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A Ghoul In Dc[Completed]


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Jasper Eaton was a normal Boy, he had friends and went to school. He didn't really like his life However, and he always wished for something greater. Unfortunately, as the phrase goes "Be careful what you wish for" An Rob Transmigrated him into the The Ghoul Body of Ken Kaneki at 8 years old with a note telling him good luck, Will he be a hero? A villain?... or something In between? I do not Own DC or any of its characters, Only the Mc It might have a small harem it's not confirmed yet, if so it will have only about 1-2 Tokyo Ghoul and Dc mixed... Please enjoy and give feedback The Cover isn't mine, if it's yours I'll delete it This story starts off fine, but it got a little rocky with my trolling, sorry in advance... Patr0n.com/GodSage


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