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WikiHow: How To NOT Die

Everybody gangster until a floating cotton ball kidnaps you from reality and force you to win in its game. Stella is just like you and me. She's a gen Z kid living her life as best as she can with the occasional thoughts of wanting to die... You know, like ya do. A weird notification from her phone unexpectedly sent her towards a modern world game where she occupies a body of a girl with the same name as her. Yeah, winning the game and go back home seems easy for a poor game addict like her. However, the more she play the more she felt like things are not like it seem to be. Stella : Oi, this game is f***ing rigged isn't it? ZeeZee : No. it's not. Stella look at the guilty fluff ball with a dead panned look. You can still say that when everything is trying to kill me?! DO I LOOK F***ING STUPID?!!

Eighthmissy ยท Teen
Not enough ratings