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Altering Skyrim


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Despite only having 14 chapters at the moment. The fic starts out solid and takes its own pace, the MC is pragmatic so he takes his time to figure out his limits and doesn't take unnecessary risks. I hope in the future to see how this fic becomes as famous as the other Skyrim fic on this site.


(as of chapter 14) great fan-fic to be honest. the mc is well written for such few chapters. it not only contains some skyrim plot, but also explores the world quite well. it also has forshadow8ng and plot setup for the future. if the direction the story is anything to go by, it will be an incredible story. as with most on this website though, it could do with some more regular updates. truly happy there is another good skyrim fanfic around here.


A quick summary: A slow paced, relaxing Skyrim fanfic. For an actual review: Like I already said, this fic is perfect for those like me that enjoy a slow, relaxing pace for the Story to develop. Which at the same time means some people will find it to slow and boring. The characters are solid, but most importantly each interaction is a beautiful, carefully crafted brick to make a more solid character. Making it very lifelike. The only thing one could really complain about is update stability. But that is almost always an issue, except with professionals. But in my eyes this is perfectly excuseable in this case, quality takes time to create after all.


It is a fun story with a good promise. It has room to grow. (story currently at Ch. 14) I will write more when more story is written, why must the review be over 140 symbols is beyond me.


I don't often make reviews but really this has the potential to be on par with the current best Skyrim fic on the app keep working on it it's turning out super good


So far a good Skyrim fanfic. The character is thinker and not a hero crazy insert trying to save Skyrim. He focus on magic and it's interesting to see what will happen.


A book with a promising plot got ruined by MC character. Also there isn't much story development by the time I stop so only 3 stars. What I don't like about the MC is 1) Mc suppose to know all about skyrim but gets caught in the drinking game. 2) MC has power and it doesn't corrupt him at all doesn't make sense 3) The goat really at least explain more on why MC got the goat 4) Can't control his emotions that be the death of MC and plot armor will only protect him in the foreseeable future. Besides that I love the way you built the magic and the world one of the best that I have read so far. Also the way you brought MC into world with other people was a very slick way to do so. Is there a harem or a women or 2?


this is by far the best Skyrim fanfiction I've ever read. MC that takes advantage of his powers to the maximum and is not an idiot falling in traps or trying to be a tyrant love this book and would love to read more of this author's work.


Really loving the novel so far! I’m at chapter 25 and waiting for more! Alteration has so many options open, and I am quite interested in seeing who the skilled of Illusion is. Also, I really liked the part where he met the skilled of enchanting, since it showed how naive and idiotic a reincarnator will be when trying to stick completely to the plot. But what I am curious of, is what is the MC’s end goal? Returning home? Godhood? A peaceful life? And tbh, I can’t wait for him to meet Sheogorath.


I like it so far especially with the use of alteration magic being a nice and new twist but i do wanna know if theres gonna be a romance in the book?


Really good 1 ch, I would love to see a battlemage using telekinesis a lot, like using weapons and shields around him to attack, maybe even create his own spells, thx for the ch


It's a pretty good book. Writing quality is good, couple of fixes needed here and there but there few and far between. Updates take a while but I've learned that waiting is its own rewards for a well-written good book. Story development is very good especially with the different directions he takes with quests which I like alot. Character Design is well done with this MC, Modern Normal Thought Process with the fusion of souls of a native of TES Universe so he can adapt earlier and grow quickly but not too quickly, And Still a Good Man at heart trying to Survive, Thrive and just help out where he can because he can. And the World Background is obvious, The Author definitely played Skyrim several times like all of everyone reading this Book. So personally, Good Book, Good Story and good progress. Hopefully not dropping like a lot of my favourite books recently. Good work Author cant wait for more. (First decent review I've ever done, Hopefully it's understandable).


This is a really solid fanfic read it! .....................................................................................................


It is an actually well written and good story. Something that is quite rare. And though I'd wish for faster chapters that wish is mostly caused by the story being good and not because the author is to slow as I'd be satisfied with this speed in other stories.


way better than expected. I honestly love it and I can't wait for more. please don't drop it and keep up the good work. whoever reads this and loves Skyrim will not be disappointed


A really solid and unique fanfic. The updates are a bit on the slower time, but are quite consistant. Would recomend 11/7, would read again.


Reveal spoiler


Great Concept, looking forward to more content. Grammatically the author could use some work maybe a Beta to check chapters before posting.


This book has got pretty much everything you would want from it. Great writing style, grammar is on point, in depth and ongoing characters and character building (not just the MC) and overall world building is great everything about this book is great. It's such a great book that you get so into That you almost need to step back away from it at points cause great books usually lead to irrational thoughts about the book. Couldn't recommend it more