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Penny: Who Are You?

Penny: Who Are You?

A monster....that was what she called herself. But that didn't stop him from loving her till the ends of the earth. What will happen when a mutant and a 'perfectly normal' human defy the status quo and come together?..... »Sneak peek 1, In a dark room, “GET. OFF. ME!” she yelled from the frustration of not being able to use her powers on him and also his shamlessness. She didn't bargain for this! At all! “Shh...you don't want to wake your mum and dad up now, do you?” he silenced her by putting his slender finger on her lips. “If you don't get off of me right this instant, I'll scream and you'll ultimately be banned from entering this house, your choice.” she stated with one of her eyebrows raised. “Scream, Penny.”, he provoked her with his eyes on her lips. Angry cause he doubted her, she yelled, “Mu....!”, but her scream was cut off by his lips. =_==_==_=_=_==_==_==_==_==_=_=_= »Sneak peek 2: In a villa, Houston Young Master: “I want you to report on her every move, don't let her out of your sight. She mustn't get hurt on your watch, is that clear?” “Yes sir!” “Young master, she lifted the Bugatti you bought for her and dumped it into the swimming pool!...she lifted it!!” he ran in to report. Young Master: “So what? Let her vent, and make sure to get a new one before the end of the day, unfailingly.” he replied with a wave of his hands as he chased his bodyguard away. “Young master, did you see her eyes?! It changed it's colour twice!” Young Master: “Are you into music now, what's with the rhyming?”, he replied defiantly. “Pstt..Young master, I just saw her climb out of her bedroom window to meet her friend.” *Crash* Young Master: “Are you spying on my woman in her bedroom now?! Tell me! what else have you seen?!” he yelled as he grabbed his bodyguard's neck. Bodyguard: “........” ==_==_==_==_==_==_==_==_==_== “She'll definitely kill you one day, son!” “And I'll make sure to die happily, mum!”, he said with a goofy smile. »The cover isn't mine, credits go to the original author....@freepiks.com Discord: Daisy_T#8878 Instagram: @d.a.i.s.y_t

Daisy_T · Sci-fi Romance
Destined : Will We Meet Again ?

Destined : Will We Meet Again ?

It is famous saying, " Destined people are bound to meet, either in this life or after life." Is this always true ? I don't know but I know one thing for sure and that is your love for something or someone will surely make you meet that someone or get hold of that something. Love is not something that anyone can explain. Its meaning is different for diferent people. Meaning of love for different people : " Love is friendship." " Love is sex." " Love is to loosing yourself in other person." " Love is fluttery feeling, you get in your stomach." " Love is happiness." " Love is painful and make a person weak." " Love is annoying." " Love is taking care of someone." *** But for me, " Love is everything." *** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For Christina Richards, love was the fluttery feelings, she had gotten when she met the eldest grandson of Richards family, Xander Richards, at the age of ten. For Alexander Richards, love was taking care of Christina as his daughter and help her move out from her depression. For Xander Richards, love was annoying as Christina would follow him like a tail. She would do stupid things to show her love which annoyed him to the death, even after their marriage. For Han Yuan, love was friendship with his childhood friend, Ina and to loose himself for his wife, Angelina. And so on ......... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alexander Richards adopted a seven year girl, much to his family's dismay. The girl was frightful and never came out of her room. She would only talk to Alexander. He would also give all his attention to her instead of his grandchildren , which infuriated the family but they could not do anything. They tried to ask Alexander who that girl was bit he would just reply, ' A simple girl with a broken heart.' To make her little princess happy, he married her yo the love of her life, his grandson, Xander. But Xander never cared about her. Since, Alexander had promised Christina not to interfere in their private lives, he could only watch from side. After a year of their marriage, the broken Christina got into an accident and got missing, leaving Alexander devastated behind . To ask for an apology of his grandfather, Xander sets out to bring Christina back, even if it meant to go to hell to search for her. So the question is: Will they ever meet again ? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ " Ina, I like you ." , Han Yuan, a ten year old boy said. He looked at the little face of the bunny in front of him as he held her hand, and confessed his love. " Brother Han, I don't know how to reply. ", Six year old girl gave a confused look to the young boy. " You have to reply in 'yes' or 'no'. Do you like me?", Han Yuan knew that this little girl did not know anything about love. " Y......" , before she could reply, a voice ruined their time. " Ina! We have to leave. Where are you?" " Brother Han, I have to leave. I will answer once I return." The girl looked at the boy in front of her. She gave him a hug and left without saying anything else. The young boy was dazed as the girl left. He could not help but stare at her leaving back. ' I will wait for you and your answer.' Time passed but neither the girl nor her answer came. So the question is: Will they ever meet again ? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ " Wife, do you want to eat something ?" " No." " Wife, do you want to go out ?" " No." " Wife, do you want to watch a movie?" " No." " Wife, then tell me what do you want ?" " I want you. " Angelina, look a like of Christina hugged her husband Han Yuan . How will this development effect the lives of Christina, Xander and Ina. ~~~~~~ Remember, the villain of the novel is still out there wanting to destroy each of them . ~~~~~~~~

uncagedspirit · Fantasy Romance
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