There’s No Love In the Deathzone (BL) Book

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There’s No Love In the Deathzone (BL)


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Zein was a rogue Guide living in the god-forsaken land of the red-zone, guiding for money and survival. Until the guild he used to work with caused a tragedy. Driven by sorrow and guilt, Zein became a mercenary guide in the land bordering the forbidden Deathzone, working like a suicidal monk. One day, an overbearing Esper suddenly appeared and told him, “If you’re so hellbent to die, why don’t you come with me to the Deathzone?” A strange proposition, a nostalgic smirk. Had Zein actually met him before? Following the man into the deadly zone, will Zein find the respite he seeks, or will he get engulfed in a storm? But there’s no such thing as love in the deathzone...is it? * * * The story is set in a sentinel-verse, so there will be: - Sentinel (Esper) and Guide - Dungeon! - Romance - Action - …smut? ;) It’s a (kinda) love story wrapped in dungeon system shenanigans, with abilities and action and whatnot


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