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Altering Skyrim


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Rictus is given the choice of customizing his start in skyrim. He choices alteration magic as his skill of choice and starts in Whiterun in the Breeze home. Follow him as he figures out that this is not just like the game he once knew. Release 1 chapter every Thursday afternoon. This is basically just an idea I had where 18 people enter skyrim and each of them are given one of the skills from the game. They can level the skills just like the game making them learn it way faster than normal. As in maxing out a skill like alteration in just a couple days instead of years for normal people in the world. The other people will not be the focus of the story and some will not make it very long in a realistic Skyrim. Picture is not mine nor do I own Bethesda (yet). If you want your picture removed, just let me know.


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