106 Return

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— — — —

"Teacher, I'm leaving now."

Those were Gu Yue's words as she faced down Leng Yaozhu, the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo who was sitting behind a desk.

Hearing Gu Yue's words, Leng Yaozhu raised an eyebrow. "Why? Your cultivation is soaring like a rocket right now. You shouldn't waste your time while you're still in your youth."

"I just have something to do."

Leng Yaozhu kept silent after these words for a moment as she looked at Gu Yue's face.

Seeing this slightly excited expression, a lightbulb seemed to have been lit up in Leng Yaozhu's head as her eyes widened.

"Hey… don't tell me…"

"You have a boyfriend?!?!?!" Leng Yaozhu shouted as she slammed her hands on the table. The pitch of her voice had a noticeable increase as she placed her face close to Gu Yue's.

Taking a step back, Gu Yue put her hands up. "Teacher, personal space please."

"Ah, sorry sorry. But anyways, am I right, or am I right? You have a boyfriend now don't you Gu Yue? No wonder I saw so often with that dazed look in your eyes!"

"Wow, you're really spoiling me for choices right now aren't you?"

Leng Yaozhu laughed. "There's no need to be shy Gu Yue. Just tell your teacher if she's right! You should know that I'm not just a high-level spirit master, but also a high-level love guru!"

"Aren't you still single though?"

Well, that shut Leng Yaozhu up.

Leng Yaozhu took a few seconds to reboot herself before she let out a dry cough. "You see, I just haven't found the right person yet. This is a very important decision in my life and I believe that each and everything should be thought out perfectly."

"I heard back then that you were rejected by the Atlas Dou—"


Leng Yaozhu took a deep breath before her expression returned to normal. "Let's forget about my problems and talk more about you. So about your relationship status…"

Gu Yue rolled her eyes. "Yes, I do have a boyfriend."

There was a smile on her face though as she uttered these words.

"That is absolutely perfect. You have to bring him in for me to see!" There were stars in Leng Yaozhu's eyes as she clasped Gu Yue's hands. "I have to see if he's worthy of my dear little disciple!"

"If not... then I'll teach that guy what it means to be a toad lusting for swan meat..."

Gu Yue sweatdropped as a wry smile appeared on her face. "I'm afraid it's not so easy to get him here. He's a pretty busy person."

That caused Leng Yaozhu to frown. However, it was quickly hidden as a bright smile replaced it once again.

"In that case, is your boyfriend handsome Gu Yue?"


"Is he talented?"


"Is he loyal?"

"A hundred percent."

"Is he good in the sheets?"

"He's amaz— wait what?"

Gu Yue paused as she fully registered her teacher's words. Looking at Leng Yaozhu's face, Gu Yue gritted her teeth as she saw her wiggle her eyebrows.

"You know... wrestling with the dragon, a rumble in the jungle, the rumpy-pumpy..."

Feeling her eye twitch, Gu Yue escaped from her teacher's clutches as she retreated another few steps back.

"I think I should be going now…"

Hearing this, Leng Yaozhu's expression turned a bit frantic. "Wait Gu Yue! I was wrong! Just answer one more question from me!

Gu Yue sighed as she relented. "What is it?"

"Since you have a boyfriend, then what about Qiangu Zhangting? He's been cultivating like crazy just to impress you. I don't think there's any other person that can be as good as him.."

Hearing that name, a disgusted expression involuntarily appeared on Gu Yue's face. "That guy is a complete freak."

"Whaaaat? No way. Everyone always calls him the perfect gentleman..."

"He said he fell in love with my body when I was twelve…"


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Leng Yaozhu opened her mouth multiple times to try and find a retort, but unfortunately, none came to mind.

Not caring about this, Gu Yue continued on. "Don't you know that at the highest state of being a rogue, others will think of one as a gentleman? When facing another rouge, they can be more roguish than him, but when facing a gentleman, they can be just as suave gentlemanly? It's only then that one truly reaches the apex, a true genuine scoundrel."

Leng Yaozhu's expression turned a little weak as she found herself revising her impression of Qiangu Zhangting.

With Gu Yue's words in her head, a lot of Qiangu Zhangting's seemingly gentlemanly actions in the past could have said to be pretty scoundrel-like now...

It was at this moment that a very familiar voice rang from outside the door.

"Gu Yue! Is that you inside there with Her Excellency Heavenly Phoenix Douluo?! I have something I gift you!"

"Speak of the fucking devil."

Turning back to her teacher, Gu Yue bade her a quick goodbye before she yeeted herself out of that place in a distortion of space.

As the Silver Dragon King, she naturally had no fear of anything on the Douluo Planet…

However, that thing… it scares her…

— — — —

Inside a luxurious suite at Star Luo Empire, a rift in space opened up before it was ripped open by a pair of hands.

Two tall figures stepped out of that rift just as the rift began to close once more.

These two were naturally Huang Yu and Hui Mie.

Stretching his limbs, Huang Yu left out a yawn as he pointed to the couch.

"You can take a seat there while we wait for Gu Yue to arrive for dinner. I'll go take a shower first."

Seeing Hui Mie nod his head, Huang Yu walked off to the bathroom.

When Huang Yu entered it and the sound of water pouring down entered Hui Mie's ears, he let out a deep sigh as every tense muscle in his body relaxed.

It was extremely nerve-wracking to be with his long estranged son. The two of them had warmed up quite a bit after their battle, but Hui Mie still felt a bit of distance between them.

That was to be expected after all. Rome wasn't built in a day.

However, Hui Mie hoped that as long as he could prove to Huang Yu that he truly cared for his well-being, he would accept him as his father one day.

Though there was still the problem of Sheng Ming's divine sense inside Huang Yu's body to deal with.

Well enough about that for now.

Shaking his head, Hui Mie got rid of depressing thoughts as he looked to the device in front of him.

Huang Yu had called it a 'tee-vee'?

It was very interesting, being able to project images on that black screen.

Of course, the Divine Realm had something far more advanced, but that was done more so through the use of the Divine Realm's Core than technology.

Getting up from his seat before it was even warm, Hui Mie approached this 'tee-vee'.

Touching it, Hui Mie felt its smooth curves as he caressed the entirety of its glossy surface with his pale hands.

Hui Mie fiddled around with the buttons that he found underneath it as he found it especially interesting to toy around with it.

Curiosity getting the best of him, Hui Mie couldn't help but continue to experiment on this 'tee-vee' as he lived up to his title as the God of Destruction.

Press F for the TV.

— — — —

"Huang Yu! I'm back!"

The door burst open as Gu Yue's excited figure rushed into the luxurious suite.

Her amethyst eyes sparkling with happiness, they scanned the suite as they attempted to search for her lover.

However, it was at this moment that she froze completely as her eyes made contact with a different red-haired man in the room.

This man was sitting in a small mountain of parts, dismantling… whatever that thing was as he turned towards Gu Yue as well.

There was complete silence in the room for a moment as the two just kept their sights on each other, shock completely filling their gazes.

It was also at this moment that Huang Yu emerged from the bath with a towel around his waist.


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