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I Have Robbed 999 Types Of Powers

"Rob (Rank ???): Able to rob another person’s ability. Yang Xi felt hopeless as the world seemed to want him to shine. At first, he was a nobody trying to save his sister, but he became the one who had to shoulder the future of mankind. Then, he created an organization just so he could hide his identity, but it became a force that had stretched its claw to every corner of the world. And, when he gave one of his subordinates the power of [Training], that subordinate managed to evolve it into the strongest Divine Body…"

Woody · Video Games

Parallel World: Dungeons Galore

Chen’an was at an anime convention when he saw a notification from the system. [Dungeon detected. Do you wish to activate it?] The rewards from the dungeon were as follows: [Basic attribute points, hidden title, divine-grade pet…] Chen’an had to admit, the rewards were enough to make him salivate a little. He chose to activate the dungeon. [Warning! This dungeon is extremely high-level. Dungeon will activate in three seconds. Please take the time to reconsider if you wish to proceed.] [3…] [2…] [1…] [Requirements to begin: 999,999 achievement points.] [Do you still wish to activate the dungeon?] Chen’an scanned the number of achievement points he had: less than 1,000. On second thought, never mind. Perhaps that other dungeon might not be so bad after all. He headed to the public baths next door.

Playful All The Time · Magical Realism

Game Materialization: My Identity As The Immortal Emperor Is Exposed

National Cultivation World was a game that used to be the hottest trend on Earth. However, after 10 years, a lot of players had left the game causing it to terminate its service soon. Qin Mu was the only player left signing into the game every day to receive the experience reward, clear a few dungeons, and loot resources. In the past 10 years, he had become the first ranker and his level was the highest. “What a great game. Too bad everything is going to end soon…” Qin Mu sighed. However, the game suddenly materialized into the real world. There were swordsmen flying on their swords and could shoot out sword qi that pierced through the clouds. There were demonic cultivators who caused trouble all around the world. There were immortals who established their own sects. Qin Mu looked at himself and saw that he had already reached the perfected Immortal Emperor Realm. However, the biggest problem he was facing at the moment was that the wives he had married in the game had become real. Not only that, but the dungeon missions he had cleared, the bosses he had defeated, and the female NPCs that he had teased had all materialized as well. Another big problem was that the system had exposed him as the Immortal Emperor.

Plato's Joseki · Video Games