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Ezlyn: The Vengeful Consort of Emperor Noah

The story takes place in ancient kingdom and tribe system. Harika Dynesty is a kingdom made up of hundreds of tribe and more than cities, people here live in the form of tribes. Harika Dynesty's old emperor is killed by his personal guard and best friend who later admits in the court that the he committed the murder on crown prince, now the emperor, Noah's order. Ezlyn is a bold and independent girl. Raised by her righteous parents who're tribe head, she's the next tribe leader to be. When the old emperor suddenly dies and his son takes over the throne, rumours quickly spread that the crown prince killed his own father. She plans to investigate the matter but before that, their neighbouring tribe, which openly announced rebellion against the new king, completely disappears. No one but Ezlyn knows that the whole tribe was killed, burned and buried in the dark of night by royal soldiers. She was too late to save them. In her hatred she swore on her tribal blood to avenge the innocent people especially women and kids. She gets the chance when emperor Noah looks out for a lot of concubines to strengthen his power and being from one of the strongest tribes, she enters his harem. There's a handsome man who secretly tries to locate the emperor and saves two of his royal guests in return doing a favor to the emperor. No one but Ezlyn's father knows that the handsome youth is his daughter Ezlyn herself.

Renna_Amaris · Historical Romance
Not enough ratings

Chilling like a True Villain

Her beauty defines purity and kindness. But her bold attitude does not match her innocent look. –•–•–•–•–• Now that her scheming boyfriend broke up with her, she no longer needs to guise the true personality that she had been hiding for years only to satisfy her family. Free from the chains of the past, she decides to finally do things she truly wishes. Her dream is simple; to act like her true self. But because of her strikingly bold character, people misunderstood her for being straight-up rude. Thus, having the nickname "True Villain." She tried her best to correct them but only led to a bigger misunderstanding. Slowly, students start to bully her. "Arrg, that's it! They want a villain? Fine. I'm going to give them the ruthless villain they want." She fiercely utters beneath her breath while wiping away the blood from her lip wound.

cherylalala · Teen
Not enough ratings