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A Military Doctor Became a Stepmom in Ancient Times

Ning Yue was a military doctor and a special forces soldier. During a mission to rescue hostages, she died from a bomb explosion. Ning Yue thought she was dead, but when she opened her eyes, she had become a woman in ancient times with the same name but a different surname. This woman’s father was a general, but she lived in the Ning Family Village and was raised by her adoptive parents for more than ten years. A year ago, the people from the general’s residence found her and brought her back. However, they sent her back again a few months later. When the original owner of the body returned to the village, she was pregnant and gave birth to twin sons within a few months. Another year passed, and the year of the great drought was ushered in. The entire village had to flee. The original owner of the body left with the rest of the villagers with her two sons and slow-witted father. In other words, the current special forces soldier, Ning Yue, was an older single young woman who had not experienced the sweetness of love. She had skipped all those steps, and directly became a mother to two children. She also gained the original owner’s dim-witted father and a body that didn’t work and had hunger pangs after starving for two days. But was that all? Don’t be naive! “Don’t eat my daughter! Don’t eat my daughter!” The original owner’s father pleaded. “The older one’s meat is too hard, so it needs to be cooked longer. These two small ones have tender meat, so they only need to be roasted for a while. We’ll eat the big one tomorrow!” Ning Yue, who was now being viewed as food, looked up at the sky and said to herself, “Gee, thanks SO much!”

Mountain Springs · General
575 Chs

Wife Loving Husband: Husband, spoil me some more!

At the age of 6, she lost her mother, At the age of 10, she lost her dear grandmother, 6 years back, she was fooled by her soon-to-be fiance and was forced to leave her maternal house, 4 years back, she was kidnapped and then was in an accident, due to which she forgot the past 2 years of her life. Life was never easy on her. She has suffered a lot! Someone has correctly quoted, "justice can be delayed but it will not be denied.” Finally, God showered her with mercy. She was found by her paternal family. She got a loving grandmother, an uncle and a cousin. With their support, she rose in power and was now a name of terror in the business world, Zhou Liying. Zhou Liying, popularly known as Hitler or a heartless woman was a smart, shrewd and successful businesswoman. She was called heartless but she had a big heart, doors to which were opened only for her dear one. ... 5 years back, he fell in love for the first time, 4 years back, he was separated from her when she was kidnapped. Mu Yuehan was once a charming, happy-to-go boy. He lost himself when he lost her, the love of his life. Today, he was living like a zombie, holding onto the ray of hope that he would find her. He was a broken man. Only she could fix him. He was alive only for her. "Where are you, TianTian? I miss you." He lovingly looked at the photo in his hand. A tear fell from his eyes. ... "Boss, we found her. She is living with a new identity of Zhou Liying, CEO of Zhou corporations. " "Interesting." Lips of Mu Yuehan tilted up in a doting smile when he looked at her latest photo. His heart started to beat fast like a bullet train. A giddy, boyish smile appeared on his face. "I am so happy to have found you." His voice was so soft that anyone could say he loved the lady in the photo more than anything. ... "Who are you?" Zhou Liying looked at Mu Yuehan as if seeing him for the first time. "How can you forget about me? How can you forget only about me?" Mu Yuehan broke down when he realized that the lady he loved had forgotten all about him. ... Mu Yuehan was not the one to accept defeat in front of fate. Now, he was on a mission, 'make her fall in love with me, again.' . "What are you doing here?" "Didn't I tell you, I am a parasite who is stuck with you!" . Tricks to pursue her: - Showering her with gifts ✓ - Seducing her by using his body ✓ - Staying by her side 24/7 ✓ - Fighting against her attackers, to protect her ✓ - Being shameless ✓ What else is left? Will Mu Yuehan be able to make Zhou Liying fall in love with him? Will Zhou Liying get her revenge on her ex soon to be fiance? What will be the hindrances coming in their love life? To know the answers, peek inside the book: 'Wife loving husband: Husband, spoil me some more!' ... Note: This is an original story written by me. The cover is edited by me but I don't own the picture. Credits to the owner. If you have time, please take a look at my other work ‘Handsome CEO’s bewitching wife’ as well. Don’t forget to leave your precious vote, comment and review. Please give this book and me a lot of support. Happy reading :)

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258 Chs

Transmigrated as the Stepmother of the Male Protagonist [Completed]

