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Fantasy Simulator

Salted Fish Jienan

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What is Fantasy Simulator

Fantasy Simulator is a popular web novel written by the author Salted Fish Jienan, covering Eastern Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 2M readers with an average rating of 4.36/5 and 337 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 155 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


After dying, Chen Heng finds that he has transmigrated to an alternate reality: everything is the same, except the world is now a Wuxia world heavily influenced by martial arts! Not only this, he discovers that he has a Fantasy Simulator, from which he obtains rewards that make him incredibly powerful in his new reality as well. Martial arts, immortal cultivation, and overpowered abilities--all of this begins from a single simulation!

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Hi, this is Mr Voltaire (translator of this novel). I also translated Shura's Wrath (all the way back in the day) and The Lord's Empire (more recently on Webnovel). This novel has a relatively slow start, but it definitely gets much more interesting as it progresses--the MC is the type to use his brains to get strong, playing his cards well in each of his simulations to become stronger. What I think is also pretty cool is that the simulations then make him OP in real life as well. Hope you enjoy this novel!


petition to bring back the world of deities.........................................................................................................................


Hey guys I am the editor. I hope that you guys enjoy the story! What I like about this story is that the MC isn't stupid and isn't salivating over girls the entire time. The possible paths that the story can take are almost endless (I'm at chapter 40), so I look forward to what will happen!


I'm 20 chapters from finishing the raw material, so I can probably give a solid opinion. Summing up an interesting start to a subsequent tedious development, this flaw is very similar to novels of the same type, such as "48 hours a day", due to the paradigm shift and the different MC time flow, we end up seeing an apathetic main character. During the chapters that he is with the family you can observe him with feelings, but this is forced by the author, if you spent decades or centuries living as a monarch, sect leader, mercenary or anything else, you would immediately be able to recover your previous behavior and all feelings towards your family? Certainly not and this is one of the novel's biggest flaws. In addition, it is essential to point out a lack of worldwide development, 300 chapters and are practically the same -_-, if you expect development of secondary characters give up, due to the speed that it changes from one world to another it is basically impossible to develop a character deeply. But although this criticism, it is still a decent story compared to the other webnovels put on trials in previous times, the MC is not an asshole, we have a wide variety of cultivation systems, without harem and lastly an enemy that although it makes the story goes fast, makes us observe several worlds of cultivation.


Obligatory one star review, I saw that the translator came into the review section asking people to stop giving one star reviews, so I figured I'd come and be spiteful because most of my favorite novels have been dropped before being finished so why not, right? Maybe if I was busy reading my favorite novels, I wouldn't have time to be spiteful. But now that I have so much free time....


This Novel must get pick because it's Translation and Editor care about this Novel. Mc is not fool . he use his brain properly. he doesn't go after girls. Mc character quite good. World background is slow but interesting. this is gems so like it or Levi dies.


Is this novel bad? No it's not bad at all, after all the countless brain dead novels out there about face-slapping and horny old men. Is this novel great? Not really. The author pieced together a bunch of already available elements from countless fantasy novels. The details are sparse in between and some are quite unoriginal. In short, the novel's above average. It ticks you at some places but still be able to fill your crave for novels. So don't be picky, bunch of addicts.


The MC from an ordinary world travelled back in time, but he arrived in a parallel reality where martial arts exist and have a heavy influence in society. It is similar to World’s Best Martial Artist, but I would prefer not to compare it to that trash. His cheat allows him to simulate a world and assume the identity of a random person there. 10 years in there was equivalent to a moment in the real world, so you would expect a mature MC. At this point, It is similar to 48 hours a day. Also, his experience in the simulation was not just some filler, the plot is actually well thought out. It is a decent read.


Apart from the simulation part, the novel is mediocre. The interactions are bland and it's not that fun. The simulation part and different situations are really interesting though.


Translator FAQs: 1. How to get in contact with me: easiest way is Discord (https://discord.gg/jxbGjPbYRP)- you also get to chat with other readers! 2. When will FS be officially released? March 15/16 2021 (based on the Voting Pool currently). 3. Why was TLE dropped? WN felt that it was not performing well enough so they decided to drop it. 4. Will TLE be back? Perhaps if you can convince another translator to pick it up (though I feel that will be difficult at this point, as they will have to take a massive risk with respect to pay).


Mediocre novel. The simulations are interesting, but the real life part of the novel has so many problems. The author really dropped the ball.


Interesting, a reincarnation + simulation story that isn't just wish fulfilment. It's interesting to see the MC not just tunnel on getting stronger (physically), but also focus on other sources of strength (politics, friendships, etc). It's refreshing to see a reincarnation MC who can think logically based on his own intelligence, instead of just relying on memories from his past life. Great novel so far.


Very good. Calm, calculative Mc. Able to use what he has to his advantage. Minimal to no cliches. It’s interesting and draws you in. I hope this gets picked, as I’m still craving for more.


Fantasy Simulator has been picked! Thank you all so much for your overwhelming support :D I'm not sure when it will go to the Voting Pool specifically, or when it will officially begin, but hopefully it should be soon! If you're interested in joining our community, here's a link to my discord server: https://discord.gg/tYNQbA5


Love how the simulations are executed. There aren't much awkwardness during each one or when he gets out of the simulations. Everything flows naturally like nothing special happened, which is quite nice. The MC is also smart and doesn't do unnecessary things like face slapping, which is very prevalent in many different novels. Strongly recommended to read this story.


https://***.mtlnovel.com/my-life-simulator/ this novel is similar . It's mc creates ' Scientific way of cultivating to immortality' He creates vampires, hunters, werewolves, blood ancestor and many more. He creates rune technology and new sequences or job in a world like the lord of mysteries. Recommend!!!!


Read it up till chapter 300. You are not reading the story of a hero, but that of a villain. The MC is a opportunist through and through. He always makes the choice that gives him the biggest advantage. He doesn't mind killing innocent people as long as he could get something out of it. Another terrifying point of him is, that he can lie with a straight face. Not only does he create a lie, he is living it to the end flawlessly. A plus point for the plot is that the author slowly explores the different power systems. Magic vs Cultivation types. At least it hasn't happened yet that MC goes somewhere new and picks up the top cultivation method on the side of the road. The story is definitely inspired by Warlock of the Magus World. At this point in time he comes to a world that is similar to that of WMW. Only that he lands on the Dungeon and Dragons side.


At start i was a bit affraid about that simulation thing. I was affraid that the author would add far too much info in his simulation and that each one would be take 100chapters. But we directly see in the first chapter that there is a lot of time jump when MC just train and interact with some side character. (Those people wont exist anymore at the end of the simulation) So for me, as it is now, its a really great story! I hope to see more about it. And thanks translator for you work on other novels too :) SW was one of my fav if we skip the loli girl




Bro let me tell you this, this novel is dank. love it man. the MC is smart and logical all of his actions are somthing that is considered normal but hes not overly OP but just enough. Plus no cliche man, even doe he has a step sister theres no sweat home alabama over here nor annoying talented sister that pisses you of.


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