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My Hero Academia shall know pain

First time writing a story so don't expect much since it will be some generic op mc trash. Updates will be inconsistent. Isaac was a huge Naruto and MHA fan, he got killed in an 'accident', met a self proclaimed god, some wishes, anime world, you should know where this is going...

Shrexy_boi · Martial Arts

Crocodiles hero academia. {complete}

This is a story about a guy who ends up in MHA with crocodiles abilities from one piece. He isn’t interested in being like all might only making cash. Read up on how crocodile becomes a “hero” This is my first work so it won’t get updated frequently as it just comes in flashes of inspiration so bare with me Support me at: www.patreon.com/Smithsonian86_

Smithsonian86_ · Fantasy


Human goes to mha world, gets system, become higher than god by chapter 5, becomes #1 hero by chapter 87 I think and dies in chapter 88. Series starts off trash, gets barely good, then become trash again. Then it gets worse and worse. Reas if your bored. Turn your brain off when you do by the way. Alright, future me here. He does not in fact become a hero by 87. maybe 100? Yea.. .... Future author here from chapter 120 or whatever. Thank you for 900 followes. I'm glad you enjoyed this story. .... Thanks for 1k. Started this all as a joke but I guess people like it. Knowing that, I'll shall continue. I-It's not like I'm doing this because I love you guys or anything... *Blushes and looks away.*

qu3n_ · Fantasy

Hero From The Other side Franklin Richards in MHA

Franklin Richards the progeny of the Fantastic Four ends up in the universe of My Hero Academia.

Twofacedcarp · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings

My Life As Kakashi In MHA

Formally known as: "Reincarnated as Kakashi in a MHA Universe" Martin lived his usual life happily until he died of unknown circumstances and has the option to go to heaven or reincarnate into a random world with his memories intact. God as and apology let him choose how he wants to look alike and at the last minute he said that power in the next world also will be given to him randomly and wished him good luck. After he woke up he saw a white haired woman holding him in her arms and says "Hello there little Kakashi I hope you're feeling well." while a nurse came in and said "Here's your meal Mrs Hatake and then come to get checked." At that moment he realized that he was reincarnated as Kakashi Hatake. ____________________________________________ There are a couple of other Naruto characters there but not much unless the majority requests to add more. It starts as sort of like 'slice of life' genre but when the story progresses enough there will be action too. I'm pretty new to this and English isn't my first language so if you see a word written wrong or in wrong form please inform me please. I recommend to read the first arc before you guys review cause first 2 chapters are for his sort of backstory and then childhood until chapter 10. And no this will not start OP or become instantly OP after a few days of training. Also the cover isn't mine either it's created by WIZYAKUZA originally Anyways guys enjoy ^•^

Lithnox · Martial Arts

Dropped MHA fic


CumDealer · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Reincarnated as Sasuke Uchiha in MHA(Rewriting)

Guy dies from truck gets reincarnated as his favorite character in another world [Tags: Pervert, Crazy, Edgy, Stupid, Overpower] *writing for fun* This is my first time writing so don’t complain Picture not mine

EndlessSpeed · Martial Arts

MHA : Light is Everything

You've probably heard such words many times, "Good will come back like a boomerang." Even after your death, it returns. That's what happened to 37-year-old Viktor Bragin. For his actions, he received an interesting gift in heaven. Rebirth. Rebirth or "Reincarnation". In India, it is believed that this will befall everyone after death. Victor himself did not believe it, but he had heard about it more than once and considered this idea absurd. Without expecting it, it turned out to be true. P. S English is not my language, but I wanted to share my work with you and to get your opinion. There will be mistakes, that's for sure, so I'm sorry in advance. I also want to say that this is an unusual excised fanfic, but it is different in general. There will be no strong deviations from the canon.

RockSForD · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings