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Extreme Heights: Face Your Fear

Extreme Heights: Face Your Fear

Katsai Cree, a seventeen-year-old thief has done something she has always wanted to do. Steal from the King. Now on the run for her life, she must face her fear or risk losing it all to a tyrannical power. Kagin Lunern, a nineteen-year-old half-elf, just so happens to be dragged into it all. Following his friend of five years, Kagin must force down his emotions in order to keep her safe. Genesis Eral, a sixteen-year-old who has a unique gift, must come to terms with what happened in her past. But, there is one issue, she's alone. With our band of criminals, she must make the decision to either join them or remain in her solitude. Sonorus Balor, a twenty-year-old royal guard, is nothing more than just a guard. No magic, no courage, and most definitely no brawn. What happens when he is forced to track down this dangerous group of criminals? Follow four protagonists as they travel across magical and dangerous lands to escape the tyrannical hold of supreme power. These characters will have to face their fears along the way. Are you ready to face those fears along with them?

C0ld_Karma · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings