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Cast From Hell and Paradise

Gang members have been dropping dead for months, each more gruesome than the last. For a while, the police have been aiming to find them, but with no clues nor suspects, the case was left stagnant. California Butchers, the public calls them. Little do they know a pair of magical siblings carry the earned title of California Butchers. Luna and Draco Yang live in a world parallel to our own, where those with magical abilities are hated and discriminated against. Are captured, experimented on or killed because of their capabilities. They'll do whatever it takes to survive. Whether it'd be killing dangerous gang members or working for a power-hungry mobster. When the crossfires end, who'll be the ones to walk out alive and who'll be dragged to the morgue? The detectives? The mobster? Or the murderous siblings? Perhaps none will survive. WARNING This book contains very graphic violence, lots of swearing and jokes that may be offensive to some readers.

Tams_alwayssleepin ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings