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Mom is mine


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If you were told to choose between the child you watched grow up under your tutelage and your biological child whom you just met, who would you choose? ********** Mi Du: "Third Young Master Mo, Your older brother (Mo Lingtian) is about to propose to the love of your life" Mo Ting jolted and screamed: "Impossible!! my brother cannot do that to me!!" *********** Mo Lingtian: "She was betrothed to me even before she was born. What are you to come in between us? you have stayed too long at home, pack your things and get ready to join the Army" ******* Lu Yan: "Sister, I have liked Mo Lang for four years, but he doesn't like me, he likes you" Wei Yang: "What is that? is it a new robot?" ******** "They are here!!!" "What is here?" "They are attacking the economy of the country! call Mo Lingtian, now!!!!" Mo Lingtian panicked: "I don't know how to salvage the situation, Call Wei Yang and her team, she should have a solution" Wei Yang: "Sorry, I can't do it, it's above my league" How do they save themselves from the Michets who came to seek revenge for a wrong done centuries ago? How do Wei Yang who is known to be the best computer expert deal with people and Michets who could be called the computers themselves? How would the giant of the business world; Mo Lingtian save the world's economy from crumbling under the feet of Innocent Yang who wouldn't blink before turning a country to ruins without a surviving soul? ****** "Hehehehehe... It's so funny seeing them; punny humans run around like headless chickens to try to salvage the problems we bombard them with" "You are a human too or has the system gotten into your head?" "Get lost. I stopped considering myself a human since the day those greedy humans abandoned me here just to gain power and fame. If they won't let us rule over them, we destroy them and make slaves of the survivors. Master would be happy. Hahahahahahaha...!!" "Not the 'greedy humans' but your greedy parents who sent you here to gain fame and power." **********


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