The Sinful Life of The Emperor
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The Sinful Life of The Emperor


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What is The Sinful Life of The Emperor

The Sinful Life of The Emperor is a popular web novel written by the author True_Seeker, covering R-18, HAREM, MATURE, ADVENTURE, ACTION, FANTASY, COMEDY, NETORI, ECCHI, Magical Realism genres. It's viewed by 12.7M readers with an average rating of 4.65/5 and 756 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 632 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


In the age of mutants and technology, everyone is after power and eternal life, but Kiba lives for his dreams of lust and vanity. A man on a mission to live the life to the fullest. The tale of the legendary Wife Hunter whose very name terrifies husbands around the globe. This is the story of the devil who does as his heart pleases, unafraid of the labels of good and evil. ----- Fan synopsis: Entangled in the schemes of two-faced government, a futuristic divided world, and a holy mission of his own, follow Kiba's journey of sins! (Note: The starting 20 chapters are very short and slow paced. The main story starts from the 30s so please give it a try till then ^_^ You can rest assured the novel has a good plot besides the R-18 elements ^.^) I do not own the cover. Support: http://bit.ly/trueseeker Discord: https://discord.gg/TGmqHw3 Glossary/Wiki: http://trueseekernovels.com/


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Yes, it's erotic. No it's not Fap'n'go. This is a real Adult Novel. Not a porno in words. The author does a great job of having a real story and world history being built with very few info dumps all the while having a nice erotic tinge to the story for great laughs and silly situations. If you like to actually Read a story, and want or don't mind that S ex ,one of the basis's of being humans, actually exists with reasonable details, while not being smutty, then this is a great story for you.


I first thought that it would be just *** and the story will lag, but surprisingly the story is more interesting and the plot holds itself, the *** stuff is secondary. Characters are well developed and even the tertiary characters are nicely portrayed which in turn seamlessly binds the story, plot and the characters. Thank you for writing this.


I read till chapter 142 and I have something to say : Fuck You Author! It's Epic~ Writing Quality: Something I strangely didn't feel any discomfort with. Probably the way the conversations were written or the way the words were used, it felt excellent. Stability of Updates: I don't care. Story Development: This is where this novel steps out from the shadow of an Adult novel written for just jerking off. It has a good plot which keeps you going even if the comedy or the R-18 stuff doesn't. Character Design: It's really hard to imagine how the Kiba character is maintained with such a unique personality throughout the story. Kiba is someone with his own convictions. In my opinion, this again, is what makes the novel step out of the usual Plot +R-18 novels. And the characters in spotlight are being well flushed out. They are dynamic. Having a wide variety of cast with diverse personalities, maintaining them at the same time while also sticking to the plot is not an easy task. You have done a great job in that regard author. Be proud of yourself. World Background : Though It feels lacking, Again I think it is built up when necessary. Final thoughts: If you want to have a fresh read from the usual stereotypes where MC's go after power or eternal life, give this one a try where Kiba goes after the pleasures of flesh. It's really interesting and amusing to see the world from a different perspective, more so from someone like Kiba. This novel in a sense goes deeper than just plot, character development and s.ex scenes. It's built on the way of life we choose and what people choose in their life as their goals and keep chasing them, each viewing their own goals, beliefs as ultimate. Take a break and look at the world with a new perspective, morals and beliefs from Kiba's POV.


Couldn't give myself less stars. Anyways, here are some things you need to know about the novel: 1. The novel has a good plot. I have a very interesting background in mind for the world building. 2. There would be many lovemaking scenes. 3. No dreams are smalls. 4. It is a partly wish fulfillment. 5. MC is overpowered 6. MC has a dual identity which is hinted in first two chapters. 7. There would be both virgins and non-virgin woman in the novel. 8. The main girls would have fleshed out personality instead of robotic personality


1- MC is shameless 2- MC beeing super shameless while he face slap people 3- The world development is interest 4- did I mention the MC is shameless be ready too be shamelessly surprised by the Mc behavior


Great lighthearted novel! It seems as though the novel is planned out from the very beginning. Things that are happen hundreds of chapters back are connected to things currently happening. R-18 content is written very well and does not occur too much that it detracts from the plot. The story is also very interesting and not your typical weak to strong MC story. Comedy is also great in this novel.


So.... There's also ***** novels to read now.... Cooolllllll..😻😻 I totally love that FaceSmacking and OverPowered protagonist....😄😄😄 Its also kinda fun and exciting for that "wife stealing"😂😂 and even the erotic parts...😳😳😳 I liked it... Keeo it up. !!👍👍


At first I did not dare to read this novel because of the strange description. But I saw a high rating and started reading this novel. I have never regretted doing this. This is a great story with elements of R18. Many stories lack such scenes, but the author corrected this monstrous mistake. I think everyone will be pleased after reading this story. P.S. I do not recommend reading this story in the presence of other people and in tight clothes.


The worst novel I ever read Thanks!


Great story, great plot, great beauty, it is just too much sexual content which I rarely seen. So at least ADD Tage R16+ (It is mature content so people know) can’t wait for the next chapter.


I love the book. Describe it in detail. It will definitely be damn erotic. Kiba character is strongly defined. The dreams are really cool. To enjoy life. Love it. Lust part as well. Last chapter was totally erotic. Write more desperately waiting for more


Reveal spoiler


It is really coool i guessss , i mean it does have a backstory but there is not that many chapter yet sooooo i cant really say about how goood it actually is


Summary: Excellent story (top in genre) to get you hooked but be aware it's like cigarettes which are on low supply Pros: Good and unique background Excellent circumstances that leads to s*x Alive Characters with clear personality described Cons: Author has tendency to strech out things (a single arc took 250 chapters) Unstable chapter release : Kind of depends upon authors mood and seeing the latest trend of updates this novel might stop halfway...


One of the best books I have ever read ...🤗 Who says that sex stories are always the same 🤷‍♀️ A book with good plot and interesting characters. Very nice , good and pleased to read 😁👍 🤤 hope that it will remain great


Hahahahaha.... It is indeed really amusing.. The story (aside the sexual content) is really really amazing. The plot is unpredictable, I like the way the author give the change in his storyline, and it makes me wonder what happen next..


This is my first time writing a review for any novel here. I must say I was interested with novel because of the title(What? I like sex, very much. Sue me!). I can feel that there is an underlying interesting story behind all the sex and moanings. I love how the author unleashed the heavy sex scenes without much preamble. It really lives up to its title. Kudos! Keep the story interesting.




I have read 5 chapter and so good but to few 4/week hope CA go on 7-10/week bro.this novel is different from the other novel ero because the plot is interesting and not many ero scene that taidak means, because still a little chapter what can be in limited value


This might be the very first R18 novel that I read with very good story development unlike other R18 novels where MC only use his second head from beginning till the ending of the novel. You will not get tired of reading this novel because there's always interesting way of R18 scene that author used. Very awesome work. Thx for this novel. I like it.


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