Synopsis : Jiang Jinjin transmigrated into a book, a campus story and became the stepmother of the male protagonist, and throughout the novel, the description of this stepmother is very little with a rough estimate of no more than two hundred words. The male protagonist was sixteen years old this year which was the most rebellious period in a person’s life. The male lead’s father was thirty-nine years old this year, mature and refined, self-sufficient and unfathomable. He was not someone she can handle, so she slipped away. Jiang Jinjin, who was very self-aware, was obsessed with money under the identity of Madam Zhou, but she didn’t expect that along with money, she had to manage the father and son at the same time. Jiang Jinjin was stunned. Does father and son have some kind of weird habits. Obviously she only treated them as her tools. Genre(s) : Comedy, Drama, Romance Author : Lin MianMian Tags : Beautiful Female Lead, Boss-Subordinate Relationship, Business Management, Carefree Protagonist, Family, Female Protagonist, Hard-Working Protagonist, Late Romance, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Money Grubber, Older Love Interests, Transmigration, Wealthy Characters [Orginal novel~ Rawlink- https://m.yushubo.com/book_66117.html] This is Fan Translation♡ (Clumsy translation) ©️The cover and novel does not belongs to me, it is owned by orginal author ☆☆☆my favorite author Senpai Lin~ please support Author. I won't lock any chapters:)

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119 Chs

Transmigration: As A Stepmother In The 80s

Qin Shi died saving someone, and the system gave her three options for rebirth. 1. To transmigration to the 60s to be a daughter-in-law for others. 2. To transmigration to the countryside in the 70s and be an educated youth. 3. To transmigration to the 80s to be the stepmother of three children. Qin Shi resolutely chose 3; she couldn't bear the suffering of the 60s or the 70s! * --------------------------------------------- At the scene of the blind date: Lu Zetian had a serious expression: "If you don't want to, I don't want to drag you down either." Qin Shi: "I understand." Before Lu Zetian could relax his expression, he heard the other party speak again. Qin Shi: "You need someone to take care of the children; I need you to take care of me; we can agree to get married." Qin Shi: "My task is to raise and educate the three children while they grow up, and take care of the food, daily necessities, and life, as well as act as a loving couple when necessary. You only need to pay all the family expenses and my salary. Of course, I will give you the account books to ensure that the accounts are clear and not false." Lu Zetian: "...?" * --------------------------------------------- The three children of the Lu family heard that they would have Stepmother. This means that they will not have enough to eat, have warm clothing, and will most likely be abused. They made up their minds to show their stepmother their strength and let her know they were not easy to bully. As a result, the stepmother saluted them solemnly as soon as they entered the door and then squatted in front of them. "Hello, my name is Qin Shi. In the future, I will take care of your daily life. I swear and promise to treat you fairly, justly, and openly. I hope you can cooperate with me and let us live a good life together." The kids: stunned: ⊙﹏⊙!? ----------------------------------------------- This book does not belong to me and all credit goes to the amazing author Author: hor: Sihua Additional Note: I originally didn't write this. All credit goes to the author I just translated and edited. The words, phrases, and sentences might differ from the original. I tried to keep them as close as the translation but had to add or take out some things. This way, it would be easier to understand the text in English.

hope_hope · Urban
Not enough ratings
22 Chs

Triangle! ( Trio Cynical Women)

Ini kisah tentang tiga dara Cantik : Tiga dara cantik yang terikat dalam sebuah Geng persahabatan, bernama Triangel. Triangle yang biasanya menceritakan tentang cinta segitiga. Namun, kini berbeda! Ini adalah Triangle yang bercerita tentang Persahabatan Tiga Dara cantik yang baru menginjak usia remaja 16+ , dengan perbedaan karakter, namun memiliki 1 kesamaan, yaitu sama-sama cynical. Mereka dipertemukan oleh sebuah sekolah elite. Sekolah bertaraf internasional, sejak dibangku kelas 2 SMP hingga kini 3 SMA. Dan sejak itu mereka selalu bersama. Namun, Persahabatan mereka tiba-tiba mengalami sebuah konjangan hebat. Dimana mereka satu-persatu mulai menemukan hal-hal baru yang selama ini tidak pernah mereka dapatkan sejak persahabatan mereka terbentuk. Satu-persatu dari mereka mulai menyadari, bahwa kehidupan tak selalu tentang mereka bertiga. Dunia mereka luas. Keluarga, kekasih dan orang-orang sekitar mereka pun harusnya ikut terlibat dalam kehidupan mereka. Hingga ketiganya bertanya-tanya, kemana semua kesempatan untuk orang lain itu pergi??? Dan ketika mereka menyadari itu, mereka pun harus rela untuk kehilangan semua yang seharusnya masih mereka miliki dan selalu mereka pertahankan selama ini. Ketika semua telah sirnah, akankah usia persabatan mereka yang sudah hampir 4 tahun lamanya bisa terus bertahan, ditengah Ujian Persabatan mereka yang mulai silih berganti hadir????? ayuk simak ceritanya dalam Trio Cynical Women!

