[(Error Unknown) System]
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[(Error Unknown) System]


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What is [(Error Unknown) System]

[(Error Unknown) System] is a popular web novel written by the author PhantomMedjay, covering KINGDOMBUILDING, REINCARNATION, SYSTEM, LEVELSYSTEM, MODERN, FANTASY, WAR, DIMENSIONALTRAVEL, TECHNOLOGYANDMAGIC, MYTHSANDLEGENDS, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 80.8K readers . The novel is being serialized to 86 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


FYI - Hella slow kingdom building story so stick with it for the long haul and you will see some crash things!! Faced with the end of his world and the one person that made him smile as bright as the sun, he sat silently as he watched society collapse, hoping in the back of his mind for another chance with her. After Drifting in the Abyss for eons, a Goddess tried to awakened his hollow soul to instil a 'system' that would 'guide' him on his journey in another world. What the Goddess didn't know was that soul was special, so special it would be her doom and salvation. This is the story of a Prince abandoned by his family for the sake of what was socially correct, to be reborn in a world of Kingdom and Empires, Swords and Magic, the Prince awakens to a system. Many may find a system a blessing in another world, but this system becomes a never ending nightmare for the prince as he desperately awaits to grow up to understand his true purpose. To create a Modern Empire with legendary and Mythological beings by his side.

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I have read a lot of Kingdom building novels recently and this one of the best books I’ve read so far and it needs be more popular than it is now its great story so far and i am looking forward for more chapters


This is my second review I know but this a very good novel and is progressing with a steady pace have good character buildIng and i don’t want it to be dropped sO just giving a little push with reviews and sTones


Kinda confused about the system and how it functions. He keeps getting things but the system never leveled up so far. He also hasnt done any kimgdom building yet and im a good 20 chapters in. A lot of grammar errors from big to small mistakes like using he and not his. The world doesnt have magic anymore according to Val but yet they ise magic for the shadow magic. He also crafted a dagger but now cant craft anything and is forced to buy a new skill that magically unlocked for him to use out of no where



i read the plot and it look interesting i wish this will give a good novel for a long time looking for one and please don’t make it like the other ones that you need to unlock every chapter


Tell me what you think everyone! I know there is some grammatical issues that I will get around to fixing. Honestly did not think I would continue to write this till now. So far I am loving it and I have some bold plans for our hero Benedict Khadraazil. Btw I am thinking of a middle name, what do you guys think? Comment below if you have any cool suggestions and in general how you feel about the story so far.


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