The Multiverse System Book

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The Multiverse System


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[WELCOME TO THE MULTIVERSE SYSTEM.] [USER NAME: THOMAS NOLAND]…. What if, every time you made a significant decision, a new, alternate reality or universe was created—the life that would have occurred had you made the other choice? What if those realities/universes were jeopardized? What if it's up to you to keep those realities/universes alive? Thomas Noland, also known as Tom, is a typical fifteen-year-old boy until a strange letter arrives in his mailbox. The letter, postmarked from Alsace and cryptically signed with the initials "M.S," informs Tom that dangerous—perhaps even lethal—events have been set in motion, which may result in the destruction of reality/universe itself. M.S. promises to send Tom 12 riddles that will reveal something extraordinary that will happen on a specific day, time, and location. Will Tom have the courage to partake in this wild goose chase? Will he be able to solve those riddles? What choice will he make? Quit? or Solve?   Another volume of the intriguing children's and young adult fantasy series, THE MULTIVERSE SYSTEM, is filled with adventures, riddles, and um—danger too. What do you think about this universe and realities? Tom was warned that a dangerous event was coming his way. Will you join Tom on this wonderful journey through the multiverse system? What would be your choice?    


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