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Hades infernum {On hold}

(Currently having internet problems but the first chapter has been completed, along with the new status page) An average run of the mill, British man suddenly gets offered a second chance by the supreme existence.... Join Louis or rather Hades infernum as he creates a series of myths and reinvents himself in the eyes of his brothers. Any images like the Mc or other characters looks can be found on Instagram from the account of Supreme_Existence_ Notice- First off I can’t write, I have no faith my language skills even in my first language..... This my or may not be finished. I’m thinking of adding a Harry Potter wizard it world later on it might be straight up fanfic or make up a slightly similar version, if I ever get there tell me what you think. This may include some elements of the series of books written by Rick Riordan if I end up stealing them I will immediately update the synopsis.

Supreme_Existence · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

A Monke's Multiverse Chronicles

Discover a Monke's path to power. You're asking why he's this power-hungry? Well, read to find out!

Ritol · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings

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Fangyuan · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings