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100 Summers With You

100 Summers With You

A town with mid-climate, strong-willed people, and a haunting murder case that happened 7 years ago. Everest Thompson was a witness of this murder when she traveled in her bike on her way back home. Traumatized by the brutal murder of her brother and shocked at the skeptical ideas of her neighbors, Everest is left scarred by the prior events. She lives her life peacefully until the case is reopened by the new kid that justed arrived to her little town. Will Everest find the truth about the Galilee Lake Case or will she be silent for ever? Other Announcements: 1) If you're going to review, please review with words so that other new readers can choose to read or not. 2) This story will have romance but romance isn't the main genre so its not going to be solely romance. 3) This story is fictional, nothing is factual so please excuse me if some things aren't accurate. 4) Please read my other stories: My Secretary is a Spy?! ( romance), God Gave Me You (melodrama romance), and others.

Diana_Author · Contemporary Romance
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