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Collateral damage

I need her like I need air to breathe I disgust him like garbage in a bin I want her more than a beggar need a food I don't want to see his face nor feel his presence I love her to the moon in back I hate him to the galaxy in back I wanted fix her cause I broke her I wanted to ruin every single of him cause he broke me... now let see who's going to win? love or hatred. a happy-go-lucky playboy who doesn't want to be married but as his father die he leaves no choice than to marry the girl that his father put in his last well testament. he can say no but he can't get anything. a beautiful simple girl who happen to be inlove with his friend is his soon to be bride. But apparently his childhood sweetheart as well. He started to fall to his soon to be wife when he finds out that her father is the one responsible of his parents death. Is he still continue to love the girl or he will going to punish her for the sins of her father? What kind of punishment is that? Break her heart no.. Beat her to death no.. Or make her sex slave for good? That makes him smirk.. ***********

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