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Golden Greed

I was the green-eyed monster of the Seven Seas. I would kill my family for wealth and fame, I would exploit merfolk for their precious pearls and scales, I would be man's enemy to grab hold of what I want. I did not sail the seas in search of adventure, love, freedom or knowledge. Those things held no value to what I pursued which was gold. Or so I thought. My name was Asari until I found him. He was an ethereal being who was so naive to follow me. I killed his people, I plundered their lives and yet, he followed me like a dog. He was a young person from the sea, a merman living under the protection of the primordial Sea God. He was chosen to be the god's heir but he made a deadly mistake. I made the deadly mistake that almost disturbed our world's peace. All for the wealth I was never satisfied with. I chased the wrong items, losing what I truly needed. Greed had possessed me and I know this fact now. I was blinded by metal circles and temporary recognition. I let him die. I let him die!

SevenSuns ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings