The Villainess and I, her Zombie
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The Villainess and I, her Zombie


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What is The Villainess and I, her Zombie

Read The Villainess and I, her Zombie novel written by the author Sound_Hammer on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Video Games stories, covering romance, action, adventure, system, villain. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


[Season 1 - Cranberry] After getting forcefully reincarnated into a world of an otome game he has no clue about, the protagonist is then killed and brought back to life by the prideful villainess with one desire. To rule the world. As the ruthless girl's Eternal Servant, how will he dodge the fate that the game system has in store for him? [Season 2 - Zombie] He has been granted a second chance. Thrown right back to when it all began - with the memories necessary to make everything right and the overpowered skill to back up his conviction - how will the protagonist deal with even greater danger than what he faced during the first playthrough? Read now with the start of the second season of the Villainess and I, her Zombie! *** Cover by amazing @DraNKa ***


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the story is about a dude who becomes a slave to a spoiled brat and he's fine with that he's not even mad when he becomes her servant he just like ya ok who cares about freedom all I will do for the rest of my life is serve my master and I am ok with that just a slave and his master that's the whole story


This novel is amazing and deserves more recognition for how good it is so pls dont drop author................................................


It's a very good novel. One of the hidden gems of webnovel. Was a bit irked by the start cause the MC was never mad at his master for killing him but the dynamic between them is very interesting. It has a slight romance subplot with the master and the MC as well as the masters other follower. They aren't too OP that the book is boring, just perfectly balanced as all things should be. Overall a very good book and I definitely recommend everyone to give it a read.


this story is really irritating to read the main character doesn't show any anger even though he was trampled over then turn to a zombie without any freedom and his only response to that is to obay even when he is abused like a mindless goon


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Honestly this wouldve been a good story if the MC wasnt a idiot. Like my guy got enslaved and abused and he just accepts it like its normal.. If it were me I would try to escape because from what I can see all her class did was bring him back to life and connect their mana, her orders can still be ignored as we have seen already, he can literally just escape and she cant do anything. The romance is honestly forced because of the above reason man, if you were going to have him be a zombie to her then at least make it so that she is originally his friend that way he wouldnt have a problem protecting her when he got revived :/ Writing Quality - 4 Stability - 3 Story Dev - 2 Character design - 2 World Background - 2


**Please read until the end of volume one until you decide whether to drop or not! If you can’t tolerate the drama, you will be missing out. Zombie and Cranberry’s relationship is SO MUCH better. I have privilege and I’ve bought all the chapters so far, I would know. Honestly, their dynamic relationship is my favorite part about the story!** It honestly makes me sad to see that people drop this novel after the 6th chapter. The villainess, or Cranberry, and Zombie are around SEVEN years old 6 chapters in. However, she DOES NOT act like a normal child does. Some people also missed the fact that she seems AFRAID of what her mother will do to her when she was beating Zombie. Why? It is revealed at the END of volume ONE. Trust me, you will NOT hate Cranberry. In fact, there is a character you will hate more! Writing quality: [5/5] It’s good so far. Some typos here and there, but nothing major. Would’ve put 4.5/5, but I can’t do a half star. Updating stability: [5/5] We’re given 2 chapters a day at 5AM and 5PM PST if nothing happens to the author. 2 a day is plenty already Story development: [5/5] IMO, the story is amazing. I love the direction the author is taking it and I’m hooked! Character design: [5/5] I love Zombie and Cranberry’s character and I love their development. The characters are lifelike, but their common sense is obviously different from ours because their world is different. World background: [3/5] We don’t really know a lot about the world because of Zombie’s rotten brain skill. This means that we can only learn from whatever information Cranberry gives us, if she ever does. In addition, we haven’t started the “otome game” setting yet. I’ll update this when we get there. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


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too annoying .......................................................................................................................


Absolute trash. anyone that has read the chapter "three years later" will understand how bad this "novel" is. ......................


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I really like this novel, but around chapter 160 the book turns from ‘the villainess and i her zombie’ to ‘the random side characters and their experiences that you dont care about’ and from then on you only get 2 chapters about the 2 mc. and other than that they dont even get mentioned.


I love the concept of this novel but I cant accept the fact that the mc went from being rebellious to being a servant who completely adores his owner. I know that they have been together for a long time but the girl treated the mc like dirt and you expect me to believe the mc has become completely loyal from this.


If you want to read about a brainwashed Mc be my guest. I don't care about the development, it happened because the MC was brainwashed. His free will and personality is gone. In its stead we have a goody 2 shoes.


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I'm not gonna say that this is a masterpiece but it's definitively deserve some love, i think most people just get discourages at the begining relationship that the mc have, but it get better and a lot of peolple gonna miss some of the most heartwarming relationship that i ever read wich is a shame


I just love this Novel so Far. And inalso love the dYnamic between the two.


I thought this would be a goofy story that i would drop after a few chapters. surprisingly, its really good and I easily overlooked the fruit names. I love the e romance but i wish the mc wasnt ap dense, but hes a zombie so ill forgive him.


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