter 55 the Mc let's himself be surrounded instead of idk moving attacking talking strip down kissing his own ass good bye literally anything.this is not the onlytime he is stupid The final problem I have with is with 55 specifically the Mc is bound by rope tied to a stone have you ever used this wepon seen it used in real life anything I thought no because if you had you would relize there is no reason for that rope to stay wrapped around his leg the most you could is a stumble before it just before it just gets pulled back it's like binding some one with an untied rope it makes no sence I liked that you are trying focus on the people a bit not a harem also a positive trying to focus on her personality your English is improving I'm not as good about saying positive stuff I wasn't trying to be vitriolic in this review an hope I wasn't to rambaley and incoherent


I have not been more confused on the stupidity of an author than the time I read the Communist Manifesto. The author’s inability to create a good Mc has left me with many questions. The world that the story takes is an amazing background for character development, even more so sense the use of stats literally means constant progression should be a thing. But as I read further I have found myself sincerely wishing for the MC to die a horribly death by Rabbit horn impalement. The MC has the intelligence of a retarded goldfish and has displayed no ability or courage whatsoever. Even his own AI helper thinks he’s stupid and will often make it known. Seriously, Author , please increase his IQ by at least 60.


To be completely honest the Grammer and writing style is not very good. His sentences are very simplistic and he constantly switches between first person (I) and third person (He). This kind of sentence structure leads to a disjointed and jarring reading experience, making it hard to become immersed in the story he's trying to convey. That being said, at least the author seems to understand this as he tell us that English is not his native language in his synopsis. However, telling this to us up front doesn't make his novel any easier to read. Outside of the writing itself the main character is not very endearing and he constantly does stupid stuff that will make you angry. I can understand to an extent but he makes several large and avoidable mistakes that leaves me wondering if he even has a brain. In every other aspect hes kinda average without anything making him deep or complex. The same could be said about the plot and setting. It's not great but sometimes stuff happens out of freaking no where, leaving you frustrated. I do enjoy the gaming/leveling aspect of it though. I really like novels with these elements so it appeals to me more so than it might to others. Read this novel only if you can put up with the disjointed writing style, the dumba** mc, and if you don't have anything else to read. It would be a 3, or possiblly even 3.5 out of 5 stars had his English been better or the mc not being so stupid.


The writing quality isnt half bad and the quality doesnt jump around mutch either makiing it easier to read, perhaps personally as a fast reader i would enjoy more updates but as it is a original that might be a bit too much to ask for. Characters aren't completely generic but still a few anoying gimmicks that i personaly dislike but its good as a whole.


Good novel at the start ruined by the Author. Spoilers ahead Now this is gonna be pretty long so stop after this first paragraph if you can't be bothered. Well this novel has only one good point in my opinion and that was the beginning more specifically the word building after that everything was trash. Mc got dumber by the chapter the author did much more dumb **** that made this so much harder to read and his/her lack of good grammar didn't help either now I am no expert but at least I have basic grammar I think. Apart from that this is more to do with the Mc the first few hunting trips he only went out with 2 out of the 5 skills and his friends die oh buhoo he spent 5 days he could have used to get stronger and for revenge crying like a dumb a** now this isn't that bad some people are more emotional than others but come on man his "trauma" is so bad that he kills level 2 bunnies till he's level 12 and it worked out for him really because he got a title which upped his stats and level apart from that he gets the ai helper or what ever and instead of levelling it up bit by bit he decides to wait till he can mass level it. Oh and the funniest thing about that is although the Ai got more info or was allowed to share more info it got a personality while that isn't too bad at the chaos dragon cave it actually impeded him because it was annoyed at him and didn't want to tell him somethings now if it was a dire situation he would have been royally f*cked. Now also this guy has a hidden stat that has a recharge time which is so long it's stupid and he forgets to deactivate and or activate it and the Ai tell him it knows how to make him stronger well I don't know about you but if I had such a stat I would wish for some op monsters to fight be weakened and than be so weak that I can kill them for mass levelling but lucky him it seems the Ai had another way because plot demanded it and it was to get a super special bloodline now man why would you add bloodlines in this like seriously it may just be my preference but when it is battle of ascension and probably humanity has to "ascend" shouldn't they mostly being doing it by them selves and not with help from the other species I mean the vibe I was getting off it was at a point they would have to fight the other races like demons devils etc and if it goes this route if they fight dragons then it doesn't even make sense anymore in my opinion but this bit really is like Is aid my opinion. A part from this guy mistakes this op bloodline for some semi decent potion leave luck on meets love interest that is unlikeable and irritating and the situation end up in one of the only ways that a girl could possibly get close enough to him a see that shrivel of a thing that was good about him with out immediately running a way and trying to forget about him. Also one of the most infuriating things is this guy sells a legendary saber just because he can't use it none of his family can and he wants to open his mothers restaurant. Now I don't know about you but when you're looking for allies or think you are gonna look for allies (this refers to his future plan) you should find a strong saber user and give he/she the saber GOD F*CKING D*AMN IT! Terrible novel good world building at the start ruined by the AUTHOR not the Mc because he created this **** fest.


I tried to give it a chance despite the bad reviews since the concept looks great and it was the author's first novel. Sadly the story was suck despite the great concept the author had. There are too many questionable decision made by MC that against common sense of what people should've done. MC only pick 2 skills out of 5 free chances then rushed out to hunt. I mean sure there are people who like to be careful before picked out what path they want to take, if you know you want to go out to hunt of course you would take 1 of the weapon skill and the detection skil, but wtf happened in your brain if you didnt learn the Ai skill when you know nothing about the new world ? Its funny how MC immediately got angry when opening the chest bcs he assumed it was only the strength potion without checking it out first, when MC literally only know like 1% of the new world, instead of checking out what it was MC instead assumed based on his little knowledge. Even if the author introduced the MC as a pampered son for the MC forgot to turn off his hidden stats doesnt make sense unless he is dumb. You clearly already told that any lucky encounter would cost you the luck stat, and it would only regen 1 per 2 weeks, how the **** you forgot to turn it off as if it wasn't important enough to remember. I stop reading right after a random girl showed up and tried to kill the MC but ended up becoming his woman, like who t f think that it was natural ?


This is very good, I want more. . Screw your 140 characters.................................


the story is quite good, there is nothing special about the characters, world background very little but ok for the 19 chapters i read, i know what i need to. the grammer is horrible though, it makes for a bad reading experience. not the worst grammer i've seen but too many mistakes in a chapter to try and have you correct them. you need an editor. once you've straightened out your grammer, it will become way more popular.


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