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Ascendant: Struggle


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Zai, a soldier, and her squad live a life of brutal hit-and-run operations and training the people of Aviye to resist the will of the Hegemons that divided her nation. When a beautiful defector falls into her lap, the terrible secret of how the Hegemony creates its Ascendants, powerful warriors wielding powers only a few understand, is revealed, as well as a lost path to the same power. As Zai and Amri struggle to understand the truth of the path, deadly enemies and even divisions within their own people must be overcome. Yet in the shadows of the Hegemony lurks an enemy far older and more powerful than even they can imagine. -------- PS: Thank you so much for considering my novel! I know the genre markers can be misleading, so here is a list of the genres and themes present: Fantasy / Sci-fi War / Cultivation / Politics / Romance / Mecha / Yuri I invite you to consider my other works if you are interested: https://www.webnovel.com/book/angel-winged-devil_26617536805672105 If you're interested in joining a forum for my books, or interfacing with me as the author, please use this Discord link: https://discord.gg/szZRTxNQmV Special thanks to ConfusedPsyduck for her support and help with the cover. I am so lucky to have her as a fan and supporter. If you like what I have written, please collect my story! Consider donating power stones and golden tickets so others get to see it too! If you want to read more, please subscribe to unlock new chapters! Every coin will help me write more stories. Humbly, ~Haizao


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