Mommy VillainessMommy Villainess

Mommy Villainess

by sola_cola

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In Tilly's past life, she was a villainess who neglected her husband and son for power. Then, the "real heroine" came and took them away from her. When she failed to seize the throne for herself, she was executed for all the crimes she committed. After that, she was reincarnated in a modern world where she regretted her past mistakes. Soon enough, she died once again. Then came her rebirth. Tilly went back in time before she was married to Captain Kiho. She wanted to meet her son again but for that to happen, she must seduce the captain first. Is it okay to do that even though she's fully aware that she's not the woman that he loved in the past?! *** [Cover art belongs to the respective owner.] [Warning: This story contains mature/R18 scenes.]

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