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Baby Contract: Forced Deal with a Dragon

Baby Contract: Forced Deal with a Dragon

Warning: Smut and explicit content on some chapters Synopsis: Lu Meili just wanted to have a family without the restrictions of her home planet where the background of your husband dictated your value. Her solution? Have a baby of her own and she didn’t care who the father of her child was as long as he didn’t want to take responsibility. Her plan was simple. Long Cheng was the perfect donor and she would pay whatever he demanded him to give what she needed, then let him go. However, there’s a catch, a snag in her perfect plan, Long Chen didn’t plan to let her go… On Long Cheng end, he woke up to find himself tied up like a beast and pressed into service as a donor breeder for Lu Meili. It should have been the best day of his life really when your mate wants you to have her child. But if no strings attached? (Evil Smirk) ** Author's note: Update Schedule: will do my best to update once daily due to college internship. Commitment: Will drop none of my novels. If I am MIA for some time, I shall return! *** Please Buy me a Coffee -- https://ko-fi.com/denthoughts Message me at discord: https://discord.gg/Azanwkh *** Book cover by: Sacredwisp Editing status: Ongoing

denthoughts · Fantasy Romance