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I like this light hearted pace, but I know what's gonna happen next with the introduction of that rapey bastard...


My theory is that Gu Yue will cut his private parts off.

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NOOOO WE GOT CLIFFHANGED AGAIN!!!.💢😭 I want to cry waaaa!!!😭😭 By the way i am 1st. I know u Dont care i am just saying. 👍😘

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saying that any xianxia character is a "good guy" is a waste of time, in the end they're all crazy fucks in some way or the other

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Nice meeting between father in law and daughter in law , hehehe be

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A god of destruction being called a whiny **** by a silver dragon king I can see it so clearly

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gu yue just insult her father in law XD


In-Law Interview 2: Electric Boogaloo "IM GOING TO MARRY HUANG YU!!!" "UUWOOOH OVER MY DEAD BOOOODY!!!!"

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Great chapter! Can't wait for the interactions of the depressing f*ck and the d*mn lizard as Huang yu simply stays awkwardly near them! Although I do believe the life goddess would be super delighted considering her personality.Maybe she would "warn" Gu yue about breaking her "son's" heart~Full overprotective momma mode commences!~ As for Tang san in the first story(Douluo Dalu 1) the story is always supporting him in any way. Does Tang san want revenge? The opposition has to be extreme villains,disregarding the fact from Spirit Hall only the Elder Hall is rotten in their delusions of unifying the World under their God and "imperious" spirit(seraphim). H*ll Bi Bi Dong and Renxue were victims of circumstances and were only turned to bid baddies for the heroes to defeat!No matter the fact they are characters that aren't AS evil as the story will want you to believe. Additionally his reasoning while understandable isn't as noble as the story makes out to be. Spirit Hall (or the son of the current head of the Elder Hall and previous Pontiff) were the main reasons for that. Yet he want to destroy the whole organisation to deliver "justice". Again his motive is understandable,wanting to take revenge for his mother(which in the end her fate differs[no spoilers as I don't want to spoil what happens]). But destroying a whole organisation because of the acts of the heads? Instead of killing a snake by going at the head,he wanted all of the snake to die! At the island where his "ascension" happened (Sea God Island) the Sea God's children and Priestess treat him a form of Messiah that will help them in their dark times. When the story could be much more interesting if it was focused on his actual revenge without vilifying other characters!Or "accidentally" aren't as developed disallowing the reader to be connected with them in some level or understand their point..... Sorry for the rant and again great chapter


Tang san might not be a completely good person, but he wasn't completely evil either. It's basically the same as the MC you created, Huang yu. Regarding the destruction of the Spirit hall, it is indeed necessary, first, the way the spirit hall takes to unite the world is very despicable, second, the Spirit hall has offended many factions in the Douluo continent. So it was only natural that in the end the Spirit hall was destroyed ...


Well, actually tangsan is kind of cliche protagonist in xianxia... "You kill my beast mom for ring, I'm going to kill other beast mom and dad and grandparents and get their ring like you and I'm going to destroy your whole organisation. "...


Thank for the double release. As for Tang San, in SL 1 he's an ok guy for Xianxia standard but I heard he's a douche in SL2 though.


I agree with you author about tang san

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thanks for the chapter keep writing and waiting for new chapters to read keep up with new chapters and updates and hope you post soon new chapters fantastic work


Meanwhile In MC Universe "I'm not responsible for this"


Hey author you sure you facing Authors block? It's still as good as before if not better. and logically most chinese novels MC are shit.


Finally an author who understands me, have your power stone


Hui Mie: Mmmmm~ Tell me your secrets Tee Vee-Saaan~♡ Gu Yue: YEET Honey~ I'm Ho- wut da fuk dis whiny boi doin here?! Huang Yu: Love, meet my Ghost Daddy, be nice, he's a hobo. I found him whilst digging for His Hobo Magic. Then we beat each other up and blew up some unimportant celestial bodies.


Well, spirit hall wasn't wrong in unification part, but they were wrong in their methods. They were too focused on the part that everyone should either belong to the spirit hall or they shall perish.


I like both types of chapters, you should use the style from the previous chapter and this one in your story.


damn cliff hanger and also keep up the amazing story ill vote when I get them again xD