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Halo: Ghosts of Reach (old)

It is the twenty sixth century, humanity has expanded across the stars, culminating in hundreds of worlds that humanity calls their homes, safeguarded by the might of the United Earth Government and the United Nations Space Command. The UNSC. having struggled beneath its weight under the insurrection which cut a terrorising swath across the colonies. As a result, the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) launches the SPARTAN II Program to stomp out the insurrection and restore law and order to humanity's interstellar frontier. But with the arrival of a new enemy, the Covenant, an alien empire caste who see humanity as an offense to their religion, and are bent on one thing. The total annihilation and extinction of the human species, burning through humanity's defences and killing billions. Humanity’s only chance for survival now lies on the SPARTAN II Program. Now, In 2552, after 27 years since first contact with the alien Covenant, they have found Reach, humanity’s fortress world amongst the stars. Outnumbered and outgunned, the defence of Reach, now rests on a squad of the hardened and battle armoured SPARTAN IIs, including those of the SPARTANs known as “BLACK Team”.

Guiscardus_X7 · Video Games
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