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Headed by a Snake


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What is Headed by a Snake

Headed by a Snake is a popular web novel written by the author CouchSurfingDragon, covering OVERPOWERED, SYSTEM, ACTION, , Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 2.2M readers with an average rating of 4.7/5 and 110 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 854 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


I woke up in this world with a System and a sword. Without hesitation, I chose to complete the princess’ quest with my weapons: Arrogance. Cunning. Pride. I will lead guild Sol Invictus. Denizens of the 7 hells, respect me. Servants of the 11 heavens, know fear. Guild Invictus, know the suffering of training so you can wrest victory from the jaws of those who dare doubt you. This is a story about a snake named Tycondrius waking up in a fantasy world of swords and sorcery. There is action, violence, unapologetic murder, and arrogant displays of power. There is an emphasis on combat growth as well as psychological growth on more than a few members of Guild Invictus. There is camaraderie and also the inevitable comedic dialogue amongst manly men. There are even elements of romance and Tycon running away from terrifying, powerful women. (Did you know most female snakes eat their partners after mating?) Give this book a read. I hope some of these stories can inspire you to fight your battles with analytical intelligence, heroic courage, and ruthless lethality. Schedule: 12+ chapters per week. Mon-Fri 2/day @ 11:00 PDT Sat-Sun (and Holidays) 1/day @ 11:00 PDT Chapter Length: 1000+ words per chapter (Update 14Jun2021: Author is having issues. Goal of 5+ chapters per week until normalcy is achieved.) Here is my discord: https://discord.gg/NNbAj7N Constructive criticism and corrections welcome. Other Authors extra-welcome. You can find a list of characters at https://snek.fandom.com/wiki/Character_List Cover image credit: Johnabrash at Fiverr


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The best way to describe this novel for me would be, a more bloody, gory and dark version of konosuba. The main character reincarnates in the body of the current guild leader of Invictus, a member of the Medusa race, and with some fragmented memories of his new body. And he has only a system ( with no personality or system store with stupid quests, thank God) to inform him of the names of the people around him, and there status and hostility level. And apparently it can analyse and copy the skills and abilities of other people and creatures...? I love the character design of this novel, the characters in this novel feel more 'alive', the enemies aren't evil for the sake of being evil, they each have there own personalities, with there own motivations, ambitions and dreams. There are however some problems, for example, the lack of explanation of how the power system works, how magic works, the difference between the races in this world, etc... Like, it's fine if everything isn't explained to the last detail. But at least having a more detailed explanation about the race of the main character, the Medusa race, and about is strength, like, sometimes he looks super powerful and other times weak, tho he looks more like an assassin for the most part, maybe that's why. One thing in this novel is the, sometimes, excessive pov change, like, you can pass 5 or more chapters following the other characters going throught aventures and life or death battles, finding love, etc... . And you start wondering if the main character started hibernating or something. Don't get me wrong, the pov changes aren't bad and are very good even. It's just they are to God damn long, and when one ends, another starts. And that can be very frustrating, especially when you what to know the background and abilities of the main character. All in all, it's a great story. :-)


A wonderful tale of a bastard in charge of a guild of cut throat mercenaries, any one of which in polite society would be strung up and beaten with a stick. From comical misha** of a cowardly warrior forcefully conscripted to a plushie loving one eyed berserker woman, from a towering crude titanblood to a happy go lucky eldritch horror associating warlock, from a wonderfully lewd demonic woman to a horse wanted for murder. There's no end to original characters who are funnier, crazier and down right entertaining from their first introductions to their exits stage right. Read this book if you want anti heroes, scheming bastards, an MC who is a male medusa and an author who brings all these inglorious bastards to life with seeming ease and no end of flare!


Now that I have caught up with the story and have been following it religiously since, I got something else to say: This is the only webnovel I deem worthy of support from the entire lot(I hope to find more, but the amount of garbage makes it nigh impossible). Even compared to actuall fantasy books that take years to write(from writers like Joe Abercrombie, Brandon Sanderson, R.A. Salvatore... you get the point) this is almost on the same playing field. However, you cant compare a novella written on a daily basis without much review with the biggest fantasy writers of the 21st century. It would be unfair and stupid, and yet this work is relentlessly grasping at the feet of such giants and the quality reflects that. As I keep reading, the story only keeps getting better, the characters more interesting, and the worldbuilding more believable. Even with all the pop-culture and meta refferences, this work keeps surprising. It easily brings you from ceasless bellowing laughter, to a serious atmosphere and it even throws freshly cut onions at your face(definitely not crying, ots the onion). Can't give the writer enough praise, and while marginally subjective, my opinion allows me to rate this webnovel 11/10. **: This is my second review and I don't care if its illegal to post more than one.


A beautiful bard with a seductive gaze A bloodthirsty brute wielding a giant ax And a skillful fighter just pissed...himself....wait...hold up...omg is he???..is he crying???? This basically sums up this convoluted ragtag group of mercenaries that Tycon ends up leading. Imagine all the Isenkai anime you have seen after the popularity of Sword Art Online and combine it with a chaotic nature of a Dungeon and Dragons game, and this...ladies and gentlemen is what you end up with. Funny and Memorable moments: Check Bloody Gore and Acts of Violence: Check Overpowered Isenkai character with an A.I assistant to give you world exposition for any questions you may have: DAMN Straight I love this novel and what it has to offer. It is definitely worth the read.


