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she was the villainess in someone elses story...she died in the hands of the person she loved the most.she ignored the people who truly loved her and NOW she was reborn she will write her 0wn story....

shrutianchi · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings


Lisha's Life Tip: Don't just randomly read some strange and poorly written book full of plot holes and cringy stuffs that are enough to make your stomach flip upside down and backwards sent by same random slash fan of yours in your free time in fear of opening your front door finding that you had crossed different world which resembles to what you had read in that damnable book, get a free yet indifferent wealthy momma who still beats your flat ass because you didn't clean your room and wash the dishes; free dozen dogs who are ready to bite down your ass and create a hell mess; a whole class you need to interact everyday and be prepare to get fed up by their childish and bratty antics; be a classmate of the two kid that the book exaggerated and filtered their characteristics as your daily average normal girl and cold-hearted but a soft heart when it comes to his lover; fed up with others shit and drama; witness a daylight crime with relish and meet some stalking creep sent by your-a decade and half missing- dad in your life. Take your own risk, beware of your life. Beat up some madafakas if you want. TL; DR: Do not read books.

Error_4444 · Teen
Not enough ratings