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This world of dungeons holds treasures that can make or break a man. Be it a reject of the hero's party reluctant on his revenge, a country bumpkin too eager on his quest for glory, or an overworked farmer out to quell his ultimate boredom, the dungeons that be of the world has something in store for everyone. At a certain cost. When Duns decided to forsake fame and glory and go dungeon raiding for fun, he didn't expect to break all the rules of what it means to raid a dungeon. Will his newfound infamy drive him to pursue the goal he once abandoned long ago? When Weid decided to follow his dreams of becoming the chosen hero for the Imperium to slay the evil Nemesis of Man, he didn't expect to straight up start his own country. Will he become the hero of the Imperium, or will he ultimately end up becoming the thing he sworn to destroy? When a nameless potato farmer sold his soul for the ultimate farm, he didn't realize he would make an enemy of every major guild out in the Bleak where the Imperium's reach dwindles into anarchy. Will he even be a thing by the end of it all, or will he finally earn a name? These are but simply tales in this world of dungeons.

ShanBan · Fantasy
Not enough ratings