Citra_Zizi · Teen
297 Chs

Stop following me, Mafia king

During her final assassination mission, she was killed by an explosion from her past life as an assassin. Her eyes opened to discover that she had become a 24-year-old woman. Indeed, she had been transported into a novel she had read in a previous life. Lydia, a side character in the novel, was killed by assassins sent by her sister. However, after seeing him twice or three times in three years, her contract husband marries happily at the end of the novel. And in addition, she wasn’t even mentioned, nor did he care about her after her death. ****** The darkest of times can unleash the worst in human-and also the best. In her past life, Lydia lived through those times. Forced from home to be an assassin, separated from her mom and friends for years, she experienced things that no child should ever experience. While they used her in a previous lifetime, she is now loved in this lifetime. Her contract husband, who had never been interested in her, now sought to see her every second of the day. With such beauty, who wouldn’t want her. But before he saw her and paid attention to her, it wasn't the case for Daniel. The only reason he married her was for the rumours of him being gay to stop spreading between his family members. His mother always set him up with blind dates, but one day he decided that the woman he will meet today will be his wife. Having never reneged on his words, he married her in a 'contract marriage' that she consented to. After Lydia returned to her country, Daniel Thompson, the CEO of many companies in the world as well as the ruler of the entire underworld, started treating Lydia like a jewel that could only be found in a hundred years. Despite his promise not to fall in love, Daniel falls in love with her. It's the same thing with Lydia. What happens when both of them confess their love to each other? Little treasure (little Xander) is not her son, but he is her stepson. That's what Daniel told her. During this life, she treated him as a treasure and he reciprocated. *Expert When Lydia saw the man coming out of an expensive car, her face turned pale. His dark eyes were as cold and penetrating, but his face was as handsome as she remembered. As he walked towards her, his lips formed a devilish smile, causing her heart to flutter. "Why don't you return with me, sweetheart?" his voice was husky as he beckoned her to come closer. "I'm not your wife. I signed a contract with you but that doesn’t mea..." Lydia played along but her eyes were scanning her surroundings for escape when her voice was cut by a cute one. “Mama, could it be that you don’t love me anymore and you want to leave me again” The kid was trying to act as his dad told him earlier. He looked sad so that he could bring mommy home. Little Xander also made to show his mommy his puppy-like eyes. Lydia didn’t think this man would bring her angel with him, but how can she say no to him when he was making a cute face?!! ***** See how Lydia's life changes, the sad, the happy, the dangerous, and the mysterious moments that await her. Discover how she changes her whole life to the best one. Let’s break the ‘word guessing’ and start reading. I don't own the cover, all credit goes to the original artist... Discord: White lotus #1897 Instagram: fatima_batane Snapchat: Fatima Batane2233

White_lotus1897 · Urban
23 Chs

Kiss Me Better

Amira Sinclair is the daughter of one of the biggest hoteliers in the UK. She is also one of the top students at Ashford High. But the only problem is she is one of the top and not at the top. All thanks to a certain someone. Amira hates Aslan Werner with every fibre of her being. She studies day and night to strengthen her position but she is yet to achieve it. Because if she doesn't she will have to pay the price for it. All she wants to do is to graduate senior year with the first rank and move to her dream college. Nevertheless, her plans are downtrodden by her father. Aslan Werner is the only successor of Werner Hotels. He is tall, masculine, alluring, and the school's basketball team's captain He is academically gifted and has been the top student at Ashford High forever. Grades don't matter much to him since he is already working as the CEO of his father's business and he is future-set. However, He is willing to do whatever it takes to stay at the peak just to rub it in the face of "Princess" Amira Sinclair, the girl he dislikes. And simply because he loves to annoy her. But when he learns that there is more to Amira than what meets the eye. When he realises that he has played a significant role in pushing Amira to do the unthinkable. Will he be able to Kiss Her Better? Or will it be too late? ×××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××× TRIGGER WARNING: Please be aware that this book contains content that may trigger certain audiences: domestic violence, mention of abuse and murder, anxiety, eating disorders (anorexia nervosa), claustrophobia (fear of confined places), hemophobia (fear of blood), astraphobia (fear of thunder and lightning). This book is the intellectual property of @ lunalyrahkarkhi. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be produced or transmitted without the written consent of the author, except by a reviewer who may quote the brief passage for review purposes only.

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21 Chs