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Aildrin Gentrix—an award-decorated Esports player at an early age—retired prematurely when his parents died in an accident. Two years later, he received a note about an anomaly involved on the night of his parents’ death. And if he wanted to learn more about the truth, he must return to play and join the World of Wargrounds—the first-ever VRMMORPG—where the powerhouses had already established themselves. He only wanted the truth. But with the truth came the burden to save the world. Because the virtual world was a real one in another dimension, and soon the NPCs and monsters in it will invade his home. But could he still face the invaders with the same bravery, knowing that it would no longer be a game and that death would now be certain?

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It's been 10 years (in real time) and 40 years in game time since [Tarros] launched. [Tarros] is a Virtual Reality Massively Multi-player Online RPG (VRMMORPG) developed by [ Genesis Corporation ], the leading company in the gaming industry. But what will you do IF the biggest and the hardest virtual reality game ever created in the history of mankind reveals an unbearable truth to you and the entire mankind? Follow our MC... If you want, please support the author. Author's note: This is my first time writing a story and ENGLISH is my third language. Always welcome for criticism! ( Don't worry about hurting my feelings, I will not cry!) Editor/Proofreader: [ kyurenai ] [ TRCS_ ] (vacation) [ creativewriting ] (Chapter 1) Discord Link: Join now! Chapter Release: No Idea.

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