I'll be direct. Love the work, don't understand why it doesn't have more views, want more of these kinds of novels. So many people who are writing "reborn in a new world with a system" have ****ty grammar, nonsensical wish fulfilment storylines and stupid plot developments. I dont understand why they have 10s or 100s of times more views than this. Now, with my rant out of the way, I'll give my grade to boost the novels rating as a straight 5, and give some of my selfish opinionated thoughts. I have only read somewhat after ch70, but in my self entitled opinion, that is enough to judge. Writing quality - Hey, it's real English. Meaning there are no typos or stupid grammar or horribly translated, out of context sentences. And oh my god thank you for no repeating, overused and unimaginative descriptions like "it was like the difference between heaven and earth". Story development - Somewhat irregular, but not in a bad way. The important parts that you want to read are well detailed and narrated. The combat, the encounters, character interactions etc. The tedious things like battle aftermath or uneventful traning are sorted out in a few paragraphs. Character design - Interesting, strong(personality), and loveable characters. Or hateable depends on what floats ur boat. The speech patterns between the character are easily recognisable and consistent. World background - Didn't get much of it so far, but what I did, I liked. Introduced Countries/kingdoms/empires seem interesting and promising, and the world seems to slowly be coming alive. I still don't have any idea about the world's geography, like the amount of continents, world size or climate for that matter(other than it seems to constantly be cold. Maybe its winter idunno). But hey, neither do most Americans about earth(Ha). No offense, just stereotypeing. Overall, quite an enjoyable read and much more deserving than most of the trash on the top charts, and with better writing quality. Save a few. Hey, I said that I'd be direct, not quick.


I very much enjoy reading every single chapter of this novel. If I had to point out why I'm enjoying it that much, I'd reply "D&D". The world building, character design/development and the FEEL just reminds me of an awsome D&D session headed by an awsome DM. If you are looking for a novel with great but oftentimes dark humour, like a violently intelligent MC who, although with prior experience, has a snake's outlook on human society and just overall enjoy stories based on a party rather than an individual, YOU MUST READ THIS.


I literally have no idea whats happening. Does anything get explained soon ? Random sht keeps happening and we dont even know anything. Like is there going to be an explanation soon ? Also with how he is acting, like not knowing anything how tf are his companions not suspicions?


This is one of the best novels I've stumbled upon in a very long time. I highly recommend it!! I love the originality of the story, it is very engaging and the writing is excellent. The characters are unique and I enjoy how they interact with each other. My favorite is Tycon, so I think I'm starting a fan club, although I am not sure he would like that lol. The Author does an amazing job keeping the story interesting and his sense of humor cracks me up. Keep up the good work Author!!!


This is the 69th review, how auspicious. The story is very good and must be written by a very handsome, well-adjusted person. It's about a snake, a most magnificent creature, who disguises himself as a human through magic. Being a human is confusing, of course, and the first parts of the story is about adjusting to his dumb slightly-more-human allies and trying to make them successful. Once he figures more things out, he kills people he doesn't like, and lives his best life. Hopefully, everyone lives happily ever after, from there. It tends to never work out perfectly-- probably because humans are involved.


Great read with a since of dark humor. The novel is based off of some d&d campaigns so if there are any fans of the game I recommend strongly for you to pick it up and give it a read.


Awesome action scenes, great dialogue. Absolutely hilarious story. I loved reading this, it is fast paced, and action packed. I enjoyed the author's use of humor, and was surprised by how detailed the scenes were. I full heartedly reccomend reading this if you like fantasy/action or dark humor. (For some reason my phone wanted to change humor to humour everytime I tried to type it up... 🙄 Just another reason no one should use spellcheck for the final edit 😣)


Sooo... How do I say this... I f*ucking love this! It's pure comedy gold (mostly incredibly stupid humor, but that's exactly what makes it this good!). To be fair it's a bit wobbly in the beginning but don't mind that, besides somehow it works even tho the story doesn't explain to much (I recommend reading the author notes and the authors comments, there's some worldbackgroud info in there, maybe the author could compose one or two auxiliary chapters for those Infos?). But the worldbackgroud, powerscaling etc. Isn't really that important because this book is a lot like the anime 'konosuba'. In the sense the the characters and their interactions are in the foreground, and the humor. Then again it is a lot darker than konosuba. I still haven't completely made up my mind about this but I very much enjoy reading this story! So keep up the good work author! And to everyone else, I hope I could help you get a better picture of the novel with my ramblings. Sorry for any messed up english, not my first language. Yours sincerely Korriberg


Honestly hilarious but Tycon did Bazra a little too dirty like way too dirty I genuinely felt bad for the guy instead of being able to just laugh at it after a while other than that this story is damn good


Awesome book. Why? Because👇 1. Amazing grammar. Not like all the other stuff on Webnovel where you can’t understand a word and everyone seems to just ignore it. 2. The structure of the story and the buildup is just wonderful. 3. Consistent updates, an author in the know and real depth to the characters. Do you need more than that? Do you!? No! You don’t!! Why? Because I say so!


Reveal spoiler


Now I will not lie, I came into this just because it was free chapters and I was not expecting much. But not even a 100 chapters in and I’m totally into this novel. Like, please keep this up! It’s amazing!


Great story so far! I absolutely love the humor and non-sensical situations that have presented themselves throughout the story randomly! The characters are real, you feel the reality of who they are and why they act the way they do. Reminds me of dungeons and dragons!


Its a good story that takes its time introducing and developing the character. It doesn't jump right into the story like some of the others I'm used to reading but the extra time spent at the beginning is worth it.


A very well written action-based book with plenty of blood. Right up my alley! I can see this book taking an increasingly dark turn and look forward to it, as the author is very good at describing such scenes! Without spoiling anything, certain parts of this book had me reading at the edge of my seat. So give this book a try!


Definitely an adventure based story! Well written and easy to follow. Has decent character development thus far and an engaging plot that keeps you guessing what will happen next and pulls you in to keep reading. I can't wait to see where their adventure takes them!


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