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Read Fantasy System novel written by the author Shigun on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering reincarnation, system, gameelements. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Edward died after trying to act cool and is then transported to a world where he kept his name but everything else changed. Fortunately (or unfortunately) he got a system of his own ... a fantasy system. **This is my first attempt at writing so it may get stale at times, and in such cases, I ask for your patience and forgiveness, English isn't my first language so please excuse my mistakes. I hope you enjoy what I will write in the future** New Discord server https://discord.gg/4bMvegk


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Hello everyone, your author here. My humble self couldn't help but give myself a perfect score on the novel hahahhaha. I hope you enjoy my novel and i welcome your feedback on how it should be improved!


I really want to give this a higher review but i can't, simply because aside from the system everything the mc has was copied from other anime. Hence those guy's deserve that credit not our author. Now dont get me wrong i really enjoyed reading this book sadly i really recommend the author to start a real original book, why you might ask. Simple copyright infringement, you can't or ever will be able to publish this work unless you can secure permission from all those anime. Mr. Author you have a lot of potential so allow me to help you out. Read the following works of the author David Eddings: Belgariad Series Mallorean Series Belgarath the sorcerer Polgara the sorcerers The Rivan Codex Read those and it'll help you make a real original novel one you can publish and make some money on. I wish you luck bro but seriously make a real original you have skill don't waste it.


I can't... The story is not so bad but it still has many flaws. However my biggest problems here are that the MC is retarded and that there are too many inconsistencies. MC is retarded : - MC keep wasting tickets (a form of unique currency that can be used to buy and upgrade skills) on weapons and armors when he's the first born prince of a great nation. - MC doesn't try to scan any of the weapons won in the gatcha to know their quality/rarity. - MC doesn't try to recycle any of the useless weapons/armors he got - MC forgot he was supposed to be crippled and blows is cover, but that's fine because no one question it - MC's stats increases when his level increases and the MC doesn't try to understand the logic behind it. By how much does the intelligence stat increases when the MC level up ? What changes when it does ? What does defense really do ? How much is +1 in strength ? We don't know, and the MC doesn't care. - Soul contracts between a monster and a contractor means that if one dies the other dies as well. Is it the same with monsters won in the gatcha ? We don't know, and the MC doesn't care and doesn't ask before drawing for a monster. Imagine the MC being saddled with a useless bunny and forced to waste tickets on it to avoid dying because his bunny was killed by a common fox or simply died from old age. Inconsistencies : - MC can use Kunai and Shuriken without having used them before and without any skill related to them. - Upgrading a one-sword fighting style gives you a two-swords fighting style instead of a more powerful one-sword style. Which means that fighting with two-swords is considered better than fighting with one when we know it's not true at all. I guess upgrading a shield+sword fighting style would give you a two-shields + two-swords fighting style then. - The system makes the distinction between abilities (active) and skills (passive) but only offers a gatcha for skills without any explanation from the system or question from the MC. - This world has Qi/Mana but the MC has no stat related to it, he can however still use skills that need Qi/Mana - Haggling "successfully reduce the price of items by 2%". What does that means ?! We are in a real world not gouverned by any system here ! So if the MC start haggling for a sword worth 6 gold, the shopkeeper will automatically sell it for exactly 2% less ? What ?! - Haggling (used by everyone everyday) is rarer than Etiquette (used by nobles) and as rare as Sharingan and Spectral Shadow Steps. Next : Kamehameha is uncommon and handshake is rare ! - Levels don't means sh*t ! I could continue (I really could and I only read the first 16 chapters !) but I can't be bothered.


HURRY UP AND GIVE THIS WB ALL YOUR POWER STONES.. our fellow reader has done an awesome job, we gotta show him our support.... to TL: the academy part is getting a little dull pls fix it, GODSPEED.


Good novel like to read more but ch2 and 1 are same so change that , you gave him sharigan will you give rinnegan also if so that will be awesome ,if possible get him a lover or a wife and give her the subsystem so they can get stronger together and make him op all of a sudden before getting a wife for him .Man I have a ton of ideas and also have high expectations from this novel and a small request that it to increase the rate of release and NO MATTERS WHAT DO NOT KILL OR SEPARATE HIM AND HIS WIFE.


Story is interesting but overall it's quality isn't good. Word arrangement is not good. It feels like written by fifth grade student who's English is not good. Lines are broken. There's no rhythm in story lines.


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Story development I've just read first 20 chapters, i have no idea whats going on. Only system and no story at all (i want to be stronger) and 2 chapters plot. Its just dont make sense. Character- have no idea i know that he is handsome. Wooden character. I dont know anything about the world- 1 sect 1 city 1 country. Chapters are like " Today lets do that" and nothing else, characters are stupid or blind ( from criple to fighting with king in 4 days!) Noboty finds that weird. One of the worst that ive read but yeah idea is nice. Just poor writing.


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I am now at Chapter 70 hear my advice unless you're stupid and the missing a lot of brain cells don't read the story I literally mean it otherwise you'll start losing your brain cells.


cant find any fault with it, keep up the good work dear author........... please brighten up the academy life pls.... And pls make it different than the ususal,'rival-tries-to-kill-MC-in-the-forest-mission' kinda thing.... THNX


It's a good story, keep it up. .


Hey, I like this story. I really want to translate this story to another website. of course in different languages. that's if you allow it @Shigun


Really love the novel keep up the good work <3 ^^ Really love the novel keep up the good work <3 ^^ Really love the novel keep up the good work <3 ^^ Really love the novel keep up the good work <3 ^^ Really love the novel keep up the good work <3 ^^


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For some reason, I can't seem to read the chapters (any of them). It comes up as the chapter is deleted and I go back to the page of the novel or home page. Is it a problem? Does anyone else get this as well or is just me?


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I truly like this story. The only thing I hate. Is his three sword upgrade. I sword in the mouth. Come on. It would be better to use the swords controlled by using his spirit. But other than that it is a good read with good plot and storyline


Thanks. i able to open the chapters again. I hope Ed get more ability from other fantasy universe. Well at least magic like fairy tail or Equipment like Sacred Gear from High School DXD. hehehe


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