Rebirth of the Female Antagonist: XUANRONG
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Rebirth of the Female Antagonist: XUANRONG


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What is Rebirth of the Female Antagonist: XUANRONG

Read Rebirth of the Female Antagonist: XUANRONG novel written by the author SayuriHyuuga on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Romance stories, covering revenge, rebirth. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


I was humiliated.. I was killed.. My family abandoned me.. My sister and lover betrayed me.. At the very end of my last breath, I swore. I swore to the heavens. I swore to all the Gods. No matter how many lifetime pass, I will come back and collect the debts they owed me. Even if I have to sell my own soul. I, XuanRong shall definitely return. ------------ I rule under the heavens, I rule above the earth. I am ruthless against my enemy, But I am shameless when it comes to her. I am the ruler but she is the law. People kneel when they see me But I only bow down and worship her. She was frozen like a winter snow, But her smile was warmer than the summer's spring. I, Xu Fei Yi will definitely conquer her. ------------ [Author's Note:] A typical rebith-revenge type of novel. Read it in your own volition. Slow paced romance and story outline. CLICHÉ NOVEL--- DO NOT READ. This novel contains violence and sexual abuse scenes that may not be suitable for very young readers. Strict Parental Guidance is advised. [PLEASE ADOPT ME \(T^T)/ and DONATE @ paypal.me/sayurihyuuga] Book Cover: Pristine Editor: Avi/Prikkrang and Supremetobs ------------ The author [Sayuri] is a novice writer, not a native American and has no proper training in writing a novel.


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Hi guys~ This is the Author of this novel 'The Rebirth of the Female Antagonist: XuanRong.' thank you for reading my previous novel 'The Witch CEO is NOT a Demoness! I was very overwhelmed and was deeply touched because of your support and appreciation. I hope you will also support my new novel~ salamat mga bes~


An intelligent lady who face slaps her enemies until they nearly cough up blood. A shameless author who has shameless readers. Welcome to our shameless internet family where steamy scenes and emotional events intertwine and we all screech like pterodactyls. Of course the steaminess hasn't happened yet but, it will. And I'll run at the speed of a dinosaur chicken nugget being played with a grown man-child.


I'm not sure if I got it right but the author is from PH? Even with different roots, the author was able to pull off a worthy-read of a historical fiction set in ancient China, to be able to understand the long-standing culture and virtues that a woman must uphold, how one should act or the unspoken rules, the author nailed it through. Kudos! I originally followed the novel from wattpad but upon announcing that she's moving the novel to WN, I didn't hesitate to follow it here as well. This is NOT a biased review. So far, the plot is similar to the other rebirth novels in novelupdates, such as Rebirth of Empress from Military Lineage, Princess Wei Yang, etc. The FL was born to an influencial and noble family, doted too much to drive her into stupidity and schemed upon by a concubine mother and sister to take what's rightfully for the legitimate daughter. On her dying breath after being shamed by multiple men, she met the ML who showed her compassion to the dying, despite not knowing her. Then...she was reborn! This time she vows to lead her fate to take a different turn. But fate truly does wonders when she met the ML who she wasn't supposed to come across with (at least not yet!)


