Quick Transmigration : Chased in the Multiverse (BL) Book

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Quick Transmigration : Chased in the Multiverse (BL)


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VOLUME 1: EDEN What are the odds that in every corner of the multiverse, every you would endure a life filled with misery? If you happen to be Eden, those odds stand at a resolute 100%. When Eden's mortal existence came to an end, he anticipated crossing the Nai He bridge to undergo reincarnation. But it seemed that the Gods had different plans in store for him. Instead of that peaceful journey, Eden found himself thrust into Versal, the portal to the vast multiverse, where an uncanny fate awaited. He was compelled to inhabit the bodies of countless Edens, spanning across the myriad universes. Strangely, each one of them led a life marred by suffering and met an untimely demise, mirroring his own tragic past. After traversing a thousand universes, he managed to accumulate enough power to break free from this haunting cycle. From that moment onwards, his mission unfolded—to ensure that every Eden, from every universe would exact their revenge upon those responsible for their shared torment. Who decreed that the Edens were unworthy of a prolonged and joyful existence? Whoever that may be, they were destined to face retribution once Eden had amassed enough strength to track them down. What he hadn't anticipated, however, was the relentless pursuer who dogged his footsteps across the multiverse. The enigmatic question loomed: Why was he being relentlessly pursued, and why did it seem that his pursuer coveted not his life, but his very body? Who, in the vast expanse of realities, was this shameless tofu-eater? Arc 01: Piano Virtuoso (12 Chapters)✔ Arc 02: Vampire (10 Chapters)✔ Arc 03: Actor (14 Chapters)✔ Arc 04: Futur Era (14 Chapters)✔ Arc 05: Sorcerer (13 Chapters + Bonus)✔ Arc 06: Reality Tv Model (14 Chapters + Bonus)✔ Arc 07: Interstellar (15 Chapters)✔ Arc 08: Alchemist (13 Chapters)✔ Arc 09: Ancient Era (16 Chapters)✔ Arc 10: Spirit Animal (17 Chapters)✔ ************ VOLUME 2: ATLAS (Synopsis in auxiliary) Arc 01: Mafia (20 Chapters)✔ Arc 02: Celebrity (22 Chapters)✔ Arc 03: Interstellar (17 Chapters)✔ Arc 04: Vampire (16 Chapters)✔ Arc 05: ABO (23 Chapters + Bonus)✔ Arc 06: Magic (26 Chapters)✔ ************ VOLUME 3: Kian (Synopsis in auxiliary) Arc 01: Heretic (26 Chapters)✔ Arc 02: Interstellar (Unfinished) ********************************* Dropped, may peek it up later. Warning R18. English is my fourth language. You might mistakes here and there. If you do, let me know and I'll fix them.


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