Yeah, so this novel isn't all that great, I mean it's not horrid, but not that good. 1. My biggest beef is the spirit stones, and the amount you have to pay despite the limited word count of each chapter. Not to mention actual money being paid for such a standard, mediocre book. 2. This novel is really, just your standard FL eastern fantasy novel where the FL was wronged in a past life, is reincarnated, proceeds to get revenge. Oh, and there's also a ML involved somewhere in between. 3. The word "inwardly" is used so much that every time I see it I want to puke. Ex. She sneered inwardly, she laughed inwardly, etc. Hit up a thesaurus for goodness sakes. 4. the characters, other than the ML and FL, are so one dimensional. 5. there are so may pointless events that really don't need to be included 6. there is so much unnecessary commentary from the "crowd". I mean, just one paragraph is enough, but devoting upwards of 5 paragraphs on useless gossip? That doesn't even pertain to the plot? Seems like a pathetic way to reach word count, not that the latter was high in the first place either way. 7. They "PLEASE ADOPT ME" at the end of literally every chapter pisses me off. Like, darling, I hate to break it to you but your work isn't good enough for that. At least come up with a quality original work, that ISN'T cliche, then speak about payment. Not to mention that this novel, for some god forsaken reason, is already premium. 8. Also need we devote 17439205 paragraphs to the degrading of the FL? Just a sentence or two is enough. But for some reason, every time the antagonists (the Xuan family) come into play, half of the chapter will just be "omg how I wanna slap her, that slut, blah blah". 9. Oh, also, I don't know what in the nine heavens you're trying to accomplish with all the pinyin, but it's annoying as hell. I assume it's in the name of "maintaining authenticity" but putting them in the place of a word easily expressed in english? What's the point. Really. I don't know what you're trying to do with that but it's only making it harder for the readers. 10. The only kudo I can give you is that the FL is developed really nicely. But simply because one character has good character development doesn't warrant a standing ovation. Yeah, um, basically don't understand the hype. But hey, maybe that's because I'm an actual writer, not a mindless fan. Seriously. If y'all love stories like this, there are 1874839 other books out there that have literally the EXACT same plot. And, oh, those are free.


Hey guys there! It's the editor of this osum novel by our favourite author sayurihyuuga❤ I swear u won't regret adding this one in ur library😊 Hope u guys shower ur love to our lovely author once again😉😄 Thank you so much!


Can’t believe your back. Missed you so much😭. Can’t wait to read another novel from you!! Anyone who doesn’t know read her first book. ITS AMAZING. Can’t wait to see this one!


The storyline is good but if you want a stable update, no cliffhanger stories, this isn't for you. Don't start read the book. I also can't understand why a lousy update schedule can be listed as paid chapters?? I think not only me feeling unsatisfied with this webnovel setting 😪🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️


when will you be having an update? it has been past two months now? i miss the characters so badly, pls author find some time to update this already... mercy


The story is fascinating! The storyline builds up and gets even more interesting as you continue on. Although I don’t know about how ruthless she’s going to be when she take her revenge, but so far she’s amazing!


Where are you dear author?? I've been waiting for lots of months for the updates. Please come back. This novel storyline is so interesting. It's a waste to just leave it hanging just like that.


So far so good....love how detail oriented you put into your lead female character..cant wait for more ch. Kudos for taking your time to write and upload more ch in the future...can not wait for more!😊😋


XuanRong and Moon king are fated hope that both makes sure to average the devils.... 😀😀😀 please reduce the spirit stonnes...... 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 i am loyal reader...... 👍👍👍👍


Author sannnnnnn, dear author where are youuuuuu... I have been missing you for months. Are you ok? Is everything alright? I hope everything's ok. Don't you worry you have so many supporting you and praying for you and i am one of them. I really wish from the bottom of my heart that everything is ok with you. I hope you can get back to us as soon as possible. We are rooting for you and waiting for you as well! Ganbate!


Dear author, please update this novel. It's been a lot of months you didn't gives us any update 😭😭😭 This great novel deserves all the love that we could give. Please don't drop this novel.


My love edited this one , she's done a marvelous job, obviously the writer is very hardworking keep supporting ,keep loving .... 😘😘 lots of love


Good luck with this one! The Witch CEO was a pleasure to read and had very good pacing (IMO). I'm hopeful that this one will be of a similar level :D


Sorry if I'm rude.... but this author hasn't updated in 2, almost 3 months, not even a warning, or an explanation was giving for just leaving her/his work. If I can remember correctly she/he has done this before but it certainly wasn't this long... I'm just disappointed cuz this is an amazing story😒😒 From a highly dissaponted reader


The story is good but updating schedule is ****. It used to get updated daily before then became 2 days then a week and now the author is MIA !!! I MEAN WHAT ?! R U GOING TO UPDATE OR NOT??


Despite having no updates for a year, it can still make it into rankings and it proves a lot of things. Dear Author... where have you been all these years? (Felt like decades) Please come back to finish this promising book 🥺 Please give this a justifying ending 😎


Please update your 2 days late to your promise. If something is going on right now then im sorry to put more pressure on you. I really love your stories so i hope you make more.💜💜